Sunday Sweats [8/24-8/30]: B2B Training Week 11

Monday: 2950yd swim @ 2:03min/100yd + 60 minutes spin + 10 minutes yoga | I had the hardest time convincing myself to get in the pool today. I've now only swam 3 times in the last 4 weeks but getting back to it wasn't quite as bad as I thought it would be.

No more Y membership = no more spin class for me. I had my own little solo spin class on my bike trainer with Youtube as my teacher. I actually surprisingly didn't want to kill anyone at any point during this hour-long class and...kind of enjoyed it. Afterward I decided enough was enough and that I had to do something about these tight hips so I eased back into yoga with just a short hip opening video.

Tuesday: 4.74 mile run @ 8:27 + 11 minutes yogaI started back to school this week and since Tuesdays & Thursdays are my busy days, I figured that from here on out I would just take 2 rest days a week on those days. Then I remembered that I get cranky if I have to wait until Wednesday for my first run of the week, and that that schedule would have me running Fri/Sat/Sun, which I've been doing a lot of weeks this summer but it isn't my preference. So, Tuesdays after class it is. I was inspired by Alyssa's mention of speed work in her T4T post so I decided I would actually do the speed work that's on my training plan but I always ignore. I ran at 6:00pm and it was still sunny, but only 75* and 53% humidity and 56* dew point and breezy which is basically the best running weather I've seen in months. All my miles were 8:40 or faster and my 3 3:00-minute pickup paces were 7:34, 8:12 (I got stuck behind some pedestrians and was on an incline), and 7:34. I did legitimately think I might throw up and/or collapse at some points but overall it felt so good to move my legs that fast and I don't even care that I had to make a bathroom pit stop 2/3 of the way through. Oh and I also decided that I could cheat on my no headphones rule, since it always helps with speed work days, plus I felt like celebrating the fact that I can now run in a place and at a time where I don't have to worry about staying super vigilant just in case someone might try to kidnap me (is that still the right term for an almost-28-year-old?).

Wednesday: 18.04 mile bike ride @ 15.3mph +  6.34 mile run @ 9:32 | Oh my god this was the hardest workout ever. My bike ride ended up being pretty decent considering it was my first ride back on hilly terrain in 3+ months. I'm never as speedy here as I am back home, but I can definitely tell how much my spin classes and bridge rides this summer made a difference. I really didn't want to do this run and I came thisclose to turning around and going home less than 5 minutes in. I tried to run slow and easy but there was no easy because even my slow pace felt like I was running in slow motion. I went with the hilly run route, only because it's the only one I have that's an hour long, and with my long run + spin + speed run + hilly bike combo over the last few days finally did me in and my legs were feeling it. I didn't have it 100%, mentally or physically, but I pushed through. I may have taken the babiest of baby steps up those hills but I always got through them and ran every step of the way. Compared to this time last year, it's sad that I have to pat myself on the back for making it through a 6+ mile run at a 9:30 pace without stopping but that's what I'm working with these days.

Thursday: Rest day

Friday: 60 minutes yoga | I rode to the gym to swim, but all the lanes were taken. Since I don't play well with others, I didn't bother asking anyone to share, and I just went back home instead. At least I got a quick ride out of it. When I got home I decided that instead I'd spend some time with Sage and my yoga mat, neither of whom I've seen much of in the last month.

Saturday: 30.38 mile bike ride @ 15.17mph + 3.36 mile run @ 8:56 | I was supposed to ride for 3 hours today and 2 hours next weekend, but since I'll be home next weekend and will have a better place to ride that far, I decided to swap them out. I really don't have a great place to ride now that I moved (need to ask my chiro to tell me the name of the trail he told me a few months ago), so I rode to my hilly trail, went up and down twice, and then rode home. I like the change of scenery, I just don't like how much slower I am without flat, open roads! From here on out all my rides will be distance PRs, eek! I'm nervous about but looking forward to getting into 50+ mile territory.

My run after felt pretty good! I had a little trouble breathing since I'm coming down with a cold but nowhere near the chest pain I had last week. My pace was comfortable, but not easy. It didn't go by terribly quickly at the time, but by the time I got back home it felt like I had blinked and it was over.

Sunday: 11.68 mile run @ 9:50 | This was weird. I was in the zone while simultaneously trying to convince myself myself to stop the whole time. I've been fighting a cold all week and just didn't feel well on this one. I ate a new breakfast that didn't agree with my stomach and didn't even fill me up, so that sucked too. You know how sometimes, like yesterday, it feels like you blink and the run is over? Yeah that's not how today went. I wanted to quit but I wasn't like dying to quit so I made myself stick it because that's what (almost) half Iron(wo)men do. On the bright side, even though the humidity was like 90%, the temperature was in the 60's so my sweat worked and I was actually a little cold. PRAISE.

This Week
Swim - 1.68 miles 
Bike - 48.42 miles + 60 minutes spin (+ ~30 miles commuting to/from school)
Run - 26.07 miles
Yoga - 81 minutes
Total miles - 76.17

B2B To-Date Training
Swim - 21.73 miles 
Bike - 557.68 miles + 372 minutes spin 
Run - 226.53 miles
Total miles - 805.94

Week 11 Reflections:
- I LOVE my new schedule. The flexibility of not having to spend 7am-5pm out of the house every day is the best. I don't know how normal people do it. Well, I kind of do since I made it work all summer, but it's nice to have some flexibility back in my schedule.
- My collage is looking pretty different this week! I miss the ocean, but I think this will do for now.
- I only have 7 weeks left and I still don't feel ready for race day but after a little pep talk from Alyssa I realized that that's because I'm not supposed to be ready yet. I don't know why but I went into this totally thinking I just needed to practice things I could already do even though - duh - I'm training for something I have actually never done before.


  1. Love those pictures up there! I'm also glad to see you got back into yoga. I went to class once this week, hallelujah! You've put in the miles and the time and if you keep it up for the last 7 weeks I think you will be as prepared as you can be!

  2. Sounds like you got some great training in!

  3. good to hear you're feeling a bit better about race day, i'm sure you'll feel better and ready as it comes closer. and yay for not having a huge chunk of your day being taken up by work. i love that you went home when the lanes were taken. in the hot minute that i swam, i realised it was unrealistic to hope there would always be a lane free, so i was like.. nope. i don't want to swim with someone else, plain and simple lol. can you imagine running that close to someone? no. ew.

  4. First thought: I don't know where I will my Blacksburg picture fix in when you graduate!! Haha I love that I know exactly where you took the pictures - can you tell I miss Blacksburg? :) I can't believe your race is less than 2 months away now! I do miss having flexibility in my day - I wish I could even telework more so I didn't have waste time in the car!

  5. Woo for back on a better schedule! And for some signs of fall, no matter how few and far between they still are. It's coming, and with it much better workouts and much more rewarding runs. I'm impressed at how you powered through your toughest workouts this week, as I always am, and am happy some of my words gave you some good vibes this week! Also, yay for being back in chiro territory! I see mine this week and am practically giddy, haha :)

  6. Great job this week! I know how you feel about not feeling ready, but wanting to feel ready. I've got 7 more weeks of training also, and I'm going into my toughest month yet, so I know I'll get there but it still feels pretty far off! Well, the feeling ready part. The actual race feels like it's coming up way too fast!