Sunday Sweats 2016 - Vol. 13

Monday 3/21: Rest day | As I mentioned in my last Sunday Sweats and my Shamrock recap, my left foot is not doing so hot. Walking was painful and nearly impossible when I first woke up, so I called the doctor as soon as they opened. By the afternoon my foot was feeling much better than it had been in the previous 36 hours - walking was still a bit painful, but I felt the tiniest bit of improvement from how it had been feeling.

My doctor said that she really didn't think it's plantar fasciitis, but more likely a stress reaction or stress fracture. I know that a stress fracture isn't exactly good news, but I at least felt like I could handle an acute injury that just required rest better than a chronic injury like PF. From what I've heard in the past, PF seems to plague runners for long periods of time, even after they've initially recovered, and I really wasn't looking forward to that. While a stress fracture isn't ideal by any means, I don't think mine is quite to that stage yet and is more likely a stress reaction (if it hasn't improved in 2 weeks, I'll get an X-ray to confirm). I've had a stress reaction before (albeit in my shin, not my foot), so it's something I feel decently equipped to handle. The best news is that she said I could swim and bike, as long as it doesn't cause me pain or discomfort (I haven't ridden yet, but I did hop on the bike just to see what it feels like and so far, so good)! I have at least 2 weeks of no running ahead of me, but at least I can get a start on my Ironman training by getting back in the pool and continuing to cycle!

The bad race plans for the spring are scrapped. Like I said in my Shamrock recap, I made peace during the race with the fact that Big Sur would most likely be out, and after I saw the doctor, I made my decision. The next 2 weeks were supposed to be peak weeks for me with 18- and 20-milers, then my taper would start. I'm not even sure I'll be able to run at all once these 2 weeks are up, and I just don't see how I'm going to make it through 26.2 miles on a tough course in just over a month. And even if I did, what would that mean for Ironman? How far back would that potentially set me?

I'm weirdly not devastated by this and, in fact, as much as I hate to admit it, it may be exactly what I needed. I feel so guilty about letting down my friends and family who have already so generously donated to my Big Sur fundraiser, not to mention Children of Peru, who so graciously offered me a spot on their team and counted on me to support their campaign. So I do feel like I am letting a lot of people down, but ultimately, I feel like this is the right thing for me. I have really struggled with my running and marathon training over the last few months. It might be time to accept that deep down I am more of a triathlete than a true runner - more in my Training for Tuesday post this week (get the linkup details here).

Tuesday 3/22: Rest day | I decided to stay home and ice my foot today instead going to boxing. Although my foot felt way better than it did in the morning, I just didn't feel up for being on my feet that long.

Wednesday 3/23: Rest day | Today I woke up and was able to get out of bed fairly normally, without having to keep my foot flat and stiff as a board, which is a major improvement! Not that I'm even considering it, but I honestly feel like I could run today if I had to...slowly and not very far, but it would be physically possible to do so, which is the first time I've been able to say that (and really mean it) since Sunday. That gives me a lot of hope that this upward trend is going to continue!

Thursday 3/24: 60 minutes boxing | No improvement from yesterday, and maybe a slight regression. The pain has been dull the last couple of days, not sharp anymore. I'm able to walk pretty normally, but today my foot got achey after being on it for a bit. I was going to skip boxing again, but the last few days of sloth and gluttony were starting to catch up to me so I had to do something active. I did an upper body workout while Ben did lower body, that way I didn't have to move around or put weight on my foot. The boxing rounds went okay, although my foot did start to ache again which just made me really frustrated!

Friday 3/25: Rest day | More rest and ice. So many people have been out running this week and this being stuck inside thing is getting old. 

Saturday 3/26: Rest day | Ughhhhhhhh.

Sunday 3/27: Rest day | Okay, I wasn't freaking out, but now I'm freaking out. My foot isn't really getting worse, but it also hasn't really gotten any better the last few days. I still have almost 7 months until IMNC, so I still think I will at least make it to that (even though I'm not excited about not being able to run for a TBD amount of time), but I am not happy about having to bail on my spring races. I am kind of bummed about not getting to do Big Sur (which is definitely out) and majorly sad about not getting to run Cherry Blossom with my girls next weekend. I'll still be there to cheer them on and will pack my running clothes just in case, but I'm 99% sure it's going to be a no. I just want an answer about what is going on and how to fix it, other than just sitting around icing it, which is getting really old. I need to get out, I need to move! Maybe I'll feel better once I start swimming and, fingers crossed, cycling again this week. 


  1. I'm so sorry. I hope you figure out what's going on soon and get back on your feet <3

  2. Ugh, I hate this! I'm sorry you're dealing with an injury, but hopefully it's just a stress reaction. Fingers crossed for you!

  3. I can only imagine how hard it is for you to have so many rest days-- even when you know it's what you need right now. From your instagram it sounds like your swim went well today so hopefully that's a good sign for the foot :)

  4. I HATE that you're injured and have to skip Big Sur. I know you were pretty pumped about it.

    The half marathon I had started training for is this weekend, and it kills me. Since spraining my ankle, I haven't completed over a 2.5 mile run. It sucks SO BAD, so I can't even imagine what you're going through right now.. Hope it's nothing major and you heal up soon!

  5. You know how I feel about your Big Sur decision, but I'll say it again—I'm proud of you for giving yourself permission to do what feels right. And hey, wow, maybe triathlon IS your sport. Doesn't mean running wasn't or isn't significant in its own right to you, but when it comes to gutting it out and demanding more and digging deep and all that...maybe you're just more at home doing it on a triathlon course. And that's amazing in and of itself.

    (Also, you haven't let a single one of us down.)

    I'm so bummed you won't be running next to me at Cherry Blossom, mostly selfishly—you bring out the best runner in me, for sure. But I'd so much rather stand at transitions and that finishers chute at IMNC and scream my head off as you chase down your dream and cross that incredible threshold, so it is what it will be :)

  6. oh no :( i am so sorry about your foot, but yay for it not being PF. sounds like you made the right decision for big sur, and don't be upset or feel like you are letting anyone down - the money still goes the children of peru, so who are you letting down? i don't want my money back now that you aren't running, lol. i'm sorry you won't get to run it, but if it's what you need, then it's what you need. don't do something you feel like you 'should', thats a recipe for disaster right there. fingers & toes crossed that your foot heals super fast and you can get back to training and being a badass triathlete!

  7. Sorry to hear about your foot. Sounds like it was the right decision to make, and would not want to take the risk of re-injuring your foot that could potentially impact your B2B. Hoping for a smooth and speedy recovery.