Sunday Sweats [4/20-4/26]

Monday: 1800yd swim + 20 minutes yoga | Swim felt good today, like I found my fins! Not quite as fast as my first swim back a couple weeks ago, but faster than my one last week and I felt like I swam easily and comfortably. Since today's #badyogisdoit prompt was crow pose, it seemed only right to pull out Erin's flow + crow video, especially since that's the only way I've ever been able to get into crow for more than a millisecond.

Tuesday: 10+ mile bike @ 16.2mph + 3 mile run @ 8:25 | Today I finally felt like the triathlete that, deep down, I know I am! I don't know what happened on the bike today, but I think it was a combination of a couple things: taking the hills more aggressively (standing up to get up them) and the wind, which I thought was at my back on the way out and would make for a suckfest coming back, but it turns out it was kind of blowing sideways, so it didn't really help or hurt (there were definitely some times I had it at my back and some other times it was in my face, but I think it mostly canceled out). My run was great; other than my stomach hurting (I think I was just hungry), it felt effortless.

Wednesday: 16 minutes yoga | All I can say for today is that it's a good thing I did yoga in the morning, because I got nothing else done. I had planned to run, even got dressed and everything, but I had a huge test to study for and just couldn't make it out the door. I hate that, but the run can be rescheduled whereas the test cannot, so there ya go.

Thursday: 4 mile run @ 8:24 + strength training + 17 minutes yoga | Today was my running anniversary (4 years!) and I was feeling all hashtag blessed so I decided to celebrate it by running hill repeats into 20mph! It was actually a good run other than the crazy conditions. I was seriously sucking wind sometimes, and I had to stop to catch my breath and settle my stomach (we have not been friends lately) a couple times, but for the most part I felt great so all things considered, I'm pretty happy with how this went. Later I did a core circuit for strength training because I can really feel my lack of core strength when I run. I did yoga before bed but, confession: I did this video in particular because it's the only one I know well enough to do with the sound off (that way I can watch TV ;)).

Friday: 5 miles @ 8:41 | Made up my run from Wednesday. My stomach and I are still not on good terms, so I took it slow and stopped by a bathroom once just in case. Oh and I stopped another time to watch and take pictures of baby horses...because what else are you supposed to do when you run by baby horses?!

Saturday: 8 mile bike @ 13mph + 65 minutes yoga | No, your eyes are not deceiving you. Those are real numbers. The bike wasn't worth writing down to be honest. The low speed can be explained by the traffic on campus and around town, and laughable mileage is because it was so cold. I didn't think it would be that bad but I had on two layers on the bottom and 3 on top and I was still cold. I wouldn't mind running in 40* cloudy weather but biking feels so much colder because of all the wind blowing past. I don't normally wimp out over weather, only because I know I'm not guaranteed ideal conditions on race day and I want to be prepared, but I just couldn't hang on this one. I came home and warmed up with a hot bath and a nice long yoga sesh instead.

Sunday: 10 mile run @ 9:04 + strength training + 20 minutes yoga | My longest run since Shamrock and also my first double digit run since then. I wasn't really into it at first, but it felt good to get it done. The weather has been really gross so I decided I'd do it later in the day to give it a chance to warm up (yes I really just said that). It went fine, except that my chest starting getting really tight and closing up about halfway through. I was really having a lot of trouble breathing so that really slowed down my pace. Not sure what was up...indigestion, pollen, humidity...? Other noteworthy event: I accidentally joined in on an Army ROTC training run for a few seconds, oops.

- I'm really apprehensive about my running these days. I had some of the worst stomach issues I've ever had last week and it's made me really paranoid ever since then. Sorry for the TMI but I feel like I spend the whole run searching for every possible bathroom just in case I need it. It's frustrating.
- I skipped a swim this week, which means another week that I only swam once. To be fair, I skipped it because I had a lot of studying to do, but I still feel guilty for it. I feel perfectly capable of swimming, but swimming 1x per week is not on any triathlon training plan in existence so I feel like I'm doing something wrong.

