Training for Tuesday: The Summer That Was

Summer is my least favorite season for training, hands down. That feeling of being hot, sweaty, sticky, dripping wet whether it's 2 minutes or 2 hours into a's torture, I'm telling you. Summer training feels like an endless onslaught of sunshine that drains my body of every bit of endurance it's ever worked for.
I'd love to look back and tell you that yes, summer sucked, and no, none of it was worth it, but I can't do that. Truthfully this summer of training felt different to me than any before it; one on hand, the weather wasn't as oppressive (at least it didn feel that way) but on the other hand, I had some scheduling and training volume battles to fight. There were some ups, there were some downs, but for the most part, this summer my training just...was. This was the first summer I basically had a half marathon's level of effort to put into each swimming, biking, and running. What I lacked in personal bests on the run, I made up for on my swim and bike.

My first swim of my training plan was a PR at 45 minutes/2150yds (I had previously never swam more than 2000yds and regularly got out of the pool after 1800yds). That first swim led to a distance PR of 3000yds and regularly swimming for an hour each time!

I swam in open water 3 times: twice during races and once during training. I got to practice with my wetsuit once, which I desperately needed since it's mandatory for B2B and I hadn't put it on in 2 years.

I caught the sunrise over the ocean before work 11 times. 

I biked over 5 unique bridges (some of them multiple times).

I rode my bike in 2 states: in Virginia many times and in North Carolina once from the Outer Banks to the mainland and back. I also rode my bike from Virginia to North Carolina once!

I survived 372 minutes of spin class (8 classes). Since my training plan has me biking 3x/week, one of which is supposed to be drills, I thought going back to spin class after 2 years away would fit the bill perfectly. The classes I attended were no joke, and I truly didn't enjoy most of them. What I did enjoy was how much those intense workouts improved my cycling, especially when it came to all those bridges I mentioned.

I got back into yoga, thanks to the jumpstart that was Wanderlust. If I could go back and relive any weekend of this summer, it would absolutely be Wanderlust. While I'm thrilled with so many of my training weekends this summer, Wanderlust was the one I didn't know I needed until it happened. If you want to know more about this amazing, transformative festival of physical and mental wellbeing, I'll send you on over here instead of spewing more word vomit about how much I LOVED this experience.

I ran 4 races: I clocked a new 5k PR (23:48) at the Beacon of Hope 5k, ran a relaxed 8:30 pace at the Elizabeth River Run (Not Quite) 10k with my dad and friends, finished 2nd in my age group at my first 2015 triathlon at the Breezy Point Sprint, and ran a major course PR (thanks to a super speedy bike and a new 5k multisport PR - 25:06) at the Tidewater Triathlon.

Swim 21.32 miles / Bike 521.67 miles / Run 333.68 miles

Fall is shaping up to be pretty busy, and I can only hope that the work I've put in this summer was enough to prepare me. Just this weekend I finalized my fall lineup, at least through October, and it looks like this:

September 12 - Patriots International Triathlon
September 20 - Hokie Half Marathon
October 4 - Crawlin' Crab Half Marathon
October 17 - Beach2Battleship Half Ironman
October 31 - Wicked 10k

I'm hopeful that I've improved enough in my overall triathleticism (definitely a real word) to see a PR at Patriots but that will likely be my only shot at a PR this fall. I plan to treat the half marathons as dress rehearsal for B2B, with long rides the day before and pacing practice during the race. My main focus is to keep trucking through training until B2B in mid-October!

How was your summer training? What are you looking forward to this fall?



  1. I have always been so afraid of open swims! I just know I will get kicked in the head and drown. LOL. Not dramatic at all, right? :D

  2. Just found you and Alyssa and SO excited to link up and start following y'all!

    Linds @ Not A Mom

  3. Loved your recap! I'm so impressed that you did all that training in summer. This summer I hardly trained at all, the heat was just too much for me, so props to you! You are going to kill it at the Half Ironman.

  4. i'm so glad that your summer training wasn't bad, in fact it sounds pretty awesome! i'm glad you improved your overall triathleticism :) i really wish i could get back into spin, but no affordable gym around here offers it. womp womp.

  5. Summer training is THE WORST, but it sounds like yours was pretty baller. So that has to be a good sign!

  6. Your views of the sunrise alone make me envy your summer training! I'm always so proud of you and your accomplishments!

  7. It sounds like you had a great summer of training! I love all your sunrise views, they are just perfect! It is so damn hot and gross when running this summer, and as much as I feel like I am going to die when doing it...I feel like I get a better workout with all that sweating lol! I know you are going to rock your events this fall!

  8. Your summer training looks pretty awesome to me! Thanks for sharing. I first found your blog through one of your triathlon posts.

  9. It's coming to an end, and I'm trying really hard to not be obscenely giddy about that, because of everything that means for both of us: biggest races of our lives just weeks away, and then...winter. BUT. Of all the ways summer could have killed us both, it only managed to keep us down for a bit. Your tenacity this summer and always absolutely awes me—have I told you that before?
    Oh and because I always turn comments on your blog into comments about me, thank you for coming to Wanderlust and I'm so honored to have been there for such an amazing experience for you! <3

  10. I think you did awesome this summer! I'm thankful that it hasn't been insanely hot around here because I agree, it sucks being all sweaty & nasty (I've been doing an outdoor boot camp the past few months). Love those sunrise pictures too!

  11. For summer to be your least favorite time to train, you did SO much and such an amazing job! So many new PRs, plus the awesome trip to Wanderlust, and all the sunrise opportunities. I can't wait tohear about your next triathlon-- it's so soon!

  12. You rocked your summer training! Can't wait to hear about all your great races this fall!