Training For Tuesday: IMNC Training - 8 Months Out

Still no swimming...I'll get back to it eventually. I have a lunchtime window when I could do a couple 30-minute swims during the week, so I'm thinking about starting that up at some point. I know I just need to get it over with. No promises though!

I've been a little lax on the bike this month but I think I'm starting to get my groove back. I've struggled to stick with it both because I've been sore from upping mileage and from boxing, and because I've just been busy. I'm still riding indoors on the trainer and still loving Peloton (favorite classes this month were Grease and ). I found a new instructor I like so that has increased my options for classes. I'm still sticking to the 45-minute rides since that's how long 90% of the classes are, but there are some 60-90 minute rides I want to try out sooner rather than later to start building my endurance back up.

Overall this month was great for running. I've upped my mileage to 30+ per week for the first time in a year. Last month I was still struggling to break through the half marathon barrier, and this month I've run at least a half marathon every weekend! I've run 13.1 twice (and managed a PR!), 15, 17, and 20.
Other notable things this month:
  • I had my first of what I imagine will end up being many, many meltdowns this month. It somehow got harder instead of easier to adjust to my new schedule, and on the third Wednesday when I had to do a 7-8 miler after I got home, I just lost it. I was already in a bad mood and anticipating my run on the way home was just making it worse, and as soon I got in the door I just broke down. I cried, I threw my shoes across the room, and I collapsed onto the couch. Ben was there to witness all of this so after a few minutes he gave me a little bit of food to quiet my growling stomach and then volunteered to get me started with a couple miles.
  • Two small but very important pieces of IMNC news: 
    • There will be PJ pants! B2B had a tradition of giving out pajama pants at the finish line (best finisher's item ever - I'm actually wearing mine as I type this), and people were worried that Ironman wouldn't continue it and would just give out their standard t-shirt or whatever. But this month they said there will be pajama pants and all rejoiced!
    • Mike Reilly (a.k.a. "The Voice of Ironman") posted his schedule last week and IMNC is on it! Mike Reilly is the head/official Ironman announcer - he's the one who yells, "YOU ARE AN IRONMAN" over the PA system as you cross the finish line. Getting to hear those four words may have been the thing that pushed me to sign up when Ironman bought B2B. It's that big of a deal. But I didn't realize until after I registered that he doesn't announce at every event (since there are so many of them) and with IMNC being so close to Kona (which is obviously on his calendar every year), and there being a few others around that time as well, I wasn't sure if NC was going to make the cut. I don't know if they'd have another announcer telling me I'm an Ironman or if I'd just have to get Ben to stand at the finish line with a megaphone, but now I don't have to find out!
  • I graduated from physical therapy! Yesterday, exactly 8 months out from race day, was my last appointment. My goal was to make it back up to 30-35 miles per week without pain, and I've met that goal. Not only has my hip greatly improved over the last 2.5 months, but I have a lot more tools now to make sure I don't injure it again and, if I do, to treat it. I'm nervous about not going to physical therapy anymore but I know I can always go back if I need to. The pain isn't 100% gone and I'm not really sure it ever will be since my therapist thinks I tore some of the small connective tissue. But at this point it's like 90-95% gone and really only bothers me for a few minutes after a run, and never enough that I feel like I can't or shouldn't run.



  1. Congratulations on finishing your PT, Tracy! That is a huge accomplishment and definitely a step in the right direction for Ironman training. I'm new to your blog--will this be your first Ironman?

    PJ pants sounds like the best race swag ever! I'm jealous that none of my races have them.

  2. Woohoo for finishing PT, that is awesome. PJ pants for swag, yes pleeeeeeeeeeeease!

    I've been there with work outs before. When I meet my husband at the gym I tell him I'm either gonna get better with endorphin or be a mess so you can work out alone if you want. He usually finds a way to get me smiling and working out, but I've left the gym in a huff once or twice just because FEMALE!

  3. Yay for no hip pain! Or, minimal at least. And the meltdown? Oh man, I feel ya.

  4. I think I got your hip pain :( But it's okay because if you can get over it, so can I ! I wish PJ pants were a thing for all races because it's like "You're done ! Here...take a nap." Also, let me know if you'd like some company/extra cheerleaders this year. Raleigh isn't that far and I'm dying for an excuse to make Team Tracy t-shirts :)

  5. yay to all the things! yay for that announcer (i'm sure ben / alyssa would have done the megaphone thing regardless but still) and yay for graduating PT and yay for running a half marathon every weekend (holy moly) but most importantly: PJ PANTS? i think i need to do an ironman.

  6. Instructors can make a big difference in classes for sure. PJ pants at the finish line?! I am sure one of the things at the top of list, after finishing, is to relax and how better than in some cozy PJs!

  7. I just want to point out that you have at least 3 huge (by most standards!) races lined up before Ironman, and I can't decide if it's awesome or terrifying that you're treating it all as IM training.

    Proud of you beyond words for all your amazing running accomplishments this month. Now that's how you start strong for an Iron Year! (Ignoring the first bullet point about meltdowns, because would marathon training even be marathon training without a meltdown? I think not.)

    PJ PANTS! YES! Seriously, I'm mostly running Richmond for the blanket so I don't blame you one bit for being excited about the PJ pants. And YAY for Mike Reilly! I can't even imagine how you'd feel if someone else were announcing your name + those 4 words, so this makes me really happy. (And I'll be there to hear it too! WOOO!)

    And I'm so, so happy physical therapy helped get you back to the place you wanted to be and really helped you get to a better, stronger body. No stopping you now ;)

  8. I'm so glad physical therapy helped so much and you're back to being pain free (for the most part)! PJ pants sound awesome and so exciting to get the official announcer at your race!