Sunday Sweats [6/22-6/28]: B2B Training Week 3

Swim: 5350 yds
I felt surprisingly good in the pool on Wednesday night for having just run nearly 6 miles about an hour prior. I've never been in the pool for an entire hour before! I set a new swim PR of 2900 yards (1.63 miles).

My training plan calls for two swims a week but this was the first week I got in the second one. I went on Friday evening, which sounds like a lame thing to be doing at that time but I kind of enjoy ending my week that way. I had another hour swim on the agenda, but I was finished with the set at 52 minutes in and needed to go pick up Ben, so I stopped after I completed the full distance (2500 yards). I would have hit another PR if I had kept going for the full hour but oh well, next time!

Bike: 37.13 miles + 37 minutes spin
Tuesday night spin felt slightly easier this week. Just slightly. I was still sweating buckets within minutes (and appeared to be the only one doing so, wtf?). My teacher played Darling Nikki and usually the music is censored because, you know, it's the YMCA...but not this time. I don't know if she didn't realize or just didn't care, but I can safely say that's a place where I never thought I'd hear the words "sex" and "masturbating" blaring through the halls.

I was supposed to bike on Thursday, but a) my group bailed on me, b) I had a work thing (that I was totally going to skip but then felt bad about doing so) and c) the weather seemed to be on the fence about whether or not a summer storm was about to roll in that evening. I would have felt too guilty about skipping my conference anyway so I suppose it all worked out.

Saturday I was supposed to do a long ride but missed it because Bane had surgery (remember what I said last week - nothing derails my training except puppies?). He's fine, he just had a mass that's been on his head since he was a baby removed. Ben's mom did the surgery (she's a vet) and we had to wait for a day when she was free to do it at her clinic after-hours. Once we got to the clinic I couldn't bear leaving his side for the rest of the day. It was a nasty day anyway, and sitting with him for a couple hours while he recovered gave me some time to work on the Literary Ladies challenge ;)

I wasn't going to make up my missed ride from Saturday, but my dad texted me on Sunday wanting to ride so I agreed to go meet him at our trail. I don't know what was up with me but I felt like Wonder Woman! I had 2 hours to do, which I'm pretty sure is the longest I've ever ridden, and I managed to do 37 miles in that time, which was also one of my fastest rides ever (18.4mph). 

Run: 19.45 miles
My run on Tuesday was about as nice as any late June run could be. Earlier in the day I told my co-worker the weather was "kind of pleasant", which translates to "not hot as balls for once" so my run was actually fairly tolerable. I had a moment when I turned onto the boardwalk when it just hit me that holy crap, I can't believe I'm so lucky to get this view whenever I want. Not sure what made that stand out today, but it did and I was grateful. Also, earlier in the day my favorite band announced a 10-year anniversary tour for my favorite album this fall! All I wanted to do the rest of the day was listen to that album, but I saved it as a special treat for my run (since I'm trying to run without music). Five minutes longer than last week and my pace was just slightly faster (even with a minute or two of getting water and then walking a bit to catch my was kind of nice out but it was still late June). 

I ran again on Friday after work. Nothing to note from that one - no news is good news?

When I went to do my long run on Sunday I immediately felt off...not bad, but just like it wasn't going to be a good one. Thankfully at some point things started to turn around...possibly after I took an extended bathroom break around 23 minutes in (note to self: drink more water the day before long runs; dehydration is no fun). My first 4 miles were just over 9:00 min/mi but I sped up to get them just under 9:00 for the remainder and even snuck in an 8:37 mile 9 for an average of 8:58. 

Yoga: 76 minutes
I went to yoga after spin again on Tuesday night. I liked this class a little better than the first time I took it. Still not my favorite class by any means, but a mediocre yoga class is better than no yoga class at all.

Thursday night I was feeling pretty blah about being at work all day and night, so it seemed like as good a time as any for a little
crow flow.
B2B To-Date Training
Swim - 5.63 miles
Bike - 133.77 miles + 72 minutes spin
Run - 54.35 miles

Week 3 Reflections:
+ I dropped the ball on the bike this week. I couldn't really help having a work conference on Thursday night, but I could have gotten my long ride done on Saturday morning if I had planned better.
+ I actually didn't freak out about dropping the ball on the bike, which is kind of amazing. I'm usually a stickler for my training plan, only because I believe that's what brings me the most results, but I'm learning that I can make my training a priority and still have a life. Missing a 1-hour bike ride isn't going to keep me from crossing the finish line. Missing my long ride wouldn't even have been the end of the world, especially if it meant spending time with my dog instead. I plan my life around my training as much as possible, but some weeks, like this one, life forces my hand. If I can only follow my training plan 95% correctly instead of 100%, well I guess I can live with that. 
+ This week reminded me why I love endurance sports so much. It's fun to go out and run a speedy 5k sometimes, or get on my bike and know it will be over in an hour and I can move on to other things, but there's nothing like the calmness I get once I've been out on the road for a while. As someone with a very active mind, it's amazing that I can go 30 minutes just watching the pavement go by without a single thought taking hold of my mind. My mind isn't blank during that time, but all my thoughts are fleeting.  
+ I feel like I'm progressing pretty well in each discipline but I have no idea how I'm ever going to put them all together! Like I can't imagine swimming as far as I have been, biking 20 miles further than I have been (which has left me pretty spent), and then running for a couple hours afterward. I'm sure it will come together eventually, but right now I just don't see it. Maybe I'll be jacked up enough on race day adrenaline? 


  1. well, you are definitely wonder woman to me ;) congrats on the PR and almost PR with swimming, and even if you missed a bike ride you still did pretty awesome! so as you get closer to do you start doing more brick workouts and then do 3 in a row? i don't know what they're called lol. i'm sure you're going to be awesome on race day anyway, but i'm just curious.

  2. Sounds like you had a great week!

  3. I wish that I belonged to a gym that had a huge swimming pool to workout in!!! I love that! You're amazing, girl!

  4. Race day adrenaline is the best! But I'm sure you'd kill it even without that. I think once people get to the point where they say things like, "I plan my life around my training" then sheer determination is going to carry you through. I think I only exercise the amount that I do because we're homebodies anyway. If we were more social, I'd be struggling.

  5. Aw Bane!! Glad to hear he's all good.
    Really proud of you for that second reflection. As much as we would love to always have a cooperative social calendar and great weather, there is only so much we are able to control. And there has to be a point where you don't beat yourself up for something that doesn't have to be a big deal, or that you couldn't stop from happening. And you're so right; skipping that one bike won't keep you from being a total boss lady on race day.
    I'm with you on endurance sports too. Well, just sport for me ;) but as good as it felt a few weeks ago to break that 5k PR, and as good as it felt to set it last year, and as good as it feels to look at my watch and see 8:xx, it feels so much better to be 6 miles in and realize that I haven't wanted to cry or yell or panic in nearly an hour, or to be even further in and realize my body has settled into a gorgeous rhythm of step step breath step step breath, a rhythm that I can totally choose to keep up for the rest of the day if only I can keep letting my mind feel this free too. Sigh.
    As for combining the disciplines, I have no doubts that you'll make it happen. Does your training plan prescribe brick workouts or just amount of miles/time per week?

  6. It sounds like you are doing awesome! Seriously reading this I'm like she can do so many things in a week & I can't even get back into a running routine? So glad Bane is okay :)

  7. Ahh boy you are a rockstar! Reading your Sunday Sweats definitely motivates me to get my lil behind into the pool and on the bike.