Sunday Sweats 2016 - Vol. 11

Monday 3/7: 5 mile run @ 8:48 | Back to basics today. Left the headphones at home, which I haven't done much recently so the thought stream went something like this: Did I gain 10 pounds overnight? I feel like a lead I've made it like ten steps from the house, go me! Oh I bet by now that's like 10 more!...can I be done yet? It's only been a minute but my legs are SO HEAVY. Maybe I should just do this tomorrow instead. Rest day, here I come! No don't quit yet, give it 10 minutes...why does this feel so hard? This should not feel this hard...oh yay, a mile finally! Should I just take this turn and go back home and be done in like five minutes? Ugh, no, keep going...ugh that creep just honked at me...okay it's been a mile and a half, I'm almost to the intersection where I'm going to turn...okay just stop and wait for the cars to go before you cross the street because these crazies will probably hit you...ok made it to the turn! Like 8 more minutes till you get to turn around...oh this headwind sucks, how many more minutes to the turnaround? 7.5?!...another honk, nice...your form sucks right now and this feels bad but just keep moving...and the second half was pretty much the same but without the wind.

Tuesday 3/8: 20 minutes PT + 1 hour spin class | I have turned into a spin class snob. It's true. Even though I've only taken one Peloton class IRL (but like 50 streaming), it has totally spoiled me. I went with my dad to a class at his gym and there was nothing really wrong with it, it's just night and day compared to the experience at a legit spin studio. It's like going to yoga at the Y vs. a studio. The class was pretty full and the instructor was fine (I went to her class when I was home over Thanksgiving too), I just found her a little unorganized - she started 5 minutes late, she fiddled with her iPod a lot (and even lost a song that we were supposed to do at the end so we just sat there pedaling for like 2 minutes while she looked for it and then ultimately picked a different song), the sequencing of the class was boring (the main part of the class was just 2 sections - 8 1-minute sprints in the saddle following by 10 30-second sprints out of the saddle - so there wasn't a lot of variety), and other than telling us what to do I didn't really feel like she talked to us a lot. I mean, not never, but not constantly like the Peloton instructors (but I can see how some people might be like, shut up and just let me ride, so that's fine). The playlist thing is the only one that actually does bother me because 1) how hard is it to put some songs together beforehand and choreograph the class to it? I feel like I could do a decent job at that and I don't have the first clue about teaching spin, and 2) music is really the only thing that motivates me on a bike that isn't moving, so I hate when it's an afterthought and not the focus of the class. I'm really not trying to rag on this lady, I promise! It's not just her, these seem to be universal things I've noticed in spin classes I've taken at the gym. Rant over.

Wednesday 3/9: 8.1 mile run @ 8:44 | I want to forget this ever happened. I mean, 8 miles isn't nothing, but it didn't go well at all. I told myself it was my last hard workout to do before Shamrock, and I needed it to go well to get my confidence up. I was planning to do 8 miles with 6 at goal half marathon pace (8:15)...what I actually did: WU @ 8:42, tempo miles @ 8:03, 10:47 (went to the bathroom and left watch running), 7:54 (not sure why this was so fast but I stopped - watch included -in the middle of this one just to be like ughhhh life sucks and I hate this so I don't think it count), 8:05, 9:15 (a couple more walk breaks and wondering why I didn't bring any water when it was over 70* out), 8:45 (gave up on tempo at that point), CD @ 8:22. Please someone explain to me how I nailed this exact same run, actually a mile longer, on hills less than a week ago and totally fell apart today?

Thursday 3/10: 17 mile bike ride @ 15.2mph + 4 mile run @ 8:31 | My first real brick of the season/year! I've done one bike-run so far but I did the ride on the trainer so I don't feel like it counts.  This one was 100% outside and it felt SO. GOOD. It was a windy day and none of us have ridden much lately, so we just kind of putzed around for a while and talked and socialized a bit. We rode out of a middle school so afterward we used their track for a run. I've run on a track exactly 2 times before this: one time intending to do 4 or 5 miles with a friend on a 100+ degree summer day, when I made it a whole mile and a half before nope-ing right out of there, and another time for speedwork with a group from my run store. I think I ended up doing a few miles on the track that day, total, but we took breaks in between laps so it wasn't continuous. So anyway, I thought I might die from boredom having to run 16 laps in a row with no headphones, and at first it was super boring, but every lap got a little easier. I was supposed to take it easy today, and I tried, I promise I did, but it ended up being my fastest run of the week. Maybe I just wanted to get it over with? There were a lot of people out walking and running on the track, and some soccer practices on the field so there were lots of distractions and that helped.

Friday 3/11: Rest

Saturday 3/12: 11.5 mile run @ 9:01 | Another day, another long run cut short. At least this one wasn't as disastrous as last week. And even though I didn't finish all my miles, they felt much better than last week's. I got tired a couple times but was able to talk myself out of it (huge for me right now), and I never had to stop for the bathroom. I ran out of water at 7.6, and I really needed some in the 85% humidity that I was already struggling with. So I ran back home to get some and decided to just stop when I got there, at 11.5 miles in. Had 17 planned but that felt like enough - I was too scared to keep going and end up a miserable mess like last week. I figured I'd just quit while I was slightly ahead and rest these tired legs for next week. And on the bright side, this one was only 5.5 miles shorter than planned as opposed to last week's 9.5 miles shorter than planned. That's something, right? I just don't feel like marathon training right now. I'm not sure why that is or what to do about it, but it is what it is right now. Maybe I'll be able to focus on it once Shamrock is over. Hopefully Shamrock is what I need to build my confidence back up.

Sunday 3/13: Rest | I was going to run another 5.5 miles today to make up for what I didn't do yesterday (not that it would really make it up, but you know), but I went to a concert last night and drank WAY too much. No matter how old the band playing makes me feel, I am not 18 anymore. And then we drove 5 hours home and I should have done yoga or something but I had a pretty crappy weekend and a long week away from home and I just wanted to sit on my couch tbh.

  • I never thought I'd say this but I miss hills. It's actually hard, in a different way, running where it's pancake flat and never getting that break to let gravity do its thing. I also think the hills are kind of weirdly entertaining and can help mentally break up a run.
  • I was out of town all week (Sunday-Sunday) and it really threw me off. On one hand it was great to be able to do some of my workouts with my dad and friends, but on the other it was weird to be out of my normal routine. 
  • My confidence really reached a new low this week. The last couple weeks of training have not gone well at all and I just don't even know who I am anymore. I quit at the drop of a hat. I can't convince myself to get through these long runs no matter what I do, and I hate it.
  • I'm pretty sure my Shamrock PR dreams are dead. Good thing I got that PR last month. At this point I'm just hoping to enjoy the race, whatever that ends up meaning.
  • On the bright side, I did adjust some of my eating and drinking habits this week and maybe it's just psychosomatic, but I noticed a difference. I felt lighter (I even think I dropped the tiniest bit of weight - probably just bloating) and my stomach felt better. Figuring out what to eat before my long runs is still a work in progress, but this week I had apple slices with cinnamon and black coffee (yes I drank black coffee! Two days in a row!) and I felt decent. Then of course I completely undid all the good stuff by eating and drinking everything that was put in front of me on Saturday night, but you know. Back on track this week so that hopefully eating more good stuff means a better Shamrock next week.

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