Sunday Sweats 2016 - Vol. 12

Monday 3/14: 60 minutes boxing + 45 minutes spin  | Our trainer had a certification class to go to during our normal Tuesday time slot, so we had to go a few hours earlier on Monday instead. It was weird working out in the middle of the day but after it was over I felt good about getting Monday started off on a good note. I did a Jess spin class later in the evening which was meh tbh.

Tuesday 3/15: 4.4 mile run @ 8:12 | This was one of those runs that I just needed, for so many reasons. I was stuck inside working all day, beating my head against the wall over a problem I just can't figure out, and I needed a run break. I didn't mean to run that fast but it happened and it felt great.

Wednesday 3/16: Unplanned Rest Day | Still working on this huge project (and everything's still going wrong) and although I would have loved to get in a few miles of sunshine, I was stuck inside literally all day. I walked across campus to grab a sandwich and sat down outside for about five minutes to eat lunch, and for dinner Ben met me outside the building with a pizza that we shared in the car before I had to go back to work. I wish I were joking. The only thing that got even a little bit of a workout today was my Snapchat.

Thursday 3/17: 65 minutes boxing + 5 mile run @ 8:35 | I got 4.5 hours of sleep last night and was able to take a quick nap before boxing (after I considered not even going at all), but I still felt dead tired when we got there. After a few minutes of sweating I finally started to feel decently normal and by the end I felt great - even if my arms felt like they might actually fall off. We had an intense upper body workout today!

I brought my stuff to run home from the gym because I was so afraid that if I went home first I wouldn't make it back out the door! I just focused on taking it easy and enjoying the nice weather. It felt like I was running a lot slower than normal, but I'm sure the perfect weather (aside from the wind gusts) made it feel a lot easier! I really wasn't in the mood to do either of these workouts before I got started, but I knew that getting them done would help me feel better and like myself again.

Friday 3/18: 12 mile bike @ 15mph + 3.5 mile run @ 8:38 | I didn't really feel like riding outside, but it was a nice day and I didn't really feel like streaming a spin class either, so outside I went. The hills weren't as bad as I remembered them being last season (maybe spin class is paying off), and I have accepted that they make me slow and that that's okay. Since I missed a workout on Wednesday I made this into a brick, so after I got in from my short ride, I went back out for a short last run before Shamrock. My foot had started hurting after my run the night before, and it bothered me as soon as I started running today. I almost went back in, but I gave it a few minutes and even though it wasn't 100%, it did get better. 

Saturday 3/19: 30 minutes yoga | Not that getting up 6am, driving 5 hours, and walking around the Shamrock for a couple hours was exactly restful, but you know. I did get in about 30 minutes of yoga before my 8pm Shamrock Eve bedtime.

Sunday 3/20: Shamrock Half Marathon @ 8:29 | Mentally, this was arguably my best Shamrock race ever.  Despite rain, 20mph sustained winds with 30mph gusts, and cold temperatures, I was present and engaged for all 111 minutes that I was out on the course. Physically is a completely different story. That foot pain that disappeared on Saturday and Sunday morning reappeared suddenly during mile 3 of the half and has not gone away since. I finished the race, maybe stupidly, but have been unable to put any weight on that foot or walk without limping since I crossed the finish line. I'm surprisingly not upset about it, but that could very well change after my doctors appointment later this afternoon. Full recap and future plans update to come.


  1. Can't wait to hear the Shamrock update! Hope that your foot is feeling better!

  2. I was thinking about you this weekend, way to rock it out. Lots of my friends were down there and I felt for y'all with this weather. Way to rock it out with everything going on and CUTE race picture too. Fingers crossed dr just says rest!

  3. Your Wednesday sounds SO long-- glad you got a couple of super mini breaks to eat at least & I hope your project is wrapping up well! Amazing job at Shamrock despite the conditions & your foot! I hope it's feeling better-- excited for your full recap.

  4. Proud of you for rocking it at Shamrock! O course now that I've talked to you since then and I know what's going on with your foot...truthfully, while I would have told you you had every right to have the medics get you out of there had you tapped out early, I know you wouldn't have—just like I didn't tap out in the marathon. (On the one hand, what is wrong with us!? On the other... way to get it done!) I'm glad you felt good mentally if not physically the entire time. Although now that I think of it, I think rainy runs make me feel mentally more *there* too. Wonder what that's about?
    Can't wait for your update post.

  5. ohh no! i'm sorry your foot got worse. hope it feels better or the doctor was able to fix it? but i'm glad shamrock was mentally a great race. and i'm sorry about wednesday, hopefully you don't have one of those again any time soon.