Sunday Sweats [5/18-5/24]

No fancy header today because I didn't even take enough photos to fill it this week - ha! That's the kind of week I had. I'm glad I kicked last week's ass because this week kicked my ass, no way around it. I didn't even stick with my newfound Sunday night inspiration and make myself a plan for the week that I could feel good about.  I started my new job on Monday, after just moving into our new place on Saturday, and the adjustment was so much harder than I thought it was going to be. I forgot how hard it can be to find new routes in a new place! Even though I'm back home where I know plenty of places to run and bike, my exact location is new to me and I'm not that close to where I used to live. This week was a roller coaster, with some feeling good about myself but mostly just feeling bad.

Like I mentioned last week, regular swimming will probably not happen again until August. I'll try to get out to some open water swims when I can but other than those rare occasions and races, my swim is on the back burner for now.

I had planned to get in a brick workout on Wednesday, but I ended up staying later at work than I planned to and by the time I got home, biking for an hour then running for 45 minutes (when I also needed to go get groceries at some point) just wasn't going to happen. I promised myself I'd take my bike out after work on Friday - I had all these grand visions of ending my week with a ride at the oceanfront, along a good portion of the Shamrock Marathon course, where I could look out and see the I biked from my apartment down to the oceanfront and once I got down there I quickly remembered that it's Memorial Day weekend and that from now on it's going to be crawling with idiots everywhere and I got out of the really touristy area and thought about continuing on to the more residential area, which has fewer pedestrians out but more cars and I was too afraid of some out-of-towner running me over so I just went back home. It was so frustrating and I started to wonder if moving to this complex rather than somewhere more bike-friendly wasn't a huge mistake and basically felt like the biggest turd who will never be an Ironman ever.

I still planned to do my long ride on Sunday so I got up a little later than planned (ok like an hour and a half) but still early enough and headed out to the trail. I averaged a slower speed than I did last week, not sure why but whatever. I am actually really amazed at how...comfortable (seems a tad generous but let's go with it) I've gotten on my bike. I rode for just over 2 hours, never stopping, just consistent pedaling the whole time, and I didn't get insanely bored or want to murder anyone (usually happens about 45 minutes in). I did 2 loops of the trail like I did last week, only this time I tacked on a bit extra so I could hit the distance PR I didn't realize I was so close to last week. The 35 miles I rode still pale in comparison to where I need/want to be, but I'm realizing I have to start somewhere.

During the week I ran on Tuesday and Wednesday, both toward the beach (although I didn't quite make it there on my 5k run but I did get a little boardwalk action on my 4-miler). They were both at the same pace (8:56-8:57) which is on the slower side for me but that's fine. I needed those recovery miles after going balls out for 5k PR last Sunday!

On Saturday I ran one of my favorite races of the year, my hometown race, the Elizabeth River 10k. It takes place downtown where I live lived for 4 years until I moved away last summer. It's where I took my first running steps of my life, where I've trained for more races than I could count with all my fingers and toes and even someone else's fingers and toes, and I just love running there. Now that I'm living about 30 minutes away from that area I won't be able to run those streets as often as I'd like, so this race was a special treat. Actually, that's a lie, because honestly I wasn't even looking forward to this race this year. This week really left me dragging so by the time race morning rolled around, I wasn't dreading it, I just wasn't looking forward to it. 

I drove downtown to meet up with my dad and some of our friends who were running. The race directors let us know a few days prior that, due to construction, the course would only be 6 miles this year, not the full 10k. Honestly that was a relief for me. Not that I ever had any intentions to PR (my current is at like a 7:55 pace from Thanksgiving and I have no idea where the hell I pulled that one from, but I knew I couldn't do it again this weekend), but that really took away any lingering pressure I might have had to do so (on the flip side, I suppose any time I ran would have been a PR since I've never run a 6-mile race before...). On the drive there I honestly couldn't remember the last race I ran that wasn't a PR attempt, or wasn't being used as a training run for an upcoming PR attempt, other than RnR in March I guess, so I was more than happy to get my money's worth and enjoy the course. Fortunately, my dad and our friend felt the same way so we stuck together at an easy pace for the whole race. We mostly chatted the whole way and the miles seriously flew by. The course ended up being even shorter than we expected, since we run through the Naval hospital and they ended up needed a helicopter pad we normally run around to rush in some injured soldiers. Last year I got a 10k PR at this race with a tough effort 8:55 pace, and this year we comfortably averaged an 8:38 pace for the 5.5ish miles that the course ended up being. Even though the course had issues and the organization was the worst I've ever seen it (there was no timing mat at the start so I honestly have no clue when we even started, therefore all times were based on gun time not chip time), I still had a great race and, most importantly, a happy race. 

