Sunday Sweats 2016 - Vol. 10

Monday 2/29: 5 mile run @ 8:51 + 9 minutes yoga | Man, I don't think I have ever gotten this early of a start on a new week of workouts! I got into DC last night for an interview and planned to get up early this morning to run before I had to go into the office. I slept a little later than planned and thought my morning run dream was over, but I knew I'd be at my best for the interview if I was able to get in some run, any run. I got out at 7:30 and was out the door by 7:45. I had to cut the National Mall out of my plans, but I had time for 5 miles to the White House, Washington Monument, and Lincoln Memorial! I recognized a lot of the Rock n Roll DC half marathon course, and I'm excited to go back and run near some of the same sights at Cherry Blossom next month (finally, it's next month!)
Tuesday 3/1: 35 minutes yoga  | We've now been going to boxing for 4 weeks so it was time for our fitness evaluation, which was a minute of pushups, sit-ups, and bodyweight squats and three minutes of jump rope. We both increased the number of reps we were able to do in each, and I made it onto the leaderboard for jump rope (3rd highest number of reps in a 3-minute session) so that was cool! I was going to do a Peloton class later, but today was a weird day - in the best way - and working out just wasn't at the top of the priority list. I did make sure to at least continue my yoga streak - a gratitude practice was the perfect way to end the day.

Wednesday 3/2: 45 minutes spin + 9 minutes yoga  | Today was another weird day - in an even better way than yesterday - so my schedule for this week has officially gotten all jumbled up. My scheduled 9-mile run didn't happen, but I promised myself I'd at least make it through spin. I did Nicole's Old School Hip Hop class (except King Kunta was definitely in there, apparently 2015 is old school already?) from this morning. It was 9:30pm by the time I made it on the bike and my legs felt so heavy the first few minutes, but I'm glad I stuck it out.

Thursday 3/3: 60 minutes boxing + 5.3 mile run @ 8:43 | Boxing was meh today. But one thing that happened is our trainer chose us for the gym's "Friday Showcase" on Facebook and took our picture and wrote the nicest little blurb about us!

I ran home from boxing and it was weird but great! I felt surprisingly okay and normal, physically, after having just been at boxing for an hour, and even better, mentally I felt like...myself. I know I keep saying it, but it's been a weird week in a lot of ways and everything is all jumbled up (mostly in a good way), but for these 45 minutes (which were the only ones, outside of boxing, from 9am-midnight that I wasn't working) I just felt like *me*. I had intervals on the schedule but it started snowing/sleeting during boxing and continued the whole time I was running home, and the sidewalks felt like they were getting slippery so I didn't want to chance it.

Friday 3/4: 9 mile run @ 8:21 | So. I had on my plan to do the hilly route, but I didn't want to do that. But I didn't want to do a tempo run (2 miles WU, 5 miles @ goal half marathon pace, 2 miles CD) on the flatter route either. So I compromised: 5 mile flat(ish) route, 4 mile hilly route, tempo miles optional. It cold and blustery and I hemmed and hawed and texted Alyssa for motivation and then I finally made it out the door. I told myself no tempo, just easy pace...then somehow I found myself running my first warmup mile at 8:38 and the second one at 8:12 (which is my tempo pace - oops) so I was like well, as long as it doesn't feel too bad I guess I'll go with it and tried not to think about it too hard. The next few miles were 8:03, 7:51, 8:07, then I was done with 4 out of the at least 5 tempo miles I told myself I'd run, but I had an uphill mile coming up so I slowed down and walked a minute to catch my breath and honestly kind of wanted to just be done since I had just passed my apartment, but I kept moving. After that 9:21 uphill mile I vowed to run at least one more tempo mile, and two more if I two miles were 7:58 and 8:16! Finally I coasted to the end at 8:35. I really didn't think I was going to get those miles done but I felt so accomplished once I was done.

