Sunday Sweats [9/21-9/27]: B2B Training Week 14

I know it's been 3 weeks since my last Sunday Sweats (don't lie, you were totally counting) and honestly I haven't really felt like writing them lately, but this week was a big week for me and I just needed an outlet to talk about it (besides Ben and excessive text messages to Alyssa, that is). This week wasn't just peak week of training it as also, lucky for me, peak week of the semester. Because, you know, half Ironman training doesn't take up enough time or energy so why not throw in 3 tests within a 24-hour period? No big.

Monday: 70-minute spin + 22 minutes yin yoga

Tuesday: 2850yd swim @ 2:08/100yd + 5.60 mile run @ 9:04 | Oh hey, ridiculously slow swim. Not sure what's up with that.
The weather was so cool today (low 60's and cloudy, basically my dream) that I *almost* walked out of the house for my run in long sleeves and long pants. Actually, I did walk out like that and then I was talked back to my senses and settled for capris and short sleeves. The weather was weird and I'm not sure any outfit choice would have been 100% correct to be honest. My run was just fine; I took it easy because I was still a little sore from running the Hokie Half on Sunday. Ben rode his bike home the same time I was running so he rode alongside me for the last mile and a half and we talked. Definitely blaming him for the slowing down that occurred during that time.

Wednesday: Rest day | I'm using the term "rest" very loosely here because it was really anything but, as I worked pretty much nonstop from 8:30am-9:30pm. I was supposed to do my brick today but when I woke up and realized that I really needed those 2.5 extra hours to study today more than I'll need them tomorrow, I decided to flip flop days. I was antsy for the rest of the day but I tried to remember that I'm pacing myself, avoiding burnout, all that good stuff. I had originally scheduled Wednesday as brick days and Thursdays as rest days (since they are long days at school) but my Wednesdays have ended up being really busy and I've somehow managed to get the bricks in after class on Thursday, so maybe I need to adjust my schedule permanently (or for the next 3 weeks at least).

Thursday: 23.75 mile bike ride @ 15.1mph + 6.39 mile run @  9:24 | Does anyone else get anxiety about workouts, or is that just me? I had to squeeze this one in (well, as much as one can "squeeze in" a 2.5 workout block, I suppose) in between two tests and I was so nervous about actually getting through it. I mean, that's basically an Olympic tri (without the swim) in the middle of the day...who does that? The bike went pretty well, until the last few minutes when I was literally a tenth of a mile from my apartment but couldn't get on the trail because it was being paved, so I had to go allllll the way around, up a road that is basically a giant .75 mile long hill, which added an extra mile and change to my route. But whatever, it's fine. And because of said path closure, I had to run the hilly route, which I wasn't planning on doing and thought I might die sometimes, but I tried to stay positive.

Friday: 3000yd swim @ 2:01/100yd | This swim was a time trial for the race, so rather than having different sets, I just had a warmup of 400yds, the actual time trial of 2100yds (1.2 miles), and a 500yd cooldown. The time trial went just swimmingly (har har)! I felt strong and capable and I loved swimming straight through rather than pausing every 8-10 laps. I tried to swim confidently but conservatively so I could figure out how to pace myself. I felt myself slowing a bit just past the halfway point, but I started to pick back up after a few more laps. I suck at estimating distance in open water and I can't see my watch, but...I still wish there were some way I could have an idea of how far I've gone/how far I have left so that I can pace myself properly. Need to think of a solution for that.

Saturday: 53.29 mile bike ride @ 14.73mph + 3.18 mile run @ 9:26 | I don't even know how to adequately describe this ride. You can find all the gory details on my Dailymile. The tl;dr is that I rode my bike to the top of a mountain (in another state) and I didn't die, but I kind of wanted to. Easily one of hardest things, mentally or physically that I have ever done. 

Sunday: 12.61 mile run @ 10:42 | My alarm went off at 5:30am because I needed to run to be ready to leave to go out of town for an interview by 9:30. My body was so tired when I woke up that it didn't seem worth it to run myself ragged especially before an interview so I went back to sleep until 8. I brought my running gear just in case I decided to run once I got to Raleigh, and on the way I had the brilliant idea to ask Lisa if she would be up for running with me. I didn't think she would be since I only gave her a couple hours notice, but surprisingly she totally was! I ran the first 6ish miles of the City of Oaks course before meeting Lisa at Cup a Joe and continuing on another 6 miles with her. 

This Week
Swim - 3.32 miles 
Bike -  96.87 miles (+ ~20miles commuting to/from school)
Run - 27.78 miles
Yoga - 22 minutes
Total miles - 127.97

B2B To-Date Training
Swim - 30.25 miles 
Bike - 773.56 miles + 622 minutes spin (~171 miles)
Run - 313.02 miles
Total miles - 1287.83

Week 14 Reflections:
- This week turned out to be SO much more than I was expecting. I knew I'd get in some big mileage but even more than that, I got in SO much good race day prep! My brick on Thursday was great race practice since it was in the middle of the day, right about the time I'll be biking and running on October 17. I got in some great practice pacing for the swim on Friday. And while my long ride and run weren't exactly race day simulations, they were, I think, way harder than anything I'll get on race day (because even if it's cold and raining and/or windy, I won't be alone and I won't have hills and mountains to climb). 
- What I really wanted from my long ride was to get in the full distance (56 miles) at race pace (at least 17-18mph) but I think climbing a damn mountain makes up for AT LEAST those extra 3 miles. Maybe an extra 30, I don't know. After that I know I am more than capable of pedaling for 56 miles.
- After this weekend I am absolutely sure I can handle anything that that happens on race day. I've been waiting this whole time to find out what it will feel like to ride long distance and run distance, and okay fine, I had 24 hours in between them, but the bike ride was SO miserable and my short run afterward was just fine, yay! And my long run the next day felt great, even though the weather was once again less than stellar and I ran a hilly course. Somewhere around mile 5, when I was feeling completely unstoppable despite everything I went through on Saturday, I realized that I've done it. I've trained as much as I possible could for this race and I am ready. I cannot be scared away by terrain or weather because I have trained through them. Over 1200 miles logged and, mentally and physically, I'm ready.


  1. I know exactly what you mean about anxiety before a workout! Sunday I got myself so worked up before my run... For no reason. It ended up pouring on me, so I just focused on that instead! Looks like you had a great week!!!

  2. Great work, Tracy! You ARE Ready!!!

  3. Yay! I'm so glad you're feeling ready for race day! I had a good run last week too. (I mean, mine was only 5, but good enough for me!) Running with a buddy is so awesome. Especially now that I'm in good enough shape to be able to talk without getting completely winded - it just makes the miles fly by!

  4. The hay is in the barn! That is a favorite saying for many of my coaches. You killed it this week! Your bike ride sounds horrible and epic all in one. Hooray for finishing it! Seriously, great job this week. You're going to kill your tri! Taper time?

  5. You are an absolute beast girl. Those swims have me exhausted just thinking of them and you did those on top of bike rides and running!!! Kudos!!Q You amaze me!

  6. Your last few lines make me so, so, so happy and proud that I forgot all the other comments I had percolating in my mind before I reached them. I am so proud of you and, as always, in awe. Absolute awe. Promise to teach me how to feel like that in a few weeks too? ;)

  7. so basically everything that Alyssa said. I had other comments, but the last point made me so happy for you and really, that's all you need - to know that you've got this, which you totally do!