Sunday Sweats 2016 - Vol. 6

Weekly Workouts:
Monday 2/1: 4.13 mile run @ 9:30 Eh, not my favorite run. The sidewalks are like 90% clear now, but in the stretches where they weren't, I was tip-toeing through soggy grass in new shoes :( My calves were super tight for some reason? It was muggy and pretty gross out, but at least it was warm.

Tuesday 2/2: 60 minutes boxing | OMG boxing was no joke tonight. We did upper body exercises for the first 30 minutes, and boxing for the second 30 minutes. My arms already felt like they were going to fall off before we even got to the boxing part!
I was supposed to ride my bike when we got home, but after 3 minutes of feeling like I had sand bags hanging from my pedals, I gave up. I felt like a loser but I just couldn't hang! I can see that it's going to be challenging to add boxing 2x a week into my schedule, so I may have to drop back to one cycling day. We'll see.

Wednesday 2/3: 8.10 mile run @ 9:18 | The bus was late today so I got home a little later than usual, I was still sore from boxing, I was starving, and running EIGHT miles just seemed like a herculean task. I stewed on that the whole way home and as soon as I walked in the door, I just started crying and throwing a tantrum to Ben about how I couldn't do it, any of it. He convinced me to eat a few peanuts to make my stomach feel better and then volunteered to lace up for a couple miles to get me started.
After about half an hour of getting dressed, warming up, and all that jazz, we finally hit the road. We did a 2-mile loop together and then I went back out for another 6 on my own. Getting in these evening runs is getting harder and harder, but once I'm out the door, I'm okay. My pace started out in the high 9's in the first miles when I stayed with Ben, and they got a little faster but never speedy (only one sub-9!) after I left on my own. I'm trying to get some hill practice in for Big Sur, which is hard because we just don't have that kind of crazy elevation here, but I did get in over 450 feet of climbing on this one! It was almost 100% humidity again tonight BUT I got to wear shorts and a t-shirt (temps in high 40s) so it kind of evens out.

Thursday 2/4: 60 minutes boxing + 4 mile run @ 8:30 | Same setup for boxing tonight, only we had lower body strength training on the schedule for the first half and boxing for the second half. Since I didn't want to be super sore for running, our trainer switched me to boxing for the whole time! I felt a slight improvement from Tuesday, even though my arms still feel like they might detach from my body at any moment.
I wanted to have no possible excuse not to run after boxing, so I ran home from the gym! It's about 4 miles from our house. I played around with a little speedwork (same workout I did a couple weeks ago): 1 mile WU, 4 x .25mi hard/.25mi recovery, 1 mile CD. Hard interval paces landed at 7:56, 8:15,  8:11, and 8:10. The route had a couple big hills, so not what if normally pick for speedwork (one of my recovery periods was entirely up a huge hill so I didn't really get to recover), but overall it was downhill so it worked okay I guess. My legs are so tired and sore from everything I've done over the last week, but it felt good to get them turning again.

Friday 2/5: Rest day!

Saturday 2/6: 17 mile run @ 9:28 | It took me a while to actually get out the door (as I was walking out for the 20th time I was like, "Hey Ben, can you just google real quick to see if there's a half marathon I could do tomorrow instead?" - which I've already googled but hey last minute? You never know!), but once I did things went fairly smoothly! My plan was to do a hilly 7-mile loop easy, then a hilly 6-mile loop easy (with the beginning and end the same as the previous loop, but slightly different middle), then a mostly flat 3-mile loop at goal half marathon pace (~8:15-8:20).
What I actually did was start by stretching out the first loop to 8 miles. I made a bathroom stop at 3.25 so that mile was 12:25, but every other mile in that first loop was in the 9:00-9:20 range. About half a mile into the second loop and needed to go to the bathroom again, so I went back home. That put me at 9 miles total, so I cut out the middle section of the 6-mile loop to make it into and out-and-back 4 miles. Mile 10 was 13:25 due to the bathroom break, and I did a double take when mile 11 beeped in at 8:45! I had started getting tired around mile 9 but I guess I got a second wind because next few miles were also in the 8:40s.
The whole time I had focused on just getting to the last 3-mile flat section. I wasn't quite able to hit my goal pace for all of those last few miles (8:20, 9:40 -> veered off the path to stop for the bathroom again, but it locked :/, 8:41, 8:36). Getting in 8:15s always seemed like a lofty goal to me, but after nearly 800 feet of hills, 8:20-8:40 was better than I was expecting! My plan had 16 miles, but my route dumped me back home at 16.6 and obviously there was no way I was going to stop there, so I ran a little extra for 17 for the day.
My total time/pace are with over 7 minutes of breaks included (I never stopped my watch), which is actually 16 minutes faster (door-to-door) than my previous fastest 17-miler (which had half as much elevation gain and only gradual inclines, no big hills). Taking the breaks out, the pace at which I actually ran was 9:04, which is 20 seconds/mile faster than my moving time from last year's 17 miler. And it's only 15 seconds/mile slower than my 15-miler last week (which was pancake flat)! Pretttty proud of this run, if you couldn't tell. I had pretty low expectations for it and it wasn't without its issues (seriously I thought I had solved my tummy problems but I guess not), but when I finished I was really happy with it.

