Sunday Sweats [5/25-5/31]

My first tri of the season was today, Sunday, and that's the only swimming I did all week. My swim performance was pretty much what I expected after 3 weeks of not being in the water at all. It was a pretty bad swim, actually, but I finished a minute faster than I did when I did this race previously. 

On Wednesday I went to my normal bike trail for a brick with my dad after work. It was a windy day but we still averaged 17mph for just over 16 miles.

On Sunday, for the first time ever, the bike was my strongest leg in a tri! I decided that if nothing else, I wanted to at least have a strong bike time. Since it was a fairly short bike at 12.5 miles, I felt more comfortable pushing a little harder than I usually would. The last time I did this race, I finished the bike in 46:33 (16mph) and was hoping I could get that much lower, as close to 40 minutes as possible. I was on the fence the whole time I was on the bike about whether or not I would hit that time, but from the time I hopped on my bike to the time I got off and crossed the dismount like was 40:18 (18.5mph) so I was really pleased.

On Tuesday I went to the group run my friend invited me to and I'm so glad I did! I immediately saw him and our other friend as soon as I got to the store so I didn't feel weird or have to wonder what to do. There were a few other people there for it as well, but it was sort of strange in that there was never an official start, everyone just kind of took off at different points? I just stayed with my 2 friends. Tonight was track night so we warmed up with nearly 2 miles to the nearby high school before hitting the track. I've done intervals on my own before where I run a mile or so to warm up, then maybe a quarter or half mile hard, then a quarter mile slow, repeat a few times then do a cool down mile. I never stop running all that time, I just change the intensity at different points. For this we actually stopped after each part (after the warmup and in between laps). We were supposed to run our laps at 5k-10k pace but all of ours ended up being way faster than that and I'm not sure why. The warmup 2 miles to the track was 8:40 pace, then my intervals were all in the low 7's, and our codlin back to the store was 9:12 pace, which all averaged out to 8:24 pace for the day. I had only planned to run about 4 miles but the full workout ended up being close to 5.5. Every neurotic fiber in my being tells me that I can't count it the same as I would normally count 5.5 miles since we did have recovery time in there that's unaccounted for, but I could probably stand to let some of my neuroses go a little bit.

My dad and I ran on Wednesday after our bike ride and I really didn't feel well during it. I don't think I ate well enough/properly throughout the day (big surprise there). Luckily he's a little slower than me so I just pretended I was hanging back for him haha!

Friday morning I got up super early for my first before-work run. I was out the door by 5:45am and while it was hard at first and the whole thing was slower than I'm used to running, it was worth it to catch that sunrise over the ocean. I hope I get used to running that early!

My run during the tri was just okay, not bad but not very good either. I was hoping to finish it in 26-27 minutes and I ended up at 27:03, a little slower than I would have liked but I was happy to trade speed on the bike for the run.

Still trying to figure out when to fit this in and how much I need to do. I got up early on Thursday morning for about 30 minutes of weights.

I did an embarrassingly little amount of yoga this week, especially considering I'm going to a yoga retreat next weekend. Like, 15 minutes embarrassing. Total. For the whole week. So obviously that's on my agenda this week!

My bad swim, great bike, and decent run put me in 3rd place in my age group on Sunday! Technically I tied with another girl who crossed the mat at the same second that I did, but my name was before hers on the results list so I went home with the plaque ;) Look for a race recap of sorts on Tuesday!


  1. Congrats on your AG placement finish today! I knew you'd be a little boss lady out there for this tri. Look at you go! I'm excited for you that you can have some of these workouts with your dad now that you're back at the beach, because I know that's a special thing you share with him. Awesome! And as for your yoga numbers, don't worry... Wanderlust will be a good 2-3 weeks worth of yoga in two days, so you're off the hook ;)

  2. Congrats on placing! Whohoo! That feels so good.

    And you're going to a yoga retreat?! Ahhhhh, that's on my bucket list! Give me deets and tell me all about it!

  3. Sorry you had a bad swim but yay for a good overall time in the tri and placing third - seriously you rock! I just love that you run with your dad - thats the absolute cutest thing :)

  4. That's kind of insane that you can have what you consider to be a bad swim, just ok run, and then still place for your triathlon. Congratulations and good work!

  5. Tracy!! Your tri results are fantastic!! Placing in your age group for anything is such a great accomplishment and I'm so happy you hit that :) I've never done a group run like you did this week but I think I would be intimidated to even go at all unless I knew someone, so I'm glad you had some friends to run with. Glad you got to run with your dad, too!!

  6. Great job at the tri! Is it hard dealing with the slower miles when you run after transitioning from the bike? I think I'd feel like the running miles were just dragging after whipping through them on a bike!

  7. Yay for a tri down!!!! Sounds like it was a good week for working out. You rock!!!!

  8. Congrats on your tri!!! And I hope that you have an amazing time at your yoga retreat :) Have a great week!

  9. Congrats on placing and I look forward to the recap. Have a great time at the yoga retreat!

  10. congrats on taking home the plaque, that is awesome! and seriously, what a badass on the bike! that's awesome. i have been doing embarrassingly little yoga recently as well, it just falls to the wayside after running & strength and resting. lol. and yay look at you, you morning runner you!! glad it went well enough :)

  11. I think it's awesome that you train with your dad!