On Sunday I felt guilty for not getting in my brick workout or 4th run this week, so I attempted to combine my long ride with a run afterward. Attempted is the key word here. After riding 35 miles, I knew running 5 miles probably wasn't going to feel great, but I had to try it anyway. I really wanted to know what that would feel like (ya know, to get an idea what riding 56 miles then running 13.1 will feel like in October). Answer: bad. Very bad. My legs felt dead and I knew I was in trouble, but I told myself to at least get through the first mile before making any rash decisions. I made it through that mile but it was a struggle, and a quarter mile later, the walk breaks started. My legs were tired, I wasn't mentally engaged, and I just hard a hard time continuing on. I'd run for a little bit then take a break. Sometimes it would be half a mile before I took a break, sometimes it was like two tenths of a mile. I really had to pee so one time I ducked off into the woods on the side of the trail, and I left my watch running on accident so by the time I finished peeing my average pace was at like 10:24. So miles 2 and 3 were pretty ugly, but when I got to 3 miles I was finally able to settle in a little bit and finish the last couple miles decently strong. I was able to get my pace just under 10:00 min/mile and was surprised that I had somehow eeked out an 8:58 last mile? It felt like a 13 minute mile if I'm being honest. Jello legs, party of one. 

I lifted weights once this week, which is one more time than last week. I'm still trying to figure out how to fit these workouts in...I know they're important, I just don't know how important.

I have an off-and-on relationship with yoga, and I think I might just need to accept that. Some weeks I need it more than others. Some weeks I prioritize it more than others. My need for it last week is debatable, but I definitely didn't prioritize it like I should have. I did a couple videos that totaled maybe 30ish minutes.

Onto the next. My goal for this week is to try some morning workouts and maybe, maybe, check out a group run one afternoon. I'm only going because my friend told me about it and said he'd be there. And he's an Ironman and noticed my crazy leg muscles on Saturday (seriously, you guys, these things are out of control) so...yeah. Oh and it's race week, I almost forgot! Just a sprint tri coming up on Sunday, should be a good time to get back into my triathlon rhythm.


  1. LOVE your blog!! I have a love hate with Yoga too, but I've found that it really helps be in other areas of fitness like running and such. Keep it up :)

    1. You're so sweet, Paige! I'm with you on that, yoga is definitely a complement to everything else I do.

      P.S. You're no-reply and don't have your email listed so I couldn't reply by email! :(

  2. Look at all the fitness!!! Keep it up.
    i love 10k races.... such a great distance for a challenge without being miserable.

  3. I feel you on the yoga. I love it, of course, but sometimes I don't feel like it or need it, and I don't respond well to pressure like I do with running, if that makes sense. So I just do it when I feel like doing it.
    Sorry that this week sucked. You of course will be an Ironman one day and you will kill it. And I'm glad you had a happy race :)

  4. This week was not a kind one to anyone I don't think. But glad to hear about the highlights—fun race, bike PR (AWESOME! You are incredible!) and I think it's totally fair to chalk this one up to all the adjustments and changes about this week, the move, the routine, the "new" home and routes, etc. You'll be fine... just needed to get a week like this out of the way. Hope this week is awesome for you!

  5. Great job on the bike! Definitely go to the group run. Even it it's not your pace or distance, or thing in general, I feel like it's so refreshing to run with other people every once in awhile. Like hello, I'm not crazy, there are other people working towards what I'm working towards.

  6. Girl you are rocking it out! Yay you for all those bike rides and yay on the race. I love yoga but I had a love hate relationship with it at one point so I can totally understand it!