Guest Posting at See You in A Porridge: Sh*t Runners Do

Nothing new for you here because I'm hanging out at See You in a Porridge today while Kristen is away this week on a grand European adventure! She asked me to fill in for her today so I'm sharing some of the weird, annoying, obnoxious, and sometimes awkward things that runners do. Runners, don't even pretend like you don't know what I'm talking about. Non-runners, check it out to get some insight on why we are the way we are.


  1. Your post brought me all the joy as a runner. I was able to fight the 13.1 on my car, but I LURVE seeing all the running/activity stickers on everyone's cars at packet pick ups.
    Hell yes to crazy runner talk, I wish I could find more crazy runners where I live and bitching about the weather, although my absolute FAVORITE runs are in the rain. Probably because it's hotter than hell in Charleston and I'm so over summer already. Get me to fall so I can run outside without that imminent death feeling!!
    And if a workout isn't documented in some way, it doesn't count, or at least that's my theory.

  2. How fun!

    I am currently bitching with all my running friends about the weather for tomorrow's race. It's one of the biggest of the year so far, and it's supposed to be rainy. Like thunderstorm rainy. Bitch bitch bitch!!!!

  3. Haha I love the "why we are the way we are," because seriously, we're kind of freaks. I'm never more aware of that then when talking to someone who doesn't run or race. Oh well. Heading over to read right now!

    1. Okay I left this exact comment over at SYIAP but I want to make sure you see it because I made myself giggle:
      Hahahah well you both know I LOVE this, and I can't even agree hard enough. I was thinking about the abbreviations and random letter combos when I was texting Tracy during Superhero, ya know—the first time I ever contemplated DNFing, after I totally blew any chance at a PR (let alone a sub-2) and was heading straight for a PW, even after a strong 5k split to start off.
      Also, me jogging in place at a stoplight and staring at my wrist on the street corner? Every. single. run. Sometimes I do jumping jacks too because WE'RE NORMAL, I SWEAR.

  4. thanks again for guest posting :) i loved your post - every word was so true. we're an odd bunch. but i love it!


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