Sunday Sweats 2016 - Vol. 8

Monday 2/15: 60 minutes physical therapy | My PT appointment was canceled this morning because of the snow, but I did an hour's worth of exercises at home instead. I am so bad about doing PT on my own so that was kind of a big deal. I was going to do a spin class tonight, but I woke up with a sore throat this morning and haven't been feeling well today (I'm not hungry AT ALL, so you know it's serious). I could use the rest after running a half marathon PR yesterday anyway!

Tuesday 2/16: 5 mile run @ 8:47 + 55 minutes boxing | Ran before boxing today since I went by myself (Ben's out of town), so if I tried to run home after I'd still have to come back and get the car and that made no sense. Today was leg day at the gym, which we usually do on Thursdays but I get to skip because running. But we're changing our schedule so that Tuesdays will now be leg days (because running). Our trainer did not take it easy on me but it was kind of weirdly nice having someone make me do exercises that I probably should do but don't because lazy.

Wednesday 2/17: 5 mile run @ 8:53 | So my schedule had me doing 4-9-4 for my weekday runs this week but I decided yesterday that, with being sick and having a 20-miler on tap this weekend, 9 miles was just too long to be outside. So I stuck with easy 5-milers all week instead. This one I almost didn't do - I started running and after literally 2 minutes my stomach kinda hurt and my legs were sore from last night so I was like meh, just skip this one. Then when I got back inside I was like, what are you doing, get back out there, so I did. I took my headphones when I went back out and that seemed to do the trick.

Thursday 2/18: 5 mile run @ 8:55 | My legs are still so sore from Tuesday night, I felt like the Tin Man! Not my best miles but this week has been craptastic so I did my best to put on a happy face.

Friday 2/19: 10 minutes yoga | Technically a rest day, but I had some kinks to work out.

Saturday 2/20: Tidewater Striders Distance Series #3 20 mile run @ 9:54 | Not trying to make excuses, but since I've had a cold all week and didn't really need to run 20 miles this weekend (since I'm still over 2 months out from my marathon), I had virtually no expectations for this one. I started win my dad (who was doing the 12-miler) and his friend (who was running his first 20-miler ever!). We all stayed together until the 20-milers turned around at mile 3 (the 12's kept going to mile 6 then turned around), but even after that I stayed with my dad's friend. When we got back to the beginning of the trail we headed back out the same way we came, but this time all the way to the mile 7 marker before turning around. Truthfully I felt great for the first 10+ miles, but then we got out into full sun and I don't know what happened but I started slowly fading. I was getting a cramp in my diaphragm close to mile 14, and well, I'll just let my texts to Ben explain from that point on:

By the last couple miles my entire midsection felt like one giant cramp and my chest was really tight. I'm still not sure what happened, but I'm going to go ahead and add "Running 20 miles with a cold" to my list of things I don't recommend. It wasn't my best day - and I knew it wouldn't when I showed up at the start line feeling well under 100% - but it was still a day I'm happy to have had. It was a beautiful day and my body carried me TWENTY miles!

Sunday 2/21: 45 minutes spin | Went with a themed class by my new favorite Peloton instructor, Nicole. The themed turned out to be cover songs, and Nicole did not disappoint. I just love her energy. She's way more mellow than Jess but they both have a similar vibe. 

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  1. 20 miles is 20 miles! Great job getting it done!

  2. Sorry you weren't feeling very well during your 20 miler, but seriously for being sick 20 miles just slightly slower than your marathon PR is super impressive!

  3. OMG, sorry you felt so bad during the 20-miler but seriously...LOL over your texts to Ben. Sounds pretty familiar. Great job getting it done though and getting yourself back out there on Wednesday, and doing what your body needed and wanted you to do this week. Also, come back to visit me so we can take a class with Nicole together.

  4. oh my gosh to not feeling hungry. i don't even know what that feels like haha. even when i am sick i am still a pig.
    i'm sorry the 20 miler was so crappy, though your texts especially the cut off all your limbs made me laugh. definitely will not run with a cold!

  5. Boxing sounds like it's such a good workout and I still love that it's something you guys get to do together. As much as I hate how you felt during the race, I kind of love that you shared them because not only is it amazing you felt poorly and still finished 20 miles, but also makes me feel normal for feeling bad-- even if I'm just running one mile, haha.