Sunday Sweats 2016 - Vol. 9

Weekly Workouts:
Monday 2/22: 45 minutes physical therapy + 4.5 mile run @ 8:37 | Worked a little too hard on what was supposed to be an easy run, but I had some feelings that I just needed to run out. This was one of those runs that I did.not. want to do (I'm super hangry by 6pm) but after a mile I never wanted to stop. Passed my stopping point at 4.1 but the song wasn't over so I kept going to 4.5. As I was walking back up the path I saw the bus go by and Ben was on it so I walked back down the hill to meet him. If I had known that was going to happen I would have just kept running a few more minutes to make it 5 miles!

Tuesday 2/23: 1 hour boxing + 50 minutes spin | I had a great night at boxing! It might have just been the double dose of Nuun in my water bottle but it was definitely my best day ever.
Before I went to bed I did a throwback Thursday class with Jess (which did not disappoint), but I swear it was way harder than her classes usually are (and I have the Strava data to prove it). And this was a class that was originally filmed at 7:30am! Seriously, homegirl drinks coffee on her bike, like I literally can't even.

Wednesday 2/24: 9 mile run @ 8:58 | This was not without its stoplight, bathroom, and wind problems (20mph wind today, it seriously felt like being in a wind tunnel sometimes), but never once considered stopping or not finishing all of my miles. That's always a successful run in my book. Except that it was warm enough for shorts today but I forgot Body Glide and remembered when all of a sudden I was 5.5 miles in and my inner thighs were on fire. So not quite as successful as it could have been, I guess.

Thursday 2/25: 4.3 mile run @ 8:11 + 1 hour boxing | Today I got the bright idea to run to boxing. I've run home from boxing a couple times which isn't too bad because, except for one really big hill, it's a net downhill. I didn't think the net uphill going the other way would be too bad, but when it was combined with a 20mph headwind, it was. But somehow my intervals were faster going this way than they were when I ran the downhill way a few weeks ago? The gym was about a quarter mile farther than I thought, and I forgot to factor in stoplights, so I ended up being a few minutes late for boxing - oops. 1 mile WU (8:22), 4 x 0.25 mi repeats w/ 0.25 recovery in between (7:47, 7:51, 7:54, 7:53), 1 mile CD (7:59).
I was completely gassed at boxing. Also Ben forgot to bring me a change of clothes so I had to workout in my sweaty, long-sleeve shirt and tights - I usually wear a tank to boxing because I get so hot and it's easier to move around in - and I just felt off the whole time. 

Friday 2/26: 25 minutes yoga | Reviving my yoga practice for the 23479129835th time, moreso for my mind and soul than my body, starting with a 25-minute restorative class.

Saturday 2/27: 60 minutes spin + 20 minutes yoga | I just couldn't get motivated to go out for a long run today. Ugh, I'm the worst, there is no reason I couldn't have gone today and several reasons tomorrow will be tough. Fingers crossed. 
I finally conceded that I wasn't going to run today around 9:30 - 2 hours after I had planned to get out the door - so I decided to spin instead, and found a live Peloton class with Nicole that was starting at 10:30. It was the first hour-long class I've done and it was tough but it wasn't too bad (my IRL spin classes have always been an hour so I should be used to it...). It was nice doing the live class and knowing that there were hundreds of other crazies set up in their living room just like me! I'm pretty good about making time for the pre-recorded classes but I do like the accountability factor that comes from joining a live class, so I'm a little more motivated to check the schedule this week and see if I can squeeze in another live ride.

Sunday 2/28: 15 mile run @ 9:33 + 25 minutes yoga | In some ways this was better than last week's 20 miler (namely the fact that I didn't have to run twenty miles) but in other ways it was worse. When I headed out I was immediately surprised at how good I felt, and my pace kept surprising me for the first (consistent, sub-9) 10 miles, but at the same time it felt like this run took for.ev.errr. I usually do 2 ~7-8 mile loops but today I kind of made my route up as I went and decided to hop on the Huckleberry trail after 6 miles so I could extend how far out I went and only end up doing one big loop. I haven't been on the trail in a long time (Alyssa and I were supposed to run on it 2 weeks ago...) so that was kind of fun. My stomach had been feeling a little funny all day and as I was approaching the last mile of the trail I suddenly had to go the bathroom, bad. Miles 10 to 11 were more of a walk-run to get to the vicinity of a bathroom, then there was another quarter mile or so of walking around trying to find an open door that would lead to a bathroom, then of course the time I spent in the bathroom --> heyyyy 16:29 mile 12! I think I may have finally (re-)learned my lesson about drinking the day before runs. When I got back going again I attempted to try the last 3 miles at goal half marathon pace (8:15) but that lasted all of about 2 minutes and I vowed to just do what I needed to do to get home. The last few miles did get better (9:23, 9:09, 8:40) but nowhere near goal pace. Oh and my hips were hurting pretty bad, I'm sure from all the hills, but that's not exactly what one wants right after they've graduated from physical therapy. More warming up and foam rolling and stretching are definitely in my future!

I realized today that I've gotten a lot stronger running hills, and while I might not end up as prepared for Big Sur as I need to be, just having the confidence to tackle them at all is a major accomplishment for me. I used to only have one hilly route and the rest were "flat" routes (as flat as you can get on a mountain - not to be confused with actually flat like at the beach). Now I have a few different hilly routes and I rarely ever run the flat route (also because I run in the dark a lot and the hilly one feels safer to me). Last year when I was marathon training I would do like 3 loops of the "flat" route on long runs just to avoid the hills, which was fine at the time because Shamrock is a flat marathon. I'm still ridiculously nervous for Big Sur and just picturing myself being super unprepared and walking up all the hills, but in general I do feel a lot stronger both mentally and physically on hills (as long as they're not too big!).


  1. Another great week! You're going to rock these races!

  2. Sorry you had some stomach issues on your long run. I've been there before and I know it can completely derail a good run.

    Great week!

  3. You got some serious running in this week! Question - will you taper down any before your half marathon? Or just treat it like a regular training run for your marathon?

  4. yay for a live class! that's awesome. i can definitely see it being good for accountability.. like any class, really. like.. will i do weights for an hour on my own? probably not.. but i can in body pump haha. coffee - or anything besides water - on a bike freaks me out a bit lol.
    sunday sounds pretty horrible, i'm sorry :( i think you sound pretty confident about the hills though and i'm sure you'll be fine and not walking up all of them at all.
    lol @ ben forgetting your clothes. were you really mad? one time, it was a snow day so KC drove me and when he picked me up we went to the gym. it wasn't planned so he had to grab me clothes, and i told him capris. he asked what they were and i said they were not full length.. i only had one pair of capris at the time that were all black, so i said the black pants that are not full length, have absolutely nothing else on them.. figured it would be easy, right? he brought me pajama pants. that was fun.

  5. Great work on the hills, lady! Fun fact, my mom ran the Big Sur when we lived out in Cali when I was 5. She still runs 3-5 miles everyday. Me, I just lift ;)!

  6. Well the good news is that Big Sur isn't about time goals, but about celebrating your journey as a runner. You'll be amazing. Just like you are in every endeavor you set out on!
    After reading this I just feel the need to remind you... I'm dead serious about Skype yoga :)