Sunday Sweats [3/2-3/9]

Monday: Rest day | Long day. Enough said.

Tuesday: 5 mile run @ 9:11 | I really want to take the rest of my runs easy and practice pacing, so that's what I did. Other than feeling like I was in a time warp, I felt good at an easy pace in the 8:40s. Then my stomach started to really give me trouble during the last mile and I ended up walking quite a bit, so obviously that drove my average pace up quite a bit.
This was my first taper workout and the crazies took no time settling in. I have an old pair of shoes that I stopped really running in last fall but aren't quite dead yet, so a few weeks ago I brought them back into the rotation for short runs to help extend the life of my other, newer shoes. I did not plan on replacing them any time soon since I didn't plan on running Shamrock in them. Well, today I was running in them and all I could think about was OMG I love these shoes! I have aways loved these shoes! I should run Shamrock in these! But these are too dead to run a marathon in, so I need a new pair! So, naturally, I came home and did the logical thing and ordered a new pair (at least Amazon came to my rescue by miraculously having them in my size at 50% off).

Wednesday: 4 mile run @ 8:52 | I don't know what was up with this one. Everything felt awful, from the stomach cramp that lasted the whole time to my legs feeling robotic (and not in a good way) and injuries in both my legs bothering me. Just all kinds of bad.

Thursday: 17.5 mile bike ride @ 17.5mph + 30 minutes strength training | I had to walk 2 miles home in the snow since it snowed while I was in class and the buses stopped running...does that count as a workout?

My bike ride really wasn't terrible, probably because I was watching Parenthood (I'm obsessed). Hopefully it will get warm soon and my trainer rides will come to an end! Later I did some strength training, including my first homework assignment from my new chiropractor.

Friday: 5 mile run @ 8:20 | Today I decided that I was tired of my body's shenanigans and that I was going to run it instead of it running me. 

So that's what I did. My left hip still hurt like it has been and I have some kind of nerve constriction in my right leg, but playing nice hasn't been helping so I thought I would give tough love a shot. Neither of them hurt as bad as I expected and I was surprised to pull off that pace. It was icy in some places and puddly/muddy in other places from our most recent snow so that was annoying - my pace definitely would have been under 8:20 if I hadn't had to slow down and/or walk around those spots. That pace wasn't exactly easy to keep and definitely required some mental pushing to get through. Where are you, girl who ran a half at that same pace just 4 months ago?!
Also I did my hip exercises from my chiro before and after my run, just like I'm supposed to, because I'm a good patient that shit is too expensive not to.

Saturday: 45 minutes yoga | I did my favorite Yoga for Runners video again this week. I don't know if it was getting back into that practice or my chiro appointment (and subsequent exercises) this week, but it felt a lot better than last week. I could tell my left hip flexor is already a lot less "sticky" than it has been. Still feel like I have a long way to go on that front, but at least I'm seeing progress.

Sunday: 10 mile run @ 9:46 + 20 minutes yoga |
I'm home for the weekend and the weather is gorgeous! This was my last, non-race long run before Shamrock and I'm happy with how it went. I'm trying not to get hung up on the pace (I hung back for my dad a lot, and I really want to run the marathon a lot faster, but I'm still not sure how much better I could have done on my own) because other than that, it was practically perfect in every way. The sun was shining, not a cloud in the sky, it was warm enough for short sleeves, and just...this. Oh how I miss the days when every run was made of this view!

Running: 24.48 miles
Cycling: 17.48 miles
Strength: 1 workout  (+6 rounds of the Myrtl routine, thanks chiro!)
Yoga: 65 minutes (I swear I did another 20-minute video somewhere in there but I didn't write it down so obviously it didn't happen)

- I'm having the exact same issue in my right leg that I had this time last year, right before Shamrock. It feels like a pinched nerve. It hasn't prevented me from running yet (usually I can stretch enough that it's tolerable), but it's still annoying.
- This was the first weekend in 3 months that I ran under 12 was a welcomed break, but it didn't feel as easy as I would have liked. I'm on the fence about whether or not the slower pace is to blame - on one hand I felt in control the whole time, but on the other hand I could feel it taking longer than usual (even if it was only a few extra minutes). I'm not sure I could have done that another 1.5 times, at any pace, and I'm feeling more and more sure that Shamrock is going to be a fight to get to the finish.

