Sunday Sweats 2016 - Vol. 3

Apologies for the double dose of workout recaps! It was a busy week!

Training For:
*Goal amended 1/16: still not sure that this one is going to be a PR, but if it's not, I'll take second best! I ran a 1:53:20 in November (currently my 2nd best half marathon time) right after getting injured and honestly thinking I might have to take a DNS or DNF, so I see no reason why I can't best that time in March!

Weekly Workouts:
Monday 1/11: 60 minutes PT + 45 minute Peloton class (Outkast) | PT was actually kind of fun today! It was hard but I felt like the exercises she had me do were really beneficial. I didn't have a specific ride that I wanted to do tonight, and when I pulled up the app at 8:29, an Outkast ride with a teacher I haven't ridden with yet was starting at 8:30, so I just decided to join in and try it out. I didn't love the teacher as much as Jess, but I liked her a lot!

Tuesday 1/12: 6.24 mile run @ 8:49 | Ah, the run that almost didn't get done. I got up early like I was supposed to...and then I decided I'd rather watch Jane the Virgin on my warm couch than go out and run in a feels like temp of 16*. I told myself I'd move my 6-miler to later this week and just do a short run when I got to Raleigh later today instead, but I also knew I'd feel better if I just knocked out the 6 miles today. Eventually I got out the door and, besides my new bathroom break routine after 2 miles, I actually felt pretty good.

Wednesday 1/13: (Unplanned) rest day | I drove down to Raleigh yesterday and stayed the night for an interview today. I had planned to do a short run or a spin class when I got home, but I moved them both to Friday instead. It was a long couple days and I've been in the car so much the last few weeks that I just needed the rest (and the wine) more than the workout.

Thursday 1/14: 4 mile run @ 8:19 | After I saw Abby on Tuesday, I really tried to practice some of the things we talked about. We specifically talked about form especially with hill running, and Thursdays are my hill days anyway, so it was good that what she had said was still fresh in my brain. It sucked and everything hurt and I wanted to die (why is running the right way so hard?!) but I know that with practice I'll get better (and get fewer injuries). It's funny, right before I left I looked up the last time I did this particular hill workout - I remember it because it was on my running anniversary in April. I knew I was faster back then and that looking up the details would probably just depress me, but I did it anyway and accepted the fact that today I probably wasn't going to run an 8:24 pace like I did then. But that was okay, because today was about focusing on form, no matter how fast or slow I was. It was a clear blue day that day, and crazy windy. This run actually turned out to be almost identical in every way.

Friday 1/15: 45 minute spin + 3.5 mile run @ 8:44 | My first baby bike-run brick of 2016, and of Ironman training! Since I put off a workout on Wednesday in favor of my couch and wine, I doubled up today. And since spin and running were both on the menu, I figured I would test the waters and see how a little brick felt. I did a steady-state ride on the trainer rather than a Peloton class - since I knew I had to run off the bike for the first time since, oh, October 17, I was wary of destroying my legs with a tough spin class. I still averaged about the same speed as I do in spin, I just wasn't constantly changing up my resistance and cadence. On my run I again tried to focus on Abby's advice and trying to lean more forward and fall over my legs as I run. It's something I really have to concentrate on doing - as soon as my thoughts start to drift, I feel my body revert back to its old ways - but it feels good, strong, efficient. I was intent on making this an easy run, but I had work out during the first mile, so it ended up being faster than planned. I settled into the second mile a bit more, and the third one ended up being just as fast as the first - I guess I had warmed up by then. Speaking of warm, this was a sopping wet rainy and cold run, but I wore my B2B finisher's jacket for the first time and it kept me nice and toasty!

Saturday 1/16: 15 minutes foam rolling + 40 minutes yoga | Today was supposed to be a rest day, but for some reason I just really felt like tackling and loosening up some of my tight areas before my run tomorrow. Did some foam rolling while watching Homeland, and then some yoga on my own (a sequence I made up a while back).

Sunday 1/17: 6 mile run @ 9:30 | Long run didn't really happen this week. I had planned to do 13-14 today but at 6 I stopped to fill up my water bottle, and I had already struggled so much (previous 2 miles were 10:00 and 11:00 with lots of walking) that I just decided to throw in the towel. I hate this because I was so determined before I left, excited about my route and running my farthest distance since last March, but I don't know what happened. It just felt hard and bad and I was cold and hungry and I just didn't want to keep going. Where is my mental toughness?

Goals for this week:
- Adjust my routine to fit my new schedule (classes start Tuesday!)
- Add strength training back into the mix. I really fell of the wagon with this one during HIM training. When I already had 9-10 workouts a week, I just couldn't fit in another couple of strength training sessions. I've continued to slack off post-HIM because I've been going to PT and doing some strength training exercises there (mostly bodyweight). And also because I'm lazy. I know I need to get back to doing a couple strength sessions a week, so I really want to create my own routine that incorporates all the exercises I need. I've always believed that strength training helps my running, but I've never tried to pick exercises that will be most beneficial for me. I want to spend about 30 minute per session, and I want to feel like I've gotten the most bang for my buck out of those 30 minutes, and really worked the areas that are the weakest.
- Get back to my schedule. I've struggled to get through long runs for a while now and I need to make a lot of changes because obviously what I'm doing isn't working. I'm moving them back to Saturday instead of Sunday, making sure I can get to bed early the night before (even if it means saying no to social plans), and doing them first thing in the morning, not pushing them until late morning or even the afternoon like I've been doing. That's the schedule and prep that worked for me for my first marathon, when all my long runs were good, so maybe it will work again now.

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  1. Looks like a great week! Major props on getting your butt out the door when you didn't want to do the 6, we have all been there and are better for saying YES!

  2. good job on running instead of watching jane the virgin! sorry your long run didn't go so great but i'm sure you'll find your mental toughness again here soon. good luck on getting back into strength training, hope you are able to fit it into your super busy schedule :)

  3. Man, I don't know how you fit it all in. I'm trying to be really good about foam rolling every day, but it gets hard to stick with! And I'm unemployed, so where does the time go!?

  4. I REALLY need to amp up my strength training for my marathon training that will start this summer! I'm definitely suffering the consequences now with a strained hamstring tendon. Ouch! Way to rock it though and keeping up with your mileage! Woot!! :D

  5. 14 weeks to Big Sur!? Wow. Interesting to see your thought process re: Shamrock. You know I know you can do anything you set out to do, but don't make yourself do anything that doesn't serve the overall goal of this year! (Namely, stay injury-free!)

    I need some of your Tuesday motivation. I have this bad winter habit of swapping runs because of weather, but never actually looking ahead to weather later in the week. It invariably ends up that the day I took the easy way out was the "nicest" day of the week, and then end-of-week-me hates beginning-of-week-me.

    Sorry about Sunday. That was just the body that showed up that day, and sometimes, frustrating as it is, we just have to honor that body. You'll get it next week. Get some rest, maybe!? Good luck tackling this week like the boss lady you are.