Saturday 3/5: 28.4 mile bike ride @ 17.1mph (trainer) + 30 minutes PT & yoga | Straight riding on the trainer is not the same thing as spin, just so we're clear. I just realized that I'm supposed to be doing a century (that's one HUNDRED miles) in mid-May and haven't ridden more than 15-25 miles in the last 5 months so...I had to start somewhere. Planned for 90 minutes on the trainer, which was about how much time I had left in my book (Room). At the beginning I thought I'd never make it through 90 minutes, but by the end I still wasn't done reading so I tacked on an extra 10 minutes until I finished the book. Overall it kind of sucked (the ride, not the book) and I was disappointed that I wasn't faster, but it's a start.
I have already fallen off the physical therapy train. Since I'm not going to appointments anymore I told myself I'd just do it at home during the same time slot when I usually go on Mondays, but this Monday was all crazy because of being out of town for my interview, and I never actually got to PT during the week. So I made it my goal today to do something productive in that area so I did ~15 minutes worth of PT and ~15 minutes worth of yoga. Good enough?

Sunday 3/6: 7.6 mile run @ 9:06 + 60 minutes yoga | Only made it through 45% of my planned 17 miles (which I had secretly hoped to push to 18). I took a gamble today by reversing my run-first-road-trip-later plan, and I ended up losing. Conditions were perfect (aside from some tummy issues - seriously, what is up with that?) and on paper I had no reasons to bail on this. But I did, and I hate it, but it's done, and I can't take it back.

- I may have not really had a long run this week, but I did run 27 miles this week. And that may only be 75% of my projected total but it's also not zero.
- My only solace is that I biked farther yesterday than I have in quite a while!
- I should consider joining some kind of running group when I move to DC (OH HAI I'M MOVING TO DC!!!). Just like I've apparently lost my motivation to strength train on my own, I seem to have lost the ability to get through long runs. My long runs really started going downhill with my 20-miler 3 weeks ago. The only reason I made it through that one was because it was with people, and I've struggled big time on the two myself since then.
- A long run next weekend (at least 10 miles, up to 17 depending on how much I want to redeem myself from this weekend), an 18-miler, and a 20-miler are all I have left to do on my own before Big Sur. I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

Ugh. A GREAT week for me personally but not so much in terms of workouts. Tomorrow is a new day!


  1. I don't think you've lost the ability to do long runs on your own, sometimes our motivation is just down. It'll pick back up!

    Also, we just watched Room this weekend. The movie was really good! I should have read the book first, but I just didn't have time in my to-read list to get it in before seeing the movie. Also, I'm not sure I could handle the emotion in the book. The movie is a little more removed in that aspect.

  2. Girl, that's still a great week workout wise! 27 miles is awesome.

  3. I'm sooo impressed with the amazing progress you guys both made in just 4 weeks with boxing! That's so awesome and such a nice write up :) I love your pictures of your run in DC and I am dying of excitement that you guys are moving here!!

  4. Yeahhh you are moving to DC - have written a note to email you some of the clubs in the area :) Can't believe Big Sur is almost here!

  5. Great week, Tracy! I would love to do boxing sometime. You both have done so good in 4 weeks. You can totally do those long runs, girl!!

  6. OMG how is Shamrock so close!? And how is Cherry Blossom so close!? I can't wait! And I'm SO jealous of your beautiful DC running views...but I guess within a few months I can just hop on a train and we can enjoy those views together right ? <3
    OMG, what a nice write-up and how cool that they featured you! 30 pushups in a minute!? Damn girl! Proud of you for kicking ass at yet ANOTHER thing you tried your hand at. (I'd be proud of Ben too, but he's just a natural at everything/can do literally anything with just a little training, right!? :P)
    Really proud of you for getting it done Friday. I wasn't very motivational haha but you clearly killed it anyway.
    Sorry about Sunday. And I know how you feel about losing that long run mojo... well, not exactly, because my long runs these days are walks around the block compared to yours. But that mental threshold, I get it. For me I just need one good "no excuses, I'm doing it, demand more, what would Tracy do" run to usually break through, but sometimes you need more. I know you can do it, but I also know that you're doing PLENTY already. So this was a weird week, and that's okay. We're in a new one now, so let go of the missed miles and let's start chasing down the next ones, yeah?

  7. OH HAI I'M MOVING TO DC!!! lol. yay!
    oh no, that means no more boxing?! sad. but how awesome is that little write up though, you are both such badasses! 30 push ups a minute?! damn girl DAMN.