+ I can't believe it's been 4 years since I started running. I don't think I ever thought I would stick with it this long or do so much! Rest assured, I posted plenty of cheesy, inspirational crap on Instagram to celebrate. Like this:

It's all about that extra, little step, people!
+ Even though I feel guilty for skipping my 2nd swim, I'm not that worried about it. I'm a decent swimmer even with no training, and the Beach2Battleship swim is with the current anyway. I've heard rumors that a chip bag has completed the swim before the time cutoff, so forgive me for not being too concerned.
+ I may not have cycled very much this week but HOLY HELL I averaged over 16mph!
+ Not relevant to any of my workouts this week, but a peaks nonetheless: Alyssa and I are all signed up for Wanderlust! We have so many goodies lined up in our schedule, the best of which might be paddle board yoga. Or Every Breath You Take, the The Policed-themed yoga class we signed up for. It's a toss-up, really.


  1. Wanderlust may very well be the best weekend of my year. Until maybe the first weekend of November. (Though that has potential to be the worst, also, so...). Sorry your stomach has been giving you trouble. Can you think of any links that might be to blame? I came off my 8 miles like 3 hours ago and my stomachache kicked in within about 5 minutes and is still around. Also BABY HORSES, YAY! And so proud of you for kicking ass on that bike this week. Once again, happy runiversary my friend!! xoxo

  2. Go you on all accounts! Glad you got your groove back with your bike and had a good swim too! You did so good. Frankly you deserved a break Wednesday! Congrats on four years! You rock as I always say!

  3. The article lighten my heart. Thank you.

  4. I'm not sure what's up with the wind lately, but it seems like it's been out of control across the country! We've had especially windy days (weeks!), and I've heard other runners in my forum say the same thing. Enough already!

    Keep it up lady, you're doing great!

  5. Hooray for baby horses! Stomach issues suck. Part of the reason I like the treadmill is because of ready accessibility to a bathroom. But I'm finding that, even for me, an hour+ is pushing the limits of how much time I want to spend in a gym vs outside.

    How do you manage to exercise so much?! I know it's all about making it a priority, but I'm curious about what your schedule looks like. Is it just work and exercise and then you're done for the day, or do you have time for other things?

  6. Finding your fins is the best feeling. It reminds me why I love swimming so much. But I agree about the guilt of skipping a workout although sounds like you did it for a very valid reason. I mean studying trumps workouts for sure

  7. PS I've been trying a wardrobe capsule and wondered how yours is going? Do you love it? Is it easy? I'm so keen to have less and learn how to match things better and I know you've been at it for a while :)

    Wanderlust, how exciting!! Have a great time! :)
    Sorry about your stomach - I wonder what the issue could be?
    4 year running anniversaries are definitely to be celebrated and hashtag blessed photos are the only way to do it.
    Glad you're feeling good about your swimming + running (minus the slow bike ride) and army training run? fun :)

  9. Don't you wish there was an app that you could either program the wind you're running into or it reads it on it's own and calculates the additional calories you burn? I think that every time I'm out with Henry in the 25 pound running stroller with almost 30 pounds of baby in it... How many extra calories does this weight I'm pushing burn?!??!

    I hope your tummy issues resolve themselves quickly!

  10. All the baby animals!!! I drive by baby horses and baby cows on my way home from work every evening and I am never camera ready and gosh darn are they so cute! Happy 4 year running anniversary! How exciting! My stomach has been weird lately too the last week or so, what gives?? And Wanderlust looks so awesome, I am sure you guys are going to have a blast!!!

  11. You got in some awesome working out this week-- I was surprised when I read down that you skipped a swim! Booo to the stomach issues and your chest being tight :( Your pictures reminded me-- I need (more) advice! So I need a running watch?? I feel like I want one but I don't know if it's something I need?? Also, yoga on a paddle board?! WHAT? Last summer I chickened out of just trying paddle boarding, I can't imagine trying to do yoga of any kind on one- soo cool! I can't wait to hear about the weekend you guys have!