Sunday Sweats [7/13-7/19]: B2B Training Week 6

I'm going back to my old daily breakdown, if that's cool with y'all. Feel free to leave feedback on which format you (all 5 of you who read these) prefer.

Monday: Rest | On this most sacred of sacred days, I enjoyed getting home and not having to immediately jet off to a workout.

Tuesday: 5.66 mile run @ 8:50 + 30 minutes yoga for swimmersI got up early to run and did NOT want to get out of bed, but it ended up being the best run I've had in a while. That's not to say it was good, not by a long shot, but it never felt truly horrible. It was so hard to get up that early but obviously a 75* heat index at 5:30am beats a 100* heat index at 5:30pm so I really had no choice. And that feeling of getting home at 6:30am, having run nearly 6 miles before most people are even awake, that sweet relief of knowing you don't have to spend the rest of the day worrying about getting in that run? AMAZING. My morning runs might be sub-par but at least they have an upside.

I got a bit lazy that evening - skipped yoga class to eat dinner and hang out with my little fam. I told myself I'd do an hour-long class at home but I only had the attention span for a 30-minute one. I tried out Sage's Yoga for Swimmers, which was just meh compared to her other classes. Probably won't do this one again.

Wednesday: 2950yd (1.68 mile) swim @ 2:02min/100yd | I just wasn't feeling it today. It's been a busy week at work (and I had to go back to work for a bit after my swim, at 9:30pm!) and I felt like a bag of bricks slogging through the water. I was shocked that I actually covered that distance in an hour, because it felt (and looked, from the lap times on my watch) like I was going really slow; it was actually one of my faster swims. I had to count my laps a few different times just to make sure I actually covered that distance in an hour, because I really thought it was going to be less than that.

Thursday: 4.56 mile run @ 9:52 + 60 minutes spin | Can I have a do-over for this? It just wasn't my day. I felt tired from the get go and never perked up. My standard sub-9 pace expectation went out the window pretty quickly. I wasn't in the mood to fight myself so I took a few long walk breaks when I felt like it and just tried to get through all 45 minutes. It's depressing knowing I've run a full marathon at that pace and couldn't have run another step today, but you win some, you lose some I guess.

In the evening I went to spin class, back to the intermediate-advanced level class I went to last week, only there was a different teacher this week. Consequently, there was less (as in, no) mid-cycle weight exercises but there was a lot (as in, a lot) more pushing on the bike. It seems every time I go to spin class I have a new experience; tonight's was legitimate fear that I might puke in the middle of the workout. It was that hard.

Friday: 30 minutes yoga for cyclists | I had planned to get back on my yin yoga grind that I've neglected the last couple of weeks, but I got home from work later than I planned and had to go to bed early for my 4am wakeup call, so an hour-long class just wasn't in the cards. Instead I did another video (a shorter version of a class of hers I did last week) from my new BFF Sage. Every minute of it was great and people who sit all day at work or drive a lot would appreciate it as well. I didn't know my hips were so tight until I started, but they felt nice and open by the time I was done.

Saturday: Tidewater Sprint Triathlon - 500m swim @ 1:46min/100yd + 10.83 mile bike @19.91mph + 3.05 mile run @ 8:14 + 60 minutes yin yoga | Race day is the best day! On Saturday I finished my 10th ever/7th sprint triathlon at one of my favorite races, the Tidewater Sprint Triathlon. I first completed this race 2 years ago, and wanted to come back last year but it sold out before I could sign up. I made sure to get a spot this year and I'm so glad I did! It was a great day with mild weather and I'm really happy with my performance. I finished 5th in my AG, which is the same place I finished in 2 years ago, BUT I was 10.5 minutes faster this year. That improvement included my fastest average speed ever on the bike and a 2-minute PR on the 5k (not overall but in a multisport event). Full recap coming this week!

Sunday: 9 mile run @ 9:01 + 19 minutes run recovery yoga + 40.51 mile bike @ 18.0mph | I needed a good long run so badly. Mine have sucked so bad for the last few weeks and I couldn't take another one. Since I had a strong run at my race on Saturday, I didn't want to think about my pace and instead I just ran. I ran to the beach like always, but I changed my route a little bit. I also turned music on after the first 15 minutes, which undoubtedly helped keep me engaged, but I liked that it helped to keep my pace steady. I know I can't continue to use music as a crutch but I just needed to do something different for this one. I also got salt tablets this week so I took those for the first time today. I can't say for sure if they helped, but I feel like they did and they definitely didn't hurt. 

I took a nap after my run and then went out to the trail for a long ride. I wouldn't normally do them on the same day but with the race taking up one of my weekend days, I had to do what I had to do. This was the first ride I've done solo in the last few weeks. It was SO hot out, 100*+ heat index and not a lot of shade, and I wanted to quit so many times. But, more than that, I wanted to hit the distance PR I was aiming for!

Swim - 1.99 miles 
Bike - 51.34 miles + 60 minutes spin 
Run - 22.27 miles
Yoga - 139 minutes

B2B To-Date Training
Swim - 13.44 miles 
Bike - 289.23 miles + 222 minutes spin 
Run - 112.60 miles

+ Week 6?! You have to be kidding me. I feel like I just blinked and here I am, 1/3 of the way through my training plan. I've got a built-in vacation week coming up so I'm still 13 weeks out from race day, but wow. It feels like I've already done so much but I still feel so far from where I need to be. I can't decide if that's good or bad. October is still a really long time from now.
+ This week I hit a half marathon's worth of swimming and 100 miles of running so far during this training cycle. Not that those numbers really mean anything, but you know. They mean something to people who find meaning in arbitrary numbers. Not that I know any of those people.


  1. Just looking at your numbers puts me in awe. It's pretty insane that the triathlon was your "light" weekend day. Way to kick ass, though! You should post however you want, but I do find the day by day breakdown a little easier to follow.

  2. I am CONSTANTLY looking for any and all stretches/exercises that help because I sit ALL DAY at work and wonder why everything hurts when I get home. Also, I love how you're all "this didn't go well" and "can I skip this day" but you're already 6 weeks into training. High fives for you and here's hoping you kick some serious butt in training this week to make up for last week :)

  3. congrats on the race, that is awesome! can't wait to read more about it.
    the feeling you described about morning workouts? that is why i love working out in the morning. also, because nothing can ever 'come up' in the morning, you know?
    go you on swimming a half marathon! that is crazy awesome. i am not a cyclist but i do sit all day so i will have to check that yoga vid out.

  4. Woo for a distance PR! 40 miles on the bike in one day? That's awesome. Great job at your sprint tri, too! Looks like your training is paying off!

  5. So, in that last line, you're talking about you and me right? Because it's definitely you and I who do that and possibly no one else on the planet but you and I care enough about arbitrary numbers for several people, so. There's that. Great job on the awesome tri performance! And ugh, I know what you mean about these rough runs lately. I feel like I have two really good, then one REALLY bad, then one really great, than two terrible... I hate to say it, but is it fall yet?

  6. Look at you doing awesome at your race!!! 10.5 minutes is stellar!!! I have had a lot of rough runs and work outs in general lately. It is just so damn hot that I am usually groggy for a lot longer in the mornings than is normal for me. I think I do better working out in the colder months, that is for sure!