Sunday Sweats [4/6 - 4/12]

Monday: 13 mile bike @ 15.25mph + 3 mile run @ 8:35 (brick) | Triathlon season has officially begun! Which also means that the 2-a-days have begun. Today was my first brick workout (back-to-back bike and run) of the season and it was challenging. I wanted to start off easy with short distances but I got a couple more miles than I bargained for on the bike because I forgot my helmet and didn't realize until a mile and a half in...I'm clearly out of practice. My legs felt like lead weights off the bike, of course. They I had every intention of doing yoga tonight, I really did, and then I stayed up way past my bedtime researching driving myself crazy trying to decide on a vacation destination this summer for an anniversary trip we only decided this weekend that we'd actually be able to take. So, sorry, yoga but I couldn't peel myself away from the pretty tropical beach photos.

Tuesday: 1800yd swim | Dude. Swimming is an arm workout like no other. My triceps were on fire after only a couple laps. Then a few more later I started getting in a groove. For some reason, swimming is the easiest thing for me to zone out during. I just feel really comfortable in the water...maybe because when I was little I wanted to be a mermaid when I grew up (still do, if I'm being totally honest). This was my first time back in the pool since last September. I'd been putting it off for way too long, mainly because going to the pool gives me anxiety because I'm always afraid it's going to be crowded or I'm going to get kicked out so they can do swimming lessons or something, but I went during lunchtime and it was basically empty. I had planned to work out and do yoga later but I had way too much work and studying to get done before tomorrow.

Wednesday: 4 mile run @ 8:04 + 30 minutes strength training + 17 minutes yoga | This run felt good. My legs felt fresh, strong. I forgot that I was supposed to run hills today so I did my flatter route instead. Miles were fairly consistent and mile 4 was 7:56! Later that night I did a strength workout from Runner's World that I really liked a lot. It was 10 exercises and it only gave the number of reps for each, but now how many sets. It said it should take 30 minutes, not sure if that was for one set or multiples, but I got through 2 sets in 30 minutes so I stopped there.

Thursday: 1350yd swim + 3 mile run @ 8:09 | I realized earlier today that swimming 2x a week for the next 6 months probably wasn't going to happen, so I almost talked myself out of swimming today like I had planned. I decided to do a shorter swim with some sprint laps instead...which turned out to be more like faster-than-normal laps because my technique when I try to sprint is terrible and not worth the energy. I think that, moving forward, I'll alternate this workout as either a specific swim workout or a bike workout (like a spin class type thing).
This run was my 7th work out of the week (it's only Thursday!) and my legs were feeling it. They felt really tired but I pressed on anyway. Negative split it at 8:20/8:12/7:56 (probably thanks to the little breeze in the face on the way out but at my back on the way back). I was going to do yoga later but only managed to make time for day 9 of the challenge because I really needed to finish our box wine and email with Alyssa #sorrynotsorry.

Friday: 15 minutes yoga | Oh Friday, I forgot how much I love you. Aside from this most recent marathon training cycle when what I "normally" do went out the window, Fridays have been my longtime only rest days of the week. It's already been a tough week of workouts - NEEDED this one! I did feel like some yoga so I did Erin's yoga for hangovers video..not because I had a hangover but the detoxifying aspect of it just sounded appealing. And it was.

Saturday: 20 mile bike @ 14.6mph + 25 minutes yoga | I really did not feel like going on this ride, but I told myself I was going to do 20 mile and that's what I did. It was mostly quite enjoyable.

Sunday: 4 miles @ 8:31 + 30 minutes strength training + 30 minutes yoga | I set out intending to do 8 today but my legs were so heavy it felt like running through quicksand. It was one of those days when I seriously question how I've ever been able to run 26.2 miles. Maybe I should have pushed through, and normally I would have, but....the 8 miles were part of a completely arbitrary training plan since I'm not training for anything specific (other than a 10k PR in May if that happens to be in the cards, but nothing big until September/October), I increased my mileage from last week since I added a 4th running day this week, and I had a big week with a shit ton of non-running training. Justifications, I got 'em.

