Sunday Sweats [7/20-7/26]: B2B Training Week 7

Monday: Rest | No training today; Ben and I went to the mall instead for dinner and to shop for an outfit for him for our vow renewal in Big Sur next month.

Tuesday: 35 minutes spin + 60 minutes yoga (studio class) | Spin was easier than usual because we had a substitute teacher - apparently it's the same for fitness class as it is in school. Afterward I went to yoga for the first time in a couple weeks and I came to terms with the fact that I really don't like the class all that much and probably won't go back. I only have enough time left in the summer to go for 2 or 3 more weeks anyway, but I've been digging my hour-long classes at home a lot more. 

Wednesday: 6.62 mile run @ 9:04 + 15.37 mile bike @ 13.1mph | After I bonked hard on my last before-work run, I completely changed my attitude and process this week. My before-work runs this week got up to an hour long, so I decided to treat them more like long runs than the quick jogs I had been trying (and failing) to treat them as. Instead of telling myself I'd be fine with 6 hours of sleep, I went to bed at least an hour early. Instead of getting up 20 minutes before I needed to start running, I got up an hour and a half early. Instead of drinking a little bit of water beforehand and nothing else, I had a little bowl of cereal and some coffee. By the time I made it out the door at 5:30something, I actually felt pretty great. I told myself from the beginning that pace didn't matter and, as it turns out, slowing down even 10 or 20 seconds per mile makes running a lot easier. Who knew?

Later that afternoon I met with my group for a bike ride. Don't let that speed fool you - we did our route over two bridges and I killed them. Spin class is really paying off! Not only has it forced me to work various muscles over the course of my ride, but it has shown me that I will not die doing so. Standing up out of the saddle for a couple minutes to get to the top of the bridge really didn't seem so bad when I put it into the perspective that I regularly stand up for a few minutes for climbs in class. It's never easy, but I always make it through. Once I applied that logic, I got up the bridge a lot faster than I ever have before. 

Thursday: 2550yd swim @ 2:02min/100yd | I almost skipped this one altogether, which is not something I'd usually consider but after my little breakdown on Wednesday I thought I might be at a breaking point. But, I had enough of a little break after work that I got to go to the mall and treat myself to new makeup, so after that I felt decently ready to go out and tackle my swim. I practiced my breathing, since I normally breathe every stroke (not sure that's the correct way to say that...what I mean is left-right-breathe, left-right-breathe) which is extremely inefficient but my lungs just can't handle much more than that. I did some laps alternating between every stroke (as described above) and every other stroke (left-right-left-right-breathe), and there were even a few laps where I could do every other stroke for the whole thing. Every other stroke is definitely a lot faster and made the time pass by quicker! I cut this one a little short since it was nearing 8:30pm and I still needed to go home, eat dinner, pack, and go to bed by 9:30. I finished the prescribed set with about 8 minutes left before my prescribed hour was up, and I just stopped there (usually if I get done with the set before the prescribed time, I'll keep going until time is up and get in a few hundred extra yards).

Friday: 5.64 mile run @ 8:52 | I'm kind of liking getting up at 4:15am...? I don't like it when the alarm goes off but I do like that adequately preparing to run in the morning makes it easier. My splits were wild on this one, but at least they were wildly negative. Started at 9:21, 9:15, bathroom break, 8:56, 8:38, 8:28, and 8:21 for last .64. 

Saturday: 40.96 mile bike @ 15.44mph + 2.34 mile run @ 8:32 | This was the first long ride I've ever had where I actually went somewhere! Not just up and down a straight trail 2-3 times. My parents got a house in the Outer Banks this week so we all drove down on Friday night (Ben and I were just there for the weekend). Saturday morning my dad and I got up to go on a 2.5 hour ride - my longest ride ever! I planned a route that ended up being a lot more than we bargained for, but we got to see so much! We rode over 3 different bridges (over one twice) and through at least 4 different towns. Going out was beautiful; coming back was harder because we had a pretty good headwind. I got pretty cranky by the end, I'll admit, and our speed just wasn't there for, well, a lot of reasons, so we didn't make it quite as far as I thought we would, but it was a successful ride nonetheless! 

