Sunday Sweats 8/3-8/9: B2B Training Week 9

Monday: Rest day | After getting in my own head and completely sabotaging myself last week, I was determined to have a better week this week. After work I met Ben at one of our favorite local breweries because they were releasing a new beer, a double IPA *insert heart-eye emoji*. Then we came home and he made Mexican for dinner while I sat on the couch and watched Orange is the New Black. I will probably pay for those food and drink choices on my run at the crack of dawn tomorrow, but man did it feel good to act like a normal person after work. I even got some time to read To Kill a Mockingbird (I'm woefully behind on the Literary Ladies Summer Reading Challenge)!

Tuesday: 5.59 mile run @ 8:58 | Ahh my last 4am wakeup call! But sadly, that also means my last ocean sunrise. Every Tuesday my training plan calls for pickups during my run, but I have been actively avoiding anything even remotely resembling speedwork. Today I decided to stop being afraid and just do them.
After work I was going to swim but when I got to the pool all the lanes were full and I didn't want to go back later. Instead I went home, Ben made me falafel for dinner, and I scheduled an open water swim on Friday with my people instead!

Wednesday: 17.22 mile bike ride @ 13.30mph + 4.11 mile run @ 9:45 | OH MY GOD this brick was everything that is good in the world and made every second of suckiness worth getting to experience these nearly two hours of joy. The Jordan Bridge felt easier than it ever has and getting back to Portsmouth as the sun was setting was perfect. My home turf, someone else's pace, a heavenly breeze off the river, not a care in the world nor a negative thought creeping in...this was the stuff dreams are made of.

Thursday: (Unplanned) Rest day | We're moving this weekend and at work today I realized that, if I have any hope of getting in some long workouts this weekend and getting my stuff on a Uhaul by Sunday, I had better start packing. I was going to spin and swim tonight but I went home and spent those 2.5 hours packing instead and I didn't let myself feel bad about it (plus it ended up storming so there would have been no swimming for me anyway). After the way things have been going lately, I think my mind needs some exercise like this more than my body needs spin class. Plus did I mention I had the most beautiful, perfect workout yesterday?! That was enough to carry me through an unplanned rest day.

Friday: (Unplanned) Rest day | That open water swim I planned for today? When we got the beach and noticed the 20mph winds (not sure how I managed to not catch on until I drove all the way there) and that the bay, which is usually flat, looked like this

we decided the swim was definitely out. I briefly debated driving back home and swimming at the Y, but our group opted to go out to a beachside bar instead. Twist my arm and make me have nachos and beer, why don't ya. 

Saturday: 32.50 mile bike ride @ 15.8mph + 2.30 mile run @ 8:43 | The weather today was miserable - rainy and windy - and so was most of this workout. We got a late start and I was pressed for time, so we cut it 15 minutes short. With the rain and the wind, we weren't even close to being on target for the full distance I had planned to cover anyway. I had just enough time to get in a brick run after and that actually felt pretty decent. First mile was 9:03 (uphill), second was 8.47 (downhill), and my friend pushed me through the last .3, which we did at a 7:19 pace (uphill!).

Sunday: 10.10 mile run @ 8:56 | Today is moving day but I couldn't leave without getting in one last long run. I ended the summer the same way I started: by driving to Portsmouth and running 10 miles of a route that makes my heart go pitter patter. Today was the first time I ran that far in almost 3 months. It wasn't perfect; there was some good (most miles sub-9, with the last mile the fastest @ 8:40) and some bad (2 bathroom breaks - with those added in I averaged 10:03) but I set out to run 10 full miles and that I did.

This Week
Swim - 0 miles 
Bike - 49.72 miles
Run - 22.10 miles
Yoga - 0 minutes
Total miles - 71.82

B2B To-Date Training
Swim - 17.73 miles 
Bike - 448.88 miles + 312 minutes spin 
Run - 178.30 miles
Total miles - 644.91

Week 9 Reflections:
- I have to shift my running days back to earlier in the week. My plan doesn't have my first run of the week until Wesnesday and that just doesn't work my my sanity, as evidenced by every week of this training cycle so far
- I don't like Monday rest days. I've always been a Friday rest day-er but, in an attempt to follow my fancy expensive plan, I made the switch to Monday. It's nice getting that break after hard weekend training but at the same time, I don't feel like I get my week started off on the right foot that way. Maybe that's been my problem this whole time. I haven't figured out yet what I'm going to switch to - win my schedule it'll most likely have to be Tuesday or Thursday of -gasp a maybe both.
- I need to combine my shorter weekday ride and a weekday run into a brick. Ever since I started doing triathlon 2 years ago, my standard brick has been an hour ride followed by a 3-5 mile run. This plan only has me doing a couple miles of running after my long rides, no bricks other than that, and I just don't like that. I'll continue to do those baud it is important for my legs to find out what it feels like to run after 2-3 hours on the bike, but I want those weekday bricks back too. DID I MENTION MY BRICK THIS WEEK WAS THE BEST?!??
- I missed a few workouts this week, which is a few more than I've missed in...I don't even know how long. I started off this week feeling good but things quickly fell apart. Thursday began what are going to be a busy 2.5 weeks of moving and vacation and starting school, and I just have to accept that things are probably going to be crazy for a while. I'll do what I can when I can.


  1. to kill a mockingbird is one of my fav books!
    monday are my rest days as well; i have a weekend straight of muay thai so i needs me rest time on monday so my body can heal from all the punches/kicks etc.

  2. Yup, we definitely had similar weeks for sure. I'm so happy you had such a wonderful Wednesday workout! But I agree, I would go crazy if I didn't start running until Wednesday on a regular basis. I love starting off with a good Monday run too, and Friday rest days just work. (Although for this training plan and working with the heat, most of my long runs have been Friday nights, which I also really like—but then I get Saturday rest days. :)) I so hear you on that mind exercise—letting yourself be okay with things not going according to plan. Same deal for me this week and it was a welcome "workout" once I realized that acting like I'm not in training for a marathon every once in a while is good for my sanity!
    Here's to an awesome week of training for us both, and good luck getting re-acclimated to the mountains this week!

  3. i hate monday rest days as well! i have always been partial to sunday rest days lol.
    nachos and beer - um, yes please!