Sunday Sweats [7/6-7/12]: B2B Training Week 5

I had one simple goal for this week: kick its ass. After last week left me feeling always one step behind, I wanted to get it together this week and feel like I was running my training instead of it running me.

Swim: 5100yds (2.90 miles)
My swim on Wednesday had longer sets but fewer of them, which means let stopping time, so I was pretty sure I could get a distance PR over that hour. Previous best was 2900yds, now it's 3000! 
I had another swim on tap on Thursday night and after a particularly tough spin class that left all of my limbs feeling dead, I almost nixed it and went home. Then I stepped on the scale and saw the highest number I've seen since before I became a runner/triathlete/non-couch potato soooo I figured I better get my booty in the pool. I have to assume that I have more muscle and less fat than I had back then, because I eat and drink the same but work out like 10 hours more a week than I used to (which was 0 hours a week). But anyway, I was pretty sure my arms were going to break off right there in the pool for a little while. This was supposed to be a time trial but it was all I could do just get through the laps without drowning.

Bike: 53.96 miles + 60 minutes spin
On Tuesday I drove to Portsmouth to meet my people for a bridge ride. We got stopped by a train about 2 miles in, just before the ginormous bridge we love to hate, and after waiting for a few minutes to see if it would pass we decided to abandon that route and try a different one. We still made it over one bridge so all was not lost.

Since I missed my Tuesday night spin+yoga routine, I went to spin on Thursday instead. For some reason, earlier that day I thought to check the schedule again just to see what level the class was. When I read that it was intermediate-advanced, I almost chicken out and didn't go. Then I remembered the worst thing that could happen in spin class was that I'd just sit and pedal steadily the whole time (and maybe cry quietly to myself) so I figured it was worth a shot. Difficulty-wise it was about the same as the class I normally go to (but that class is crazy because it's supposed to be a super beginner class and it is SO not), but it was longer. We even did some sets of arm exercises with light weights while on the bike which was...interesting. I did a good job of keeping up with the instructor, even when it was tough, so ultimately I was happy I went. Until I felt like death at the end and still had to go do that aforementioned swim...

Long ride on Saturday was pretty much par for the course. At first I was like ughhh whyyy am I doing this, then I was like oh this isn't so bad, then I was like wow it's already been an hour, I've gotten so much better on my bike, then I was like oh I can't wait until this is over because then I get to run, and then I was like OMG I can't believe I have to run after this.

Run: 19.49 miles
My Wednesday run happened shortly after my alarm went off at 5:15am, which is way too early. I don't really enjoy morning runs, but knowing that if the heat index would be up to 100* if I waited until after work, I didn't have much choice. It was slow-going at first (combination of muggy weather and not having moved my legs yet today) but I picked it up little by little as I went along. I couldn't manage the pickups I was supposed to do per my training plan, but instead I did everything I could to get in a full 5 miles before the 45 minutes was up. 

I had another morning run on Friday that went pretty much step-for-step the same way that Wednesday went, except it was 5 minutes shorter. I listened to music, not because I wanted the distraction but because I actually wanted to listen to it, but it turns out that I actually didn't care that much and it didn't make the time go by any faster or slower. 

I had my first brick workout of this training cycle on Saturday after my long ride. It was only 20 minutes and actually felt surprisingly okay. First mile was 9:30 because I hung back for my dad a little, but then I pulled away and somehow ran the second mile in 8:35. Mentally it felt too fast but physically it felt okay.

My long run on Subday was the run that would not end. An hour and 10 minutes worth of running actually took me an hour and 25 minutes from start to finish. I had a late night and too much beer at Dave Matthews the night before, so I was already anticipating it not going well. And it didn't. The first couple miles felt hard and at 20 minutes I had to stop and pee before I peed my pants, even though I peed like 4 times right before I left. It started raining as soon as I got out of the bathroom, which was actually pretty fun. That only lasted for 10 minutes but around when it ended, a guy on the boardwalk called out to me to tell me I'm pretty and for some reason I decided this was the day I finally tell one of these creepers off (since I never do and afterward I always wish I had). Then I started running again and thinking about all the different/better things I could have said, but I think I was so surprised that I actually stopped that I didn't know what to say. And I'm really non-confrontational so that whole exchange got my heart racing so much that I had to stop to walk for a bit to get it back down. By that point I was about halfway through and thought I was home free...until 10 minutes later when I got sudden stomach cramps, the stop-you-in-your-tracks kind. So I spent the last 20 minutes getting a really bad pang in my stomach every 5 minutes or so. Another bathroom break at 13 minutes to go and after that I miraculously managed to get through those minutes to finally finish. 