Sunday 2/7: 60 minutes yoga + 50 minutes spin | Ben and I finally tried out a yin class at a studio in town today, but we both agreed it was just okay. We bought felt like there were a few poses that didn't really do anything for us, and a few we wish had been included but weren't. I've been wanting to try it for about a month now, so I'm glad we did, but honestly I like the yin yoga for athletes video that I stream so I'll probably just stick to that.
Tonight I reunited with Lucie, my bike, after almost 2 weeks apart! I streamed a breakup song-themed class from Peloton. I had some technical difficulties with the app crashing so I ended up pedaling a little bit longer than the class itself. It was nice to be back! I don't know how or why those classes don't get old, but I hope

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  1. I'm worried about hill training for Blue Ridge too. The Fitnessista has a REALLY good hill training workout on her blog that's meant for the treadmill and it kicks my butt every time. Depending on pace, it works out to be 5-6 miles I think. I'm definitely going to work that in...and because you're CONSTANTLY switching up the elevation on the 'mill, it goes by pretty quickly.

    Solid week lady. Your man is the best. The Pilot jumped in for a few miles with me during Chicago tantrums and it was killer. He actually biked alongside one of my 18s. True love right there haha!

  2. Great week! I'm really impressed by your variety of workouts/cross training! I'm so terrible at staying committed to anything that isn't running. I always come up with grandiose plans of yoga twice a week! and strength training on rest days! and then after about 2.5 weeks I end up completely bailing on my plan. Which is why I have almost no upper body strength, ha!

  3. I love the realism of these recaps! Great job on your 17 miler! I always stop my watch during bathroom breaks because I'm a wimp :)

  4. Great work with both the 8 miler and the 17 miler! Sometimes just getting out there and doing it leads to a better feeling than nailing a hard workout that you're prepped and ready for. Nice week!

  5. Getting out the door is always the hardest part for me! Nice job on your 17 mile run!

  6. Way to go on the 17 mile run this week! Sounds like it was an awesome run!

  7. i'm glad the spin classes aren't getting old! i had never heard of them until you mentioned them and now i seem commercials for them all the time, makes me want to get my own bike. almost.

    yay for your 17 mile run! that is awesome, even with the bathroom breaks. that sucks about your tummy issues though, hope you can get them sorted soon. i laughed (not meanly) about you crying to Ben and also asking him if there was a half marathon the next day instead. But good job on doing it, you are awesome. and yay for boxing! Sounds like it is going amazing. I worked my lower body super hard on Saturday and was not sore yesterday or today and I was kind of disappointed haha. but it's good your trainer didn't let you off easy. sucks about the yoga class though!

  8. I still can't believe you guys are doing boxing. Not because you can't or shouldn't or because it isn't an awesome workout, but know you already do 3 sports and yoga and weight training right?? Damn, girl!

    Shorts and a tee and high humidity. In February. If it weren't for the 2 snows we had (no really, 2. We've normally had quadruple that by this time) I would be concerned that winter never even happened.What should I expect for this weekend? (Side note, reading about your runs makes me really sad because of the way this week took me out of commission.)

    So impressed with your long run! Nice job getting it done and kicking old you's ass. I'm sorry that yoga class didn't work for you :/ In case it helps, I fully plan on getting a yin certification after my 200-hour so I can make classes for you :)

  9. I love your recaps - anyhoo. I reallly wanna get into boxing - well kickboxing. there's a class near me. Seeing you recap this makes me want the pain even more ha!