Currently: May

Hoping you'll forgive this short and sweet post in lieu of anything of real substance.

Adjusting to my new job! I've spent more time outside this week than I did in all of my teaching years combined, so it's going pretty well so far.

Feeling behind on blog reading, commenting, and replying to emails. It's been a long time since I've had to be at a computer for long periods of time so pulling out my Macbook has been the last thing I've wanted to do when I get home. I try to keep up here and there on my phone throughout the day but it's tough!

Resurrecting my Serial obsession. Now that I have long hours at a computer to fill, I've fallen back down the Serial rabbit hole. I've already listened to all of the currently available episodes of the spinoff, Undisclosed, and will probably give Serial at least one or two re-listens.

Taking a few extra blocks on the way to work just to sneak peeks at the ocean in between the hotels.

Slacking on my workouts. There aren't enough tips or tricks in the world that could have helped me stay 100% on track this week.

Hearing jet noise at all hours of the day. I don't hate it. I grew up near an air force base so the sound of jets has always been strangely comforting to me.

Reading The Girl on the Train...but just little bits at a time because I only read before bed and fall asleep after approximately 7 pages every night.

Planning to resume my normally-scheduled activities and get back to feeling like myself next week. After Monday's holiday, of course.

Thinking about trying to get into the habit of working out in the morning. It'll have to be early, but it might be the best thing for both the weather and my new schedule.

Watching the final episodes of Parenthood. I'm probably not emotionally stable enough for this show.

Wondering what exactly next week's Training for Tuesday post is going to look like. Are you linking up? Get the details here!


  1. I am WAY behind on reading and commenting, so don't feel bad :) I'm a big fan of early morning workouts, but I need to get back to that next week. I'm glad you're enjoying your job!!! Hope you have a great weekend :)

  2. I'm finally getting caught up myself. Phew!
    I'm glad things are going well for you. Yay!
    I need to try to get into that podcast. I loved Serial, but I just didn't like the cadence of Undisclosed. I'll try again. ;)

  3. Glad your first week has been a successful one! Jealous of all the time you get to spend outside though. I think I'll use tomorrow's run (first since Sunday... #slacker) to catch up on Undisclosed and also thinking of re-listening to Serial (again!) for that drive to WVa :) As for Parenthood, I'm a season and a half behind and I keep waiting for "the right time" to pick it up but...yeah, not ready. As for this week's TFT, I actually have a post almost ready and I thiiink you're going to like it. I hope you will. It's supposed to be kinda funny. We'll see. Have a great long weekend! Although I'll probably text you tomorrow about how much my IT band hurts or something.

  4. My whole April I was behind in the blog world, and I still feel like I'm catching up! It happens ;) So glad you're having a good first week and enjoying the outside?! Heck yes! Have a wonderful weekend friend :)

  5. I have 4 episodes of Serial to listen to but I keep putting it off because I don't want it to end :)

  6. yay morning workouts! i think that will be my TFT post this tuesday. i've had it in my drafts for awhile. morning workouts forevvvaah.. glad the new job is going well, and i'm jealous you can fall asleep reading! it normally keeps me up till 2am, so i am not allowed to read in bed!

  7. I am loving Undlsclosed!!! I haven't listened to this week's episode yet though because I signed up for Audible and have been listening to Yes, Please with Amy Pohler :) Best thing ever. Yay for liking the new job :) I highly recommend morning work outs. I get up and get it done first thing and it feel soooooooo good! Plus, it really is the only time I can fit it in. Hope you have a great weekend!

  8. Yay for a good first week of work. Ive listened to serial soooo many times and now I have to get on to undisclosed! I can't wait to listen to it in the car tomorrow this post just got me all excited haha

  9. Glad your new job is going well! I'm going to have to try to pick Serial back up, I think I only listened to the first one or two. I enjoyed Partenthood, it was such a good show. Best of luck getting into adjusted to your new routine.

  10. I just finished Girl on the Train. And whoa. Hold on, tight, girl. It gets good.

    Parenthood. So sad it's over. So sad that I'm not a Braverman with that awesome backyard they left behind.


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