- My bike times are SO sucky and discouraging. I'm not a strong cyclist but any means, but I swear I'm better than that. I don't think I've averaged under 15mph....ever. On an open, flat road (like the trail I ride back home) I'd average 17mph+ no problem, but here I can't really get going for more than a couple minutes without having to go up a hill, slow down to pass people walking on the trail, or stop to cross an intersection. It's just frustrating to feel like I'm putting in a decent effort and having nothing to show for it.
- I'm so tired and it's only the first week of triathlon training. Lord help me.
- I started off the week strong and died off toward the end. Bailing on my long run showed me just how much work I need to do to get where I want to be

+ I only intended to do 1200yd for each of my swims this week, but I ended up doing 1800yd and 1350yd. Add six more laps to the 1800yd and that's all I need to be at half-Iron swim distance - not bad for my first swim in 6+ months!
+ Not really a workout, but I bike commuted to school 4 out of 5 days this week, giving me a total of about 20 additional miles in the saddle this week.


  1. wellllll to me, you're a bad ass. does that help? probably not.
    i'm no triathlete, but any time i take time off something and then try to restart it - oy the first week (or two) is the WORST like embarrassingly bad. I love squats and lunges and i can pump them out like nobody's business.. then i take a month or two off and try again and i can barely pump out 10 with baby weights. so discouraging! not the same as triathlon awesomeness, but it only takes me a couple weeks and i feel better about it. all this to say: stick with it i'm sure you'll get better (even though i think you're awesome as is, i know the feeling of wanting to be better).
    i also did the yoga for hangovers video without a hangover.. love it!

  2. I'm sure your bike times will improve in the right environment. It's hard to build momentum when you don't have an open road.

  3. So basically for all of tri season your SS posts are going to put mine to shame then? Got it.
    Today I was having the SAME (well, half the same) feelings during my run. I'm out of shape after just a few low/no-mileage weeks and of course I wore my RnR race shirt and was thinking how the hell did I actually run 13 consecutive miles less than a month ago?! Good thing we're both smart enough to know it's only a matter of training to get where we're going right? Right.
    I'm sure you just need a bit of an adjustment period to re-acclimate to the brick workouts and the pool. I know you've got it in you! Unleash the beast ;)
    Also, wish I could say sorry for keeping you from your workout the other night, but our email chains are the best so I'm not sorry :P

  4. I agree with you about swimming. that is definitely an arm workout. I haven't swam in a long while but girl if you saw me you would know I swam as a kid. I have those broad shoulders that swimmers get - blame swim meets in primary and secondary school (elementary and high). I have lost my touch though.

    I went on a swim tangent haha. You also did great on the yoga running and bike. I don't know how you do it and get your school work done. I'm struggling these days with managing it all. Especially with my graduate thesis due in a month sigh. Love that you have it together though!

  5. You'll get your bike times up! You just started back up again.
    I've never done swimming, but it seems really challenging!

  6. I'm sure you've thought of this, but have you ever done spin classes? I used to spin 3-4 times a week and I averaged 22-26mph. It really gets your legs muscles "trained" to haul a$$ on the bike! The loud music also helps. Just a thought!

  7. Looks like a great week to me! One thing I'm learning with marathon training, which I think crosses over to all runners, is to set some "easy" run days where you really slow it down. It's totally saving my legs, even though slowing down is something I struggle with! But it saves them for workouts when I really need my legs to be strong.

    I envy all your yoga! I tried that pose in your top picture thinking "oh, that shouldn't be so hard", and then nearly fell flat on my face! It's a work in progress...

  8. You are KILLING it!!!!! Holy cow. You jam packed in a ton of various workouts. I'd love to belong to a gym that has a pool. Hopefully next year!!

  9. Look at all that swimming!!!! I am sure that your cycling times will get better, it is your first week :) I hope you have a great week this week!

  10. Yay for Tri training!! And all your swimming is making me want to learn how to swim well, but I don't have anywhere that I really can go so I'll have to look into that. Hope that your exhaustion has gone and this past week went well!!

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  13. Hi there! I think that, moving forward, I'll alternate this workout as either a specific swim workout or a bike workout.

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