Sunday: 9.50 mile run @ 9:31 + 60 minutes yin yoga | I really felt the effects of the last couple days on this one. I ran with my dad and my brother's girlfriend who didn't want to push the pace. Fine by me, but even our 9:20s weren't feeling super easy. They ran with me for an hour total and then when we passed by the house they went in and I continued on for another 30 minutes. There is no shade whatsoever on the beach road and it was after 8am so the sun was definitely out and I got pretty hot. I'm pretty sure time slowed to at least half speed during those last 30 minutes and I didn't think I was going to make it. I took a couple of wall breaks because I just ran slam out of "Yes I can"s on this one, honestly. I made it eventually, but it wasn't pretty. Not the mileage I was hoping for, but it was the first time in 3 months (to the day!) that I ran for that length of time. Even if I had included our bathroom break, selfie-taking, and lollygagging at the memorial (that thing at the top of the hill in the picture - yeah, we ran up there), my pace would have averaged out to 10:32 which, as we learned a couple weeks ago, is more or less within my goal pace and definitely under my worst case scenario pace.

This Week
Swim - 1.45 miles 
Bike - 56.33 miles + 35 minutes spin 
Run - 24.10 miles
Yoga - 120 minutes

B2B To-Date Training
Swim - 14.85 miles 
Bike - 345.56 miles + 257 minutes spin 
Run - 136.70 miles

Week 7 Reflections:
+ Light swimming week. I'm supposed to swim 3x a week but I never do that. I try to hit 2x a week, but this week I was leaving to go out of town after work on Friday so that took away another swim. 
+ My long ride and run weren't quite at the mileage I had hoped they'd be but I still managed to get through a peak week and cover over a combined 52 miles during vacation so, you know.
+ I ran 17.5 miles in a 3-day span. That's some marathon training level shit right there (for me anyway). And I threw in 40+ miles of biking in there too just for good measure. Ask me how well my legs are functioning...
+ I miss running with music. I really, really do. Ben and I listened to a lot of Eminem and Dr. Dre on the way home and I was legitimately sad about not listening to them on my runs anymore. Sometimes music is all that gets me through and while I've been mostly okay without it, there have been some days I really think it would have helped. I think I'll sign myself up for a marathon after B2B is over just to ensure I get in plenty of running-with-music time ;)


  1. aw i'm sorry you've been missing music but i am SO happy you are loving morning workouts!! that is so awesome.
    i think when i was swimming for a hot minute and KC was teaching me, it was breathe on every 3rd stroke, so 1, 2, 3 (breathe), 1, 2, 3 (breathe) if that makes sense. i found it extremely hard but KC said it was the most efficient and I eventually could kind of do it.
    love all the pictures you took this week. i'm so jealous of your ability to run / bike with people and see things. sigh.
    i hope you're feeling better about your training and everything :)

  2. Love that the little changes made the morning runs better! Im not sure I could ever like getting up at 4:15 am though haha. You continue to amaze and inspire girlie. Love this :)

  3. Excellent week! You're bike ride sounds epic. I think my butt would be one big bruise after all of that riding!

    Also, love that you are converting to a morning runner. See? It's really not that bad. :o)

  4. Your updates amaze me every time, girl! Keep up the good (hard!) work! You're amazing!!! xx

  5. Glad you figured out what was missing on those morning runs and figured out a way to get them back to where you'd like them to be. And I totally don't blame you for deciding that class is a no-go! If you're not getting the release or workout you need, it's just not worth it. Sounds like some epic pike rides were had too—you are awesome! And I completely know what you mean about the music. I don't think I could run for any distance without *something* in my ears. Sometimes the promise of my favorite podcast or a good playlist is the biggest thing pushing me out the door. I admire your ability to push through regardless!