Sunday Sweats [8/10-8/23]: B2B Training Week 10

Week 10 got split up into 2 weeks because I went on vacation on a Thursday and didn't return until the following Thursday. This was always the plan, and I didn't do any hard training on vacation (I didn't even miss training, to be honest), but I did do some cool, active things.

Monday 8/10: 2900yd swim @ 2:05/100yd [+ 1 mile walk] | In the morning I took Bane for a walk up and down hills, past a creek and farm animals. Fewer than 12 hours later, I was swimming in a pool a mile from the ocean. It was a weird day. After being up for 20 hours the day before (during which I ran 10 miles, packed, loaded, drove 5 hours, unloaded, and unpacked) I thought I had earned my first sleep-in day since July 3 (yes, I counted). My swim was pretty slow, but that was to be expected after nearly 2 weeks out of the pool.

Tuesday 8/11: 6.20 mile run @ 8:53 + 30-minute open water swim | I don't know what happened today. I wasn't feeling the run from the get go, and I knew that, but I tried to push through anyway. I got back to my car for a water break after 4.37 miles (@ 9:04 pace) and I decided to just be done and go home. I sat there for a few minutes and then I felt better so I decided I'd finish it out with 1.83 miles (@ 8:30 pace). One of these days I'll consistently get through runs without almost quitting in the middle.

In the evening I did my first open water swim since the Tidewater Tri last month, and only my 3rd one all season. I wore my wetsuit for the first time in...a year at least, maybe 2...because B2B is wetsuit mandatory and I needed the practice. I felt pretty good in it and definitely very buoyant! I have no idea how far we swam since my watch doesn't do GPS in the water but I think it was close to a mile, maybe more maybe less. We got in 30 minutes before a storm rolled in and lightning shooed us out of the water. I felt good and definitely felt like I could have kept going!

Wednesday 8/12: 14.72 mile bike @ 14.86 mph + 3.34 mile run @ 9:03 | I am going to miss these bridge rides so much! Hopefully it will make my hilly rides easier, but we'll see. I'm really happy with how much I've improved on these rides. We go over two bridges but one of them is an absolute killer. I used to wonder how is ever make it to the top but now I'm able to get up pretty steadily. Plus the view up there can't be beat! After the ride we threw on running shoes and headed out for a 45-minute run, which turned into 30 because we all decided we wanted to go eat instead. Whatever! I'm actually pretty proud of this one. Last week I pushed my friend through 4 miles @ 9:45 which is faster than her normal pace...this week she was the pack leader and I honestly struggled to keep up with her! We ran in the low 9's most of the run and even managed an 8:51 last mile!

Thursday 8/13: 16.67 mile bike ride through San Francisco and over the Golden Gate Bridge! | The first thing we did after we landed in SF was basically make a beeline to the GGB. This was definitely not an easy ride! There were times when it was a little confusing maneuvering through the city streets, and  even though we avoided most of the major hills (but not all!), it was still a steady incline for several miles getting to the bridge. Not really a hard training ride but a ride nonetheless!

Friday 8/14 & Saturday 8/15: Travel days to Big Sur and LA!

Sunday 8/16: 2.5 mile uphill walk to Dodger Stadium | Whoever decided it would be a good idea to walk to Dodger Stadium during LA's biggest heat wave in 15 years (high of 102*!) deserves a good whack in the head. It turns out the stadium is on top of a giant hill, a hill so giant that the stadium isn't even visible until you reach the very top. 

Monday 8/17: 6.89 mile hike on the Canyon Blvd. Trail to the Hollywood Sign | I started to regret this decision when there was 900 ft of elevation gain in the first mile, but it turned out to be totally worth it and one of my favorite things we did in California!

Tuesday 8/18:

Wednesday 8/19: ~9 mile bike tour through San Francisco | This was definitely a leisurely ride (I could have run twice as far as rode during that 3.5 hour time period) because we were on a tour so we stopped a lot. This definitely doesn't count as training, but technically my feet were on pedals and I had to move them with my own leg power so it counts for something?