+ My Shamrock outfit is complete! So, I'm not gonna lie, one of the reasons I like running Shamrock is because of all the green. I don't have a favorite color, but if I did, it would probably be green ('s green, I just don't want to declare one favorite color because how can you ever choose just one?!).

Shamrock outfits past
+ I finally started seeing a chiropractor this week and had my first adjustment! I know some people love them and some people think they are a load of crap so I wanted to find out for myself. It was interesting hearing his take on how I move correctly and incorrectly - luckily there are no major issues, and the main one right now is my left hip. Both of my hips have always been weak, that one especially. It's given me trouble in various forms of injury over the years, so I'm excited to finally be addressing that (the way my chiro explained it is that a lot of people run a certain way that and it may not necessarily harm them to do so, but it may not be "right" either).
+ This is cheesy, but I just don't want to forget it...despite wishing I had a faster pace to show for it, my long run this week was everything. Two years ago I trained my ass off to be able to run a half marathon at a sub-10 pace and I did it by coming in at 9:59 pace at Shamrock that year. It was the hardest thing I'd ever done. And now I'm wrapping up a third marathon training cycle and a 9:46 is my easy pace and I just sometimes forget how I got here. Today was so beautiful out and I couldn't help but feel like I was being rewarded for all my hard work the past few months. All those times I went out in freezing weather, all those runs I pushed through...this was it. I rarely give myself credit for my running accomplishments - even when I celebrate them, there's always a voice asking, "But what if I had done better? What else can I do next time?" - but today, I felt like I earned every bit of ease and happiness I had while running. If I never got to run again after today, that would have been the best run I could have ended on.


  1. well, they were at 50% off so now I understand and fully support it.
    I love your cheesyness, the run sounds perfect and i'm glad it was awesome for you. you should absolutely be proud of how far you've come, what once was ridiculously hard is now easy. that's amazing. i hope the running gods shine down on you for Shamrock, and it isn't as bad as you are thinking.
    The main reason I love St Paddy's is because green. Fun!

  2. Oof, sorry about your early runs this week. But no one can rock a redemption run like you! I love, love, love your last "peak." You work harder than almost anyone I know and you deserve to applaud yourself for it. And now I'm gonna go research some more running shoes because I won't take another training cycle like this — hear me, legs? I won't tolerate it — and you have, as always, inspired me to #demandmore.
    PS, love that you're having some success with the chiro work! Yay! I can't wait to report back to mine haha ;)

  3. Isn't tapering a funny thing? You feel like you're not running at all and not getting enough of a workout in. I hope your leg heals up before your race! Don't push yourself too hard - the consequences just aren't worth it. And I just love that you're smart enough to incorporate yoga into your training! It helped my running SO much.

  4. New shoes too? I thought you were on a running clothes freeze? ;)
    But seriously, the favorite color thing. I say my favorite color is green, but I only like CERTAIN shades of green. Yetttttt I love every shade of blue. All of them. So shouldn't blue be my favorite? Oh whatever.
    I'm just glad your hip is starting to get better, and I hope it continues to get better!

  5. Go Tracy! Go Tracy!

    That's all. :o)

  6. I think it's super important to remember where you started! And to be thankful for where you are, even if it's not where you want to be. It can be all too easy to get wrapped up in the next goal, or the next plan, and completely forget to enjoy what you've already accomplished. I make a point of reminding myself, but I can't say I have it down completely. It's hard to be happy with where I am now. :P

  7. I hope that your leg starts to feel better. Maybe it decides to want to be a seasonal pain since this is the same time as before?! And I completely pro chiropractic care. Mine did amazing things for me when I was younger and I really want to find one around here. I haven't been since I moved here and I can tell a difference and I miss it!

  8. You are so inspiring!! I hope the chiropractor works for you. It's true that people either seem to love them or hate them, but everyone is different and you need to figure it out on your own. Also, your previous outfits are amazing!! Maybe a fun outfit would motivate me to run. Around Christmas I saw lots of people running with light-up antlers on lol now that is something I could get behind!

  9. I know your earlier runs sucked but I loved that you persevered and your attitude Friday was everything! You will rock Shamrock!

  10. What a bummer. I hate it when our bodies don't play nice. I had the chiro stuff helps you.

  11. Is the yoga video you do online? I am not a huge yoga fan but I know how good it is and goodness knows my hips can always use the stretching.