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It's been a weird few weeks for me, which partly explains the absence of posts lately. I went home and stayed with my parents for about a week over the Thanksgiving holiday; in addition to the traditional Thanksgiving happenings there were races run (of course), rounds of Taboo played, beers drunk (drank?), restaurants and bars patronized, movies seen, old friends caught up with...and I'm the end, I didn't blog a single word about what was probably the most blog-worthy week I've had in quite some time.

I have some posts in drafts that I haven't found the time to finish and maybe never will. I wrote a race recap for a half marathon I did a couple weeks ago that I haven't published and I'm not sure if I even want to. And I'm a little late to be updating about my November and a little early to have anything substantial to report about December, so let's just call this a two-for-one and get on with it.

Deciding which coat I should keep. Serious first world problems over here. Although I think I already decided which one I'm keeping, based mostly on the fact that I literally yelled, "Oh my god!" when I pulled it out of the box. Pick one for me?

Resolving to be better at budgeting. I'm not proud of the amount of money I spent this year (example: see above) and really want to do better - curb my spending, save more, that sort of thing. It's really not that bad, and I mean we pay all of our bills and save a decent portion of our income and all that good stuff, but still. I don't buy a lot but the things I do buy still bother me. Real question: how do I stop wanting to spend money on things?

Regretting trying to save money by crocheting my brother's girlfriend a scarf instead of buying her a real gift. I've been working on it for almost 2 weeks and am nowhere close to finish. Plus I think I'm going to need more yarn and at that point I could have just bought one and saved both time and money. But really, what do you gift someone you don't really know other than a scarf?

Seeing doctors about a hip injury I've had since January. I started going to the chiropractor for it back when it first started bothering me, but in ten months it hasn't gone away. It miraculously didn't get me any trouble during B2B training (although I suspect that the substantial amount of swimming and biking I was doing in addition to running kept it at bay), but it flared back up again a few weeks ago and I've been taking it (mostly) easy since then. Like, didn't-run-for-five-days easy. I had an X-ray yesterday that came back normal and I have 2 physical therapy appointments in the next 2 weeks, one with a local PT and one with my SIL's PT, who specializes in treating runners, in Raleigh. I have never been so excited about going to the doctor. I mostly just want to know what this injury is and, more importantly, someone to validate my running through it. Sometimes the mental anguish of not getting to do something you enjoy outweighs the physical pain it might bring I right or am I right?

Loving my spin workouts on my indoor bike trainer. Really, I just said that. There's a spin studio in NYC called Peloton Cycle that live streams and records and broadcasts all its classes and puts them up on an app. I've been meaning to try it out since I get SO bored on the trainer, and I finally set it up a few weeks ago. Once I found out that they have themed classes, I was basically sold. So far I've tried the 90s grunge class, the one hit wonders class, the 90s hits class, and all the playlists were as amazing as you're imagining. I also live streamed a class, so I was able to watch it and follow along in real time as it was happening in the studio...only I was in my living room. The classes aren't easy and I have thought I might throw up at least once during every one, but at least they're fun! What workouts have made you want to puke?

Wrapping pretty Christmas gifts! I look forward to gift-wrapping every year like it's...well, Christmas. I got my dad a selfie stick (as kind of a joke, but kind of not...he has the selfie habits of a 13-year-old girl) for $3.99 and I'm pretty sure the paper and ribbon I used to wrap it cost more than that. I even have a little elf who helps me color-coordinate all the packaging. If only he were still small enough to fit into his elf outfit! He looks like he likes it, no?

Christmas 2013
Watching Silicon Valley on HBO. I had always meant to watch it since I thought Ben, being a programmer, would be interested in it. It turns out he thinks it's just okay and I'm kind of obsessed. We started watching it a few weeks ago when we were visiting Ben's sister and her boyfriend and have continued at home. Except we don't have cable so we use my SIL's boyfriend's mom's HBO account. We're all family, right?

Have a happy Friday, friends!


