Sunday Sweats 2016 - Vol. 2

Training For:
Shamrock Half Marathon
March 20, 2016
Goal: sub-1:55, PR? (Current PR 1:49:34)

Big Sur Marathon
April 24, 2016
Goal: sub-5:00 (or at least finish before the cutoff of 6 hours)

Weekly Workouts:
Monday 1/4: 60 minutes PT + 45 minute Peloton class (metrics) + 15 minutes yoga | This class was a metrics ride, which isn't my favorite style but it was the one Jess was teaching tonight and I wanted to join in. I also went to physical therapy today! I'm counting that as strength training because a) it's really the only strength training I get in these days and b) it's freaking hard.

Tuesday 1/5: 3.44 mile run @ 8:44 | I decided that this week I'd be a good PT patient and actually do the warmup prescribed to me, so I warmed up with foam rolling and dynamic exercises. I even jotted them down on a pretty picture for fellow weak hip and/or glute sufferers.

Click to download PDF with video links of instructions for each exercise!
The run itself was a quick 30 minutes without headphones. Nothing really notable except that the wind chill was 26* and that I could definitely feel the difference in my form from warming up properly.

Wednesday 1/6: 6.25 miles @ 8:48 + 60 minutes yoga | This was going to be a tempo run but when I started to pick up the pace after the first mile I could tell my hip wasn't having it. Since I have no time goals for my races this year (beyond what I'm currently capable of, anyway), I'm taking speedwork off my schedule indefinitely and focusing on good form rather than speed. Other than an emergency bathroom break halfway through, this was fine. In the afternoon I went to yoga, in a legit studio (the Y doesn't count), by myself, for the first time...ever? It was a pretty standard vinyasa class and it wasn't good enough to make me want to go back to that class, but the teacher was a sub and there are like 20 different regular teachers at the studio, so I would definitely try a different class. There's a yin class on Sunday afternoons that I have my eye on!

Thursday 1/7: 60 minutes PT + 3.59 miles (hill repeats) @ 9:03 | I tried out one of the hill workouts that Ali sent me: 1 mile warmup, 4 hill repeats: 30 seconds uphill/jog down hill, 75 seconds uphill/jog downhill, 1 mile cooldown. After the first 75 second uphill I was really not sure how I could complete all 4, but I did. Overall my pace was meh, and I didn't make it through all 4 miles that I had planned (cut my cooldown short because of stomach problems), but I'm at least happy with my paces on the uphills: 30 seconds (4-6% grade) - 7:57, 7:55, 7:57, 7:41; 75 seconds (30 seconds 4-6% grade then 45 seconds 7-9% grade) - 8:17, 8:27, 8:21, 8:15. I'm not sure how much hill sprints are going to help me for Big Sur, but it was nice to do something a little different.

Friday: Rest day

Saturday: Tidewater Striders Distance Series #1 (10 mile run @ 8:48) | This was the first of the Shamrock tune-up runs! I usually try to do at least one of these every year for Shamrock prep. Two years ago I did the 20-miler, last year I did the 15, and this year I'm signed up for all 3. I'm running the Shamrock half, but I'm using this series as prep for Big Sur, so I signed up to run with the full prep group, meaning that I had 10 miles for this first one. It was on a trail that I've biked and run on (usually both, for brick workouts) a million times; the trail is just an 8-mile road that's been closed off to traffic. It could not be any straighter (seriously look at the map from my Garmin activity), which made this run (5 miles straight out, 5 miles straight back) pretty boring pretty fast. Other than the 20-miler a couple years ago, I've never run more than 5 miles on it.

It was one of those runs where I spent every second simultaneously wondering how I'm going to do an Ironman while pushing through enough to prove that I can. I started out too fast in the 8:40s and kept being too fast for the first 4 miles before slowing to 8:50s for the next 3. I really had to go to the bathroom and almost stopped at that last available porta potty wth 2.5 miles to go, but I didn't because I am stubborn and stupid and I instantly regretted it. The next couple miles felt slow pace-wise (even though they were 9:00 and 9:07 so not slow, but I felt like I was crawling) but fast in terms of distance (the trail is marked every 0.25 and they seemed closer together on the way back) so at least there was that. I also turned off my music with a couple miles to go and I actually think that helped because it was annoying me more than it was helping me!

