Sunday Sweats [3/23 - 3/29]

I gotta be honest here...not a lot of sweats this week. Between my marathon and accepting an internship, there was a lot of celebrating and recovering to be done, and not much working out.

Monday: Rest | An obvious rest day today. I could barely move - having to go up and down stairs several times was cruel and unusual punishment. I did ride my bike about a mile round trip to the closest convenience store to grab a bottle of wine. It was an emergency, okay?!

Tuesday: Rest | Walking and going about normal daily activities was enough of a challenge. I thought about doing yoga but literally not being able to use my quads to lift my legs kind of put the kibosh on that.

Wednesday: Rest | My legs felt a lot better today, but I just didn't feel like doing anything. Ha!

Thursday: 2 mile run @ 7:52 + 12 minutes yoga | I don't think I was supposed to run yet, and I definitely don't think I was supposed to run sub-8, but I couldn't take seeing all the runners out anymore! I had to join them. My legs felt surprisingly good at the time but I know I'll probably pay for that. At least I felt like I finally got to celebrate my marathon victory with myself. And now no more running until next week!

Since I already got off the yoga challenge train because of my rest days, I decided to go out of order and pick back up with Week 2 Day 3.

Friday: Rest | Definitely paying for that run. It was only 2 miles, but it was too fast and too soon and now my sciatica is acting up.

Saturday: 30 minutes yoga | I had every intention of doing yoga earlier in the day...but then Ben and I slept in, spent half the day watching The Jinx (Serial fans: get your hands on a loved one's HBO login ASAP. My jaw was ON THE FLOOR at the end). And then we went to play arcade games and I realized at lunch or whatever you call beer and soft pretzels and cheese fries at 4:30 in ther afternoon that this is the first weekend in literally a year that I haven't had to do a long run. A YEAR. Seriously the last time was the week after Shamrock last year. It wasn't the worst way to spend a Saturday. I did get some yoga in later - Runner's World Power Yoga. Still haven't gotten back on track with the challenge, but it was what I felt like doing.

Sunday: 2 mile walk + 31 minutes yoga | I had a meeting at school and afterward it was still light enough and not too cold so I decided to take an unexpected, pleasant walk home. Ended the night with yoga for IT band and lower back/hip openers.

Running: 2.05 miles (which is 2.05 more than it should have been)
Cycling: basically 0 miles
Yoga: 73 minutes
Strength: 0 workouts


  1. I'm happy to see you're chilling out more this week! After that amazing marathon you ran last week, it's much deserved. Get your yoga in, stretch it out and let those muscles rebuild!

  2. I definitely can relate to seeing other runners and being jealous. I got like that last summer when I was in a rut and not running at all and it sucked!!! But you need to rest some more, haha! You deserve some good rest and some good stretching after your awesome PR :)

  3. WHICH INTERNSHIP!?!?!? Congratulations!!
    I'm actually really proud of you that you took it easy this week and didn't give yourself any hell about keeping on track with the yoga challenge when your body was clearly telling you it needed something else. And Saturday sounds perfect and exactly like how you should've spent your first Saturday off in a year :) and PS, there are SO many runners in my town and they've been making me silently sob all week long!

  4. Internship!!! Exciting!
    Glad to see you taking it easy! You need a little break!

  5. Congrats on the internship! You seriously deserved (and needed) a break. That beer flight I saw on instagram looked like the perfect way to celebrate all your hard work and success!

  6. ahhhhh internship!!!!! how exciting!!! congrats :)
    you deserve to take it easy. i probably rested more this week than you and i certainly didn't run a marathon, haha. saturday sounds amazing and i'm kinda jealous there was no soft pretzels or cheese fries in my weekend. i did have some doughnuts though. yum.

  7. Congrats on the internship!!! And deserve some rest days!!! Hope you have a great week!

  8. Im so glad you got a restful week. I don't even know how you sussed up enough energy to do the Monday ride and the Thursday run but good for you!
    PS.... I see you sneaking in the internship info. CONGRATS!!!! I want to hear more!