  1. Girl, you are not alone! Especially on the spending, I finally decided that I need to hang a sheet on my fridge and write everything I spend on it just to keep myself accountable. I usually don't make big purchases, but like a bunch of small, unnecessary ones. Let me know if you have a plan to curb yours, I need all the help I can get ha!
    Linds @ Not A Mom

  2. Hope you get the answers you need for the hip injury. I like the first jacket.

  3. I'm sure it's not funny to you but I laughed out loud at your comment about trying to crochet a scarf instead of buying one because that is totally something I would do too, haha. I bet it looks great so far though and when (if) you finish it, you'll probably feel accomplished :) I like both coats and love that they both have hoods-- which one did you keep?! I hope you get some insight on to what is going on with your hip, so you can see what to do to work through it / help it heal.

  4. I seriously love both of those coats, but I think I lean more toward the one with toggles. They're both beautiful though!
    I have a serious habit of spending more than I should. Like you said, I pay my bills and put a chunk in savings, but I feel like I still spend way more than my income should allow. I just can't seem to get out of the mind set of, "but what if I regret not buying this later?" Ugh. I'm the worst.

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the green coat. But I'm a sucker for any thing military green right now. :)

  6. I love the coat with the toggles. Not a fan of the other one. :)

    I may have to look up those spin workouts! I'm still just plodding along on my bike, watching Gilmore Girls to get through it. My foot is still giving me some trouble, even though I'm running at the same time. Yea - runner's brain, right? I think I'm going to try my old shoes and see if that helps, but if not then I'll be back to just biking for the rest of the year in an attempt to heal up before marathon #2 training starts.

    Good luck with your hip!

  7. I love both coats but the one on the right is so different - love it!. yay you for already wrapping Christmas gifts - im the latest shopper ever. Love that!

  8. My reaction to both of those coats in OMG, so I don't know how you're possibly able to pick. They're gorgeous!
    I hear you on the money. Mostly, I do a pretty good job but sometimes I find myself just...wanting to go out and buy stuff. I don't really clothes shop; it's usually things like candles and lattes and unnecessary upgrades. Like, I need new rain boots. Do they need to be Hunters? Absolutely not, but I want them to be. It's the same with everything—yoga/running gear, skin care stuff, etc. Sigh.

    Just a note on the hip x-ray. Try to get a copy of those images and go over them with a specialist or chiro. I had my knees x-rayed years ago and they said, "Nope, nothing, you're fine," because they were looking for like fractures or whatever. Spent 30 seconds looking at the same images with chiro a few months ago and we BOTH saw that they very clearly showed my joints all messed up, and that completely changed everything.

    OMG Bane the elf! Too cute!

  9. Both coats look great on you and you really can't go wrong but I really love the one on the left. The color looks great on you and I love the toggles! I need to be better about saving but I just want all the things. It is hard to balance! hahaha. Spin work outs sound fun until you read What Alice Forgot. Have you read that book? She falls in spin class and hits her head and loses 10 years of memories. So ummmm no thanks. Hahaha jk. I am no coordinated. I would fall. I just know it!!! Sometimes I think I am going to face place on the treadmill. That is not the way I want to go. Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. When you find out how to stop spending money, let me know! Every month this year I've said "Okay this is the month I get good at budgeting!" and now it's December…I just don't know how to force myself to keep my expenses in check! Gah Bane's christmas sweater - I love it!

  11. I like both the coats but I think I like the one on the right just slightly more than the other.

    I hear you with the budgeting thing! I'm still nowhere closer to buying a house than I was three months ago and I was supposed to be buckling down with my spending. Budgeting just goes out the window when it comes to Christmas in my world apparently

    I've been on the hunt for a specific kind of wrapping paper for WEEKS and I refuse to wrap any presents in anything else. Each year I have a theme and this year will be no different! haha

  12. I love the coat on the right! That is good to know about Petalon..will take a look into it. My bf said I would like SV - I should check it out.


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