Thursday 8/20: Travel day back to VA

Friday 8/21: 45.66 mile bike ride @ 16.83mph + 2.08 mile run @ 9:51 | Nothing says, "Vacation's over!" quite like a 3-hour workout, am I right? I'd had this on the agenda for a while, knowing fully well it was the day after we got back from CA, but I failed to remember the part about how it would be my longest ride ever. As such, I really didn't prepare very well and I only brought one measly banana with me for fuel out on the road. The wind out on the trail was pretty nasty, so together with my lack of food and general suckiness after taking a week off, I guess it went okay.

The run afterward felt horrible. My legs felt decent but my chest was killing me. Sometimes my chest hurts pretty bad when I run after a ride (I can't figure out the correlation there), but it was especially bad today and I think it's because I had gotten used to the low humidity in California. I had to walk it out a couple times because I really couldn't breathe.

Saturday 8/22: Moving day | After a summer at the beach and a week-long vacation, we finally made our return to Blacksburg. We had already moved the majority of our stuff into the apartment, but it still needed unpacking so that's how most of today was spent.

Sunday 8/23: 10.56 miles @ 9:49 | I was so nervous about this run that I had knots in my stomach. It was a) my longest run all summer, b) my first run on hills in 3+ months, and c) my first time really running (aside from those crappy 2 miles on Friday) in 11 days. The hills weren't as hard as I remembered them being (I'm sure the conservative pace helped greatly on that point) and the change of scenery was more than welcomed. I didn't have to stop at all, which is more than I can say for most of my other long runs this summer.

This Week
Swim - 2.33 miles 
Bike - 60.38 miles (+ ~27 miles in San Francisco)
Run - 22.16 miles
Yoga - 0 minutes
Total miles - 84.87

B2B To-Date Training
Swim - 20.06 miles 
Bike - 509.26 miles + 312 minutes spin 
Run - 200.46 miles
Total miles - 729.78

Week 10 Reflections:
- As of this week, I've reached some arbitrary number milestones that don't really mean anything significant, but are cool: 20 total miles of swimming, 500 total miles of cycling, and 200 total miles of running, making a grand total of over 700 miles, which is more than 10 times the distance I'll cover on race day. 
- I now have a new record for running without headphones (1:43:44)
- I have to get back to yoga. I have to. Vacation was great but not really conducive to sticking to my schedule, and I had so much moving to do before and after vacation that I just didn't make the time. I can definitely tell the difference and am looking forward to getting back into a routine this week.

And, FYI: This Tuesday, August 25, is the last Training for Tuesday of the summer!


  1. Bike rides and hikes to iconic ball parks, bridges, and the hollywood sign sounds so epic! Also epic... a massive workout the day after getting back from vacation while moving! So cheesy, but so inspiring!

  2. I love that you keep records of running without headphones. Im not actually sure Ive ever run without them lol Almost 2 hours is a great record to have! And yay for conquering the sunday run!

  3. oh man, i need to get back into yoga as well. i have really been slacking lately, i would say it's hard to fit running, strength AND yoga sometimes but .. you know.. you do a thousand times more than me lol. if i ever go to that side of the country, a bike tour around san fran would be so fun! it totally counts lol.

  4. Wow, you've had so much happen in the last two weeks! Wrapping up work, an amazing (and very full of very amazing things!) vacation, packing up and moving back to the mountains—in preparation for returning to school. Seriously, how do you do it all!? I'm sorry the running has been tough lately—you know I can related. Every morning though I drive past this tree that's almost all golden and deep orange and amber by now, and it's got a blanked of fallen leaves right beneath it. I'm always driving so I can't snap a picture but it makes me think of you. Soon enough, it will be fall, and we can both breathe easy :) (PS, if we didn't both have so much already going on, I would insist on you coming to Jersey in the fall—it's magic!)