From 0 to PR in 48 Hours: Adam & Eve Half Marathon Recap

I don't really have a strategy when it comes to registering for races. I know some people like to take advantage of early bird discounts, while others wait until the last minute to make a decision about whether or not they'll join the party.  I tend to fall somewhere in the middle....I like to be on the early side for races that I think will sell out, which is why I registered for an Ironman over 10 months in advance. I'm not usually swayed by the discounted prices, but the 2016 Richmond half marathon early-bird price was tempting enough that I registered 363 days in advance, which I think is my personal record. But typically what happens is that I'll get an idea that I want to do a race a few months before it actually takes place, then I'll wait a bit before mentally committing, and then I'll wait a little longer before I officially register, but not long enough that it's like, you know, a day or two before the race or anything.

Until now.

What's New: February

I like to do a post with random updates every month or two (although I think I forgot January and December...), so I was super stoked when Kristen announced her new link-up with Gretchen! I like the concept of sharing little tidbits, plus I have plenty of things to talk about that are too short and/or lame for their own post. I like to imagine this more like random things I've been doing or using lately that I would feel compelled to tell you about if we were having coffee.