Sunday Sweats [4/13-4/19]

This was just a bad, weird week for me (which you may have noticed if you picked up on my poor attendance in blogland this week). April 12-16 are always bad days for me and they get worse as tragedies and bad things that have happened to me and people and things that I love just somehow keep getting packed into that short span of time. Every year I carry a heavy heart through this week, and this year was especially bad since it was also the busiest week of school I've had since I started back in school 2 years ago. It was rainy and nasty until Friday anyway, and I did the best I could to keep my head above water.

Monday: 10 mile bike ride @ 14.6mph + 15 minutes yoga | I rode my bike for 10 miles and was supposed to run afterward, but I didn't because I had to study and I realized I already had 4 other runs planned this week anyway.

Tuesday: 1800yd swim + strength training + 15 minutes yoga | I came so close to bailing on my swim but I knew it was probably going to be my only opportunity for the week, and I didn't want to let my bad attitude win. I swam a slow 1800yd, went home and studied all afternoon and evening, then I lifted weights before I went to bed.

Wednesday: 4.15 mile run @ 8:11 | I ran 4.15 miles for Boston. My stomach has felt awful this week but I did my best to push through.

Thursday: 4.16 mile run @ 8:49 + 12 minutes yoga | | I ran 4.16 miles for my Hokies. It was a misty, chilly day, not completely unlike the one 8 years ago. My route takes me to campus and I get to the memorial a little over halfway through it, so Ben met me there and we spent a few minutes at the memorial. My stomach felt awful again - in some ways better, in some ways worse than Wednesday.

Friday: 2 mile walk + 17 minutes yoga | It was a rest day, but the weather finally cleared up and it was gorgeous out, so I did take Bane on a 2-mile walk.

Saturday: 3.2 mile run @ 10:35 + 21 mile bike @ 14.6mph | I ran the 3.2 for 32 Run in Remembrance here on campus. Finding out about this run 4 years ago was the catalyst for me beginning my running journey a week later, and this year was the first time I've been able to participate. A tenth of a mile for every person killed doesn't seem like a lot until you have to do it 32 times. An arch made of 32 balloons doesn't sound like a lot until you see how it stretches from one side of the street to the other. That part of it really hearkened back to thatvday again for me, because what I remember most is hiding away in safety at Ben's off-campus apartment, with news reports of the number of victims that just kept rising and rising with seemingly no end. By the time the final one came in - 32 - I was completely numb. There have been a lot of times this week I've felt the same way. But today was a gorgeous day and this was a run that wasn't about time or pace or dodging through the crowd or passing other runners; it was about feeling my feet touch the ground, taking in the sights and sounds of a place I love, surrounded by 10000 people who know what it means to be a Hokie, remembering people and a day I couldn't forget if I tried. Later in the afternoon I took my bike out for a long ride (21 miles - as it stands, that's long to me).

Sunday: 8 mile run @ 8:52 + strength training + 20 minutes yoga | I was up early again for a long run, which I'm learning is harder to do the day after a long bike than I thought. But it's something I need to get used to again and get better at going even farther.

There are some weeks that really just aren't about the miles or minutes or the sweat and this week was one of them. Because I had enough to lament about this week (some of which were related to my workouts, to be sure, but not the biggest things), I'm only sharing good things that came from this week. Things like:
  • Another week of a yoga challenge where I'm constantly supported and uplifted by so many amazing women, including some of the most inspiring women who genuinely make me proud to call them friends. There were a few days when I didn't get home until 10pm or later and, truthfully, doing yoga was the last thing I wanted to do. But when I looked through their photos and (sometimes begrudgingly) posted my own, their words became a powerful force at the end of an otherwise crappy day.
  • Also on the yoga front, after a few months of regular, nearly-daily practice I'm starting to see and feel difference and improvements in my body. I've had an on-again, off-again relationship with yoga since I first took it up 5ish years ago, and before now I've never fallen into a groove of more than once or twice a week. I didn't have to force myself to do yoga this week, even when I didn't get to it until 10 or 11 at night. It was a constant I just needed this week.
  • And speaking of things getting easier as I do them, I went on a 21-mile bike ride and it was not the most awful experience ever. It was still much slower than I'm used to so it took longer than 21 miles should, but in a way I think that's good. My hangup with biking has never been about physically making it through, but mentally, so more time in the saddle is beneficial no matter how many miles it equates to. Of course, I still need to get comfortable adding another couple hours to my rides, but baby steps. It's only April.
  • Taking Bane for a long walk. It wasn't something I had to do, or I did because I felt guilty that he'd been cooped up because of the yucky weather all week, but because we finally had a beautiful day and I wanted to spend it just...walking with him.
  • Sunday mornings running on campus. It's amazing how quiet and peaceful a place that's usually teeming with people and activities can be at the right time of day. I took a break just before mile 3 of my run to visit the memorial again. I don't know how long I was there - 5 minutes, 10 maybe - but it was so nice to have that time all to myself, to just chatter or external sounds other than the flags blowing in the wind.
Looking forward to a better, more normal week this week. Love to you all.


  1. I'm sorry this week wasn't "great" for you, but I love that you are still looking on the positive side of things! I remember 4.16.07 very well as that was the day a high school friend of mine was killed in Iraq. Too much sadness and tragedy in the world and not enough positivity, so I'm glad you are still trying to look on the bright side of things :) And your comment about yoga totally helps me get into the mindset to start the 30 day yoga challenge!!

  2. I didn't realize this week was even harder for you than I had thought, and I'm so sorry to hear. Sending you hugs always and proud of you for being a warrior despite it all. I'm glad to see all your wonderful peaks! And of course I'm beyond ecstatic that yoga was such a positive thing for you this week and that your practice is giving you some great things. This is a week to reflect. Next week can worry about the sweat... leave it for then. XO.

  3. I'm sorry you had a rough week. I hope tomorrow is better!

  4. i am sorry you didn't have a great week.i'm happy yoga is a peak for you and i hope one day i am able to see the same improvements :) the challenge has definitely helped me do more yoga than i would have without it!
    Run in Remembrance sounds amazing and a wonderful way to honour those 32 people. I also think you're amazing. That's all! Hope next week is better for you.

  5. I'm sorry you had such a rough week. :( Run in Remembrance is one of those things that shouldn't HAVE to happen, ya know? But I AM glad to know it's there to remember and honor those 32 lives.

    I hope your school load lightens and that your bad days become good days quickly.

  6. You know, I was just thinking yesterday how April has seen a lot of tragedies. The Oklahoma City bombing, the Virginia Tech shooting, the Boston Marathon bombing...there is quite a list. I'm glad you were able to get through the week, and do the Run in Remembrance. Sounds like a great way to honor those 32 lives lost. Hang in there!

  7. Bike riding is such an awesome way to burn calories outdoors without feeling "punished" (I hate working out lol). Go you this week, lady!

  8. I am sticking to the fact that there had to be something in the air last week to make it crumby for a lot of people. Either way, you pushed through and did awesome! See you, Alyssa and Kristen's pictures on Instagram this month has really inspired me to give yoga another try. I really think starting next week I am going to make it a Sunday thing for me. Or at least try to.

  9. Some weeks just happen and we get through them. That was my last week and I guess it was yours workout wise. Mind you I still think you did a great job - better than me for sure!! even though I did get some workouts in I couldn't even bring myself to blog about it. I was beat from the week. Heres to a better week girlie!