Sunday Sweats [3/30 - 4/5]

Monday: 12 mile bike ride + 13 minutes yoga | I wanted this ride to be over the minute I got on the trainer. It had been a couple weeks since my last ride so maybe that's why it felt hard? Whatever the reason, it just wasn't enjoyable. I am not strong on the bike at all, so I try to be better than I am but then I get frustrated that I suck, and I feel like I never get better because I'm always trying to do more than I'm capable of...does that make sense? I need a bike version of Couch to 5k or something. I do think it will be better when I can start riding outside again, which should be very soon. I probably could have gone today but it was windy and just a little too chilly. I decided there's something about Week 2 of Erin's 2nd yoga challenge that I just don't like, so I skipped ahead to Week 3. I figure as long as I'm doing something, it doesn't really matter if I'm going in order or even following the challenge at all.

Tuesday: 3 mile run @ 8:06 + 30 minutes strength circuit + 15 minutes yoga | It was a great day for running on the way out, but winds at 15-20mph with 30mph gusts made coming back not as much fun. It was actually pretty bad and made my chest really hurt - I honestly think it was because of the force from the wind, no joke. My route is 3.2ish miles long but I cut it right at 5k to catch my breath. I had only planned to run 2 miles today anyway since this was technically supposed to be my first post-marathon run, but I made it an extra mile (and with no pain or problems, yay)!

After my run I went to work out and realized...I had no idea what strength training workout I wanted to do. Lifting weights using the same program I always use sounded boring, and after some searching I came up with this 30-minute Popsugar circuit. I don't really like classes like this so I'm not sure why I did it, but other than all the jumpy parts during the first 10 minutes it wasn't horrible. I mean, don't get me wrong, it was super hard, but I made it through. It was fine for curing my boredom but I probably won't do it again. Next time I'll do my homework and hopefully have a different lifting workout ready. I still felt like I needed more lower back work at the end of the night so I cheated on Erin and did some yoga with Adriene.

Wednesday: 10 mile bike ride @ 15.5mph + 17 minutes yoga | Usually seeing an abysmal speed like that makes me all kinds of depressed about how much hills slow me down on the bike, but since this was my first ride outdoors in real roads and not on my trainer in nearly 6 months, I can't complain too much. Yoga tonight was Erin's neck/upper back video. I spent several hours working on as assignment, hunched over scribbling numbers and punching them into the calculator, so my neck and shoulders were in a bad way by the end of the night.

Thursday: 4 mile run @ 8:04 + 12 minutes yoga | One thing I want to work on now that I'm not running a million miles a week is getting used to hills again. I avoided them for the majority of marathon. Training and honestly, now I'm a big wimp when it comes to running them. But I know that they make me a better, stronger runner, so I want to get back to them like the boss that I am. Got the uphill miles done in 8:09 and 8:10, the downhill in 7:58, and the flat mile in 8:02.

Friday: 42 minutes strength training + 7 minutes yoga | I only did 7 different exercises but I usually do circuits instead of resting after each set, so this took longer. Anyway, it was the longest Amoy t of time I've spent lifting weights in ages. Just did an upper body workout I found online with a little bit of calves and abs added at the end. I was going to add a leg workout but there was a good amount of squating for an upper body workout so my legs felt sufficiently exercised. I was running out of time afterward so no real yoga practice today, just some warming up with Warrior before attempting my absolutely dreadful version of Erin's Warrior III -> pistol squat -> Warrior III prompt for Day 3.

Saturday: 7 minutes yoga | My day started with a 5:3"am wake up call, followed by 5 hours of driving, several hours of house hunting, and another 5 hours in the car to top off the night. I was beat by the time we finally got home and my hamstrings were SO sore from the working out yesterday + riding in the car all day today combo. I didn't have a real practice today, but I did get inDay 4 of the yoga challenge on the beach, and a few minutes of hamstring/hip/glute work in bed when I got home...still counts!

Sunday: 6.5 mile run @ 8:31 + 30 minutes yoga | A gorgeous, sunshine-y long(ish) run! The goal here was calm and steady and I kind of nailed it. I had some serious DOMS going on but my legs still felt strong somehow. I got back to my 10k route that I've been neglecting for a while since it's hilly, and I just tried to coast as much as possible. All my splits ranged from 8:26-8:36 so I got the consistency thing down! Later it was Runner's World Power Yoga, which is quickly becoming one of my favorites.

- My hip has started hurting again. Probably because I haven't been doing my exercises like I'm supposed too.
- I only ran 3 times this week. Totally planned that way, it's not like I skipped a run or anything, but it still makes me sad. I <3 running.

- I'm so happy with how this week went. Nothing too exciting or impressive but I'm happy with everything I did. I'm getting ready for triathlon training and couldn't be happier! Except that that means I've had to sub a run day for a bike day. Provided I can keep up with the swims I plan to add in starting this week, I'll add another run day back in soon, probably as a brick workout. I'm nowhere near where I want or need to be to six months from now, but I feel like I've gotten off to a good start.
- SHORTS!!! And tanks tops!!! I only have one pair of capris and was worried that wouldn't be enough, but if it's too warm for pants/warm enough for capris, it's also warm enough for shorts (which I have plenty of). Give me all the warm-but-not-too warm weather, please and thank you. 


  1. glad you are enjoying the weather :) i can't wait for the sunrise to start happening earlier, and the crazy hot weather. hahaha. sorry your hip is hurting, tsk tsk do your exercises :) I totally feel like I'm cheating on Erin when I do other videos, lol. I like Adriene though. And your pistol squat move was not dreadful at all, it was way better than mine! :)

  2. So jealous of your shorts and tank tops. I haven't had that luxury yet, but fingers crossed for this week. Oh and those Thursday mile times? HELLO, AWESOME! I know what you mean being sad about only 3 runs. I've only had one in the last two weeks and I know there really wasn't a way to avoid that without hurting myself, and that the measly 2 miles I did run were directly against doctor's orders (and I'm paying for it)'s a huge bummer. So many runners have been out and I just want to go and run with them! And give yourself a break please, you (and Kristen!) are doing amazing in this yoga challenge. Proud to have you on my bad yogi army ;)

  3. Ummm yay for shorts and tank tops. You did great on your runs even though the bike sucked. I cant with the bike I really cant - riding a bike is akin to physical torture for my short tiny legs haha.
    Sorry that your hip is hurting and hope it gets sorted out. Ugh
    I thought I was the only one who did short yoga vids... so glad you do as well. I almost didnt even track it!

  4. The idea of trying to train for 3 different things makes me feel overwhelmed just thinking about it. Your mile times are so consistent! I'm terrible at pacing myself. Probably a side effect of being primarily a treadmill runner.

  5. Yeahhhh shorts and tank tops!!! We've finally gotten to that this week in Michigan now :-D Also, I want to be a yogi like you. I'm jealous of your yoga!! And runs in the wind are the worst. I hope your hip is feeling better by now!