Yoga: 116 minutes
Since my crew wanted to ride on Tuesday this week, I didn't get to go to yoga class. Instead, I did one of Sage's online class (Yoga for Runners) and I freakin' LOVED it. I highly recommend it for runners, athletes of any kind, and all humans really. I'm already excited to do it again but also torn because I want to try some of her other videos (she has several for athletes plus some specifically for swimmers and cyclists will I ever choose?!).

I usually end my week with yin yoga but I just couldn't wait to try out Sage's Yoga for Cyclists.

B2B To-Date Training
Swim - 11.45 miles 
Bike - 237.89 miles + 162 minutes spin 
Run - 90.33 miles

Week 5 Reflections:
+ Obviously my long run sucked and if I counted all the breaks into my total time my pace would have been 11:00 min/mi, nowhere close to where I expect to be (my goal for the B2B run is 2:00-2:15). On the bright side, if this had been race day it would have translated into a 2:25 run which is still under my absolute worst case scenario goal of 2:30. And I don't think I'll have any guys to chew out mid-run during the race so that should save me at least a couple minutes! And I won't have gone to DMB the night before so there's that too.
+ This week was a big lesson in trusting my training. I continue to be so glad I purchased this plan because there is no way I'd be doing as much as I am without someone telling me to. I can guarantee I wouldn't have swam 3000 yards at any point ever during training because that is way longer than the B2B swim. I probably wouldn't be biking 3 times a week either (maybe 2), and I'd probably still be trying to run 25+ miles a week even though I don't need to. And I definitely would have noped right out of that swim after spin class on Thursday if I didn't have a little voice in the back of my head to tell me that it was obviously possible to bike then swim or it wouldn't be on my plan. I really didn't think I could do it, but I pushed on anyway and lived to tell the tale. 
+ I'm struggling with my runs, even more thank usual in the summer...and I kind of don't care? Obviously I want to be the best runner I can be on race day, but I think that having two other sports to focus on kind of takes the pressure off the running part. I'm not my best running self right now, for a lot of reasons - higher training volume than I'm used to, summertime, busy work schedule, trying to have a life - and I'm probably not going to get back to that place anytime soon. I'm just trusting that whatever is going on right now is going to work itself out by October.


  1. So, this seems like a pretty good training week to me. You had some struggles but got over them, and mentally you seem like you're in a great place.

    I am hating my scale right now. It's starting to creep up a bit, which I totally do not like. I get that it is more likely muscle than fat, but the extra ice cream I'm eating lately probably isn't helping at all. Ice cream = sugar = carbs. Right?

  2. Really proud of the great perspective you have on your runs, your training, everything. You continue to amaze and impress me every time I read or hear about how you've made some workout your bitch lately ;) Also, I need to know what you said to that guy! I am so sick of getting woops and yells from cars driving by, and it frustrates me to know end. Since they're driving by there isn't much I can say, but I'm always tempted to at least flip them off. But then I have visions of them slamming on their brakes and something bad happening. And then also there's this guy in my building who always tells me I'm "looking good" when I come in from a run and I'm in short shorts and a tight shirt and am literally pouring sweat and I think he thinks I'm being rude because I don't say "thank you" but for real, it's not a compliment, it's not welcome, and it's not his right to comment on how I look every effing chance he gets to observe me in little clothing and it's just frustrating all around. But anyway. That's besides the point of this post. Great week of training!

  3. so much to say. i'm sorry you're not feeling fabulous running wise, but it sounds like you are completely kicking biking and swimming's butts, so.. that's pretty good! i'm sure you'll find your running groove again soon.
    okay after that glowing review i definitely need to try sage's videos out.
    i'm sorry you have to deal with douchebags like that guy.. it's been a LONG time since anyone has called out to me hahaha guess i'm getting fat and ugly in my old age ;) good for you for saying something (i'm also curious as to what you said! my standard old response was 'f*ck you' lol)

  4. My early morning runs definitely aren't fast - my first mile is always the slowest because I'm still waking up. Is it fall yet?! I'm glad that you're liking your training plan and trusting it! It took me forever to choose one for my marathon because I was trying to find one that told me everything I wanted it to and I was worried about following one that wasn't going to prepare me well enough. Then I realized it's just a training plan and I can add whatever I want to it and I chose one from haha.

  5. I got super excited for a minute to tell you that I know Sage, that's she's super cool and teaches at the studio I got my teacher's cert at... But I know a Sage Annen... Not Roundtree, although Roundtree DID come and do a workshop at my studio two-ish years ago. Soooooo, I don't have that great of a story for you.

    Way to kick ass with those workouts!

  6. Sounds like you are having great bike and swim workouts (congrats on the distance PDR). I can't imagine balancing all three sports and life - you are doing great and have a good attitude about it.