Sunday: 45 minute Peloton class (Throwback Thursday) | I streamed Jess's Throwback Thursday class from NYE, the one I initially wanted to go to in the studio but it was at 7:00am so that didn't happen. And actually I think the live DJ one we went to on New Years Day instead was actually a little more fun so we made the right call! But this class was just as fun and I love Jess, which I feel is slightly less creepy now that I have actually seen her and done her class in person? But probably not. 

- Lots of bathroom issues this week, so I'm not sure what's up with that. Normally I would be all boo hiss about it but honestly, in a week where I ran 3 days in a row PAIN-FREE I honestly could not care less. I'd trade in having to make a pit stop every 5 minutes of my runs for the rest of my life if it meant not being injured. The stomach issues are much easier to deal with and a much easier fix.

- I HATE physical therapy...actually that's not true, I don't mind going to physical therapy and doing what they tell me when I'm there. What I hate is doing the exercises at home and spending almost as long warming up for a run as I do actually on the run. SO annoying. BUT I can't deny that it is 100% beneficial. Every time I do it, as soon as I start running I'm like, "Oh I'm so glad I warmed up!" And every time I'm like nah, I'll skip it, I always regret it. I've been going to physical therapy 1-2 times a week for about a month now, and this week I've been really diligent about doing my warm-ups (doing the exercises afterward at home is still hit or miss) and it has really helped. I'm not cured but my hip is back to mostly not bothering me, and not even aching after my runs (except a little bit after long runs).

- My long run this week was slightly disappointing, but that's my fault. For one, my long run prep has been basically non existent lately. And two, I have unrealistic and unnecessary expectations and I get mad when I can't easily meet them. I need to better align my long run paces with my goal paces, but most of all I need to pace myself consistently.

- Despite not performing my best during the Striders run, it was timed so I suppose that makes it an official 10-mile PR. Smashrun also tells me it was the 3rd fastest 10-miler I've ever run (including training runs), that the better two were both over a year ago, and that they were both only better by a couple of seconds per mile. Of course I could pull out better 10-mile splits from a few different half marathons, but then I wouldn't feel as good about myself. This was only my 4th official 10-miler and just about 4 minutes faster than the one I ran a year ago (but I also ran 4 miles to the start of that one extra minute for every extra mile maybe?).

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  1. I hope your hip continues to get better! Don't need it hurting when you've got so many big races scheduled!

  2. Oh wow, that's an awesome warmup! Thanks!

  3. Good for you for pushing through that 10 miler. I feel ya- somedays are just HARD and then it can be completely different the next day!

  4. Man, that is long and straight! That's kind of how my Sat group run's route is, and there's a portion before you hit some railroad tracks that is just straight and desolate. It's not so bad on the way out, but on the way back it just takes foreeeever! It's about 2 miles to, so it feels never ending. Glad the exercises are working on your hip!

  5. Not the point but I'm obsessed with your graphics in this post-- the graph and the graphic you made! Despite how you're feeling about physical therapy I'm glad you are noticing a difference in how you feel when you do the exercises. Why is it that stretching is so hard to do-- before or after working out? Are you running without music for a reason or just to change it up?

  6. yay for your hip almost not hurting! i am so bad about not warming up before a run, unless i'm on the treadmill and then i walk beforehand. good to know it is beneficial though. and yay for a legit studio class! sorry it wasn't the best, hope next time is better! and i totally agree, i'd rather bathroom issues than injuries any day of the week.

  7. What's a metric ride? Sounds intense. And I'd say PT totally counts as strength training. My pre-run foam rolling discipline is so bad. I KNOW it's good for me and I know it helps, but I am so lazy when it comes to rolling. I don't understand why I'll happily run the miles but won't take 5 minutes beforehand to make sure those miles don't hurt. Why, brain?

    I hope you find another teacher at that studio you like, but I'm glad you went for it at all! Sorry it wasn't as good an experience as it could have been though. And I'm super glad to hear you say the NYD class was even the teensiest bit more fun because I felt guilty for squashing your Peloton class dreams :(

    You know this already, but I'll tell you anyway: you're not supposed to be able to do an Ironman yet. That's why you're training for it now! And that 10-miler is still a great run and a solid foundation for where you're going to go in the next handful of months.