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I love this month already! I smiled more in the first two days of March than I have in a long, long time. I can't even remember the last time I smiled from ear to ear, let alone was unable to wipe it from my face! After spending the last 6 months sending out resumes, attending career fairs, interviewing with different firms, being rejected, and spending the majority of the February panicking that my going back to school would have been in vain if/when I graduated in May with no job offer...I was officially offered my dream job yesterday! I've been talking to the company since October but just went into their DC office for an on-site interview on Monday morning. I was shocked to unofficially recieve the offer less than 24 hours later, and to get the official one less than 24 hours after that, but I'm over the moon. More details later! My first order of business was making sure VT is well-represented in my new office. Is maroon and orange the best color combo ever, or is that just a Hokie thing?

I know I've mostly been posting workout/training stuff recently (which will hopefully change now that I actually have something exciting going on - it's been a weird few months for me lately), but something I don't think I've really talked about...I'm loving working out with a personal trainer! Our boxing gym was just recently opened by our trainer and his wife (he trains, she does admin stuff) and it's small and awesome and we love it. I used to be really diligent about strength training/lifting weights either at home or at the gym a couple days a week, but I've fallen off over the last couple years, especially since I started half Ironman training last year and was stretched super thin to just get in swims, bikes, and runs. I know strength training is important and makes me a better, less injury-prone runner, but I just can't seem to motivate myself to do it on my own anymore. Our trainer is awesome and I love working out with him - he definitely pushes me and I work so much harder at the gym than I would at home.

This next thing is random, and sometimes I hate reading posts that include things people bought because all of a sudden I'm like omgIdidn'tknowthatexistedbutIneeditNOW even though I don't really need it now or, most likely, ever...but sometimes I do happen upon some things that are pretty cool and/or necessary. I used to bite my nails (still do sometimes if I'm being totally honest) so I've never really had nice nails. Not biting them has definitely helped, but I don't really take care of them or get manicures or anything so they're fairly weak when I do grow them out. Last week I picked up this Nail Tek nail recovery kit at Ulta, and as I was picking it up my brain was yelling that it would probably be a waste of 20 bucks, but I was in a bad mood and didn't care so to the register I went. I was pleasantly surprised that the before and after transformation pictured on the box actually happened in real life! I also picked up this bottle of OPI drying drops because my top coats always get thick and gummy and bubbly, plus I suck at applying things with brushes and it's hard enough to get the polish itself to not look like a kindergartener painted my nails, so the fewer steps I have to do with brushes, the better. Also I appreciate that the "dry in 60 seconds" claim is actually true because the biggest reason I don't do my nails is ain't nobody got time to sit around and let them dry.

And in an update to my very serious capsule wardrobe saga, I've attempted to rectify that situation by adding some color to my life!

(the top right is navy. Navy is blue. Blue is a color.)

I'm still pretty sure I'm a neutrals girl at heart, and I'm really weirdly particular about which colors I'll wear, but these all made the cut. Also I have decided to accept the fact that my style is basically "whatever cardigans J. Crew Factory has on sale." And that sometimes I just want new clothes (I didn't feel too bad about these since I knew I'd need some cardis for the job that, at the time, was still just theoretical but that's not the point). We'll see what these revelations mean for my capsule wardrobe-ing but right now it's just not something I want or have time to care about.

Apologies for the hodge podge (say that five times fast), but as you may have noticed, I've lost my blogging mojo. I know it's my space to do as I please, and I like using it as a training log for my own sake, but I miss the days when I felt like I had something meaningful and/or interesting to write on these pages!

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  1. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE yay for the job. Love love love all your pretty new outfits. Cheers to a trainer, sometimes we just need that extra kick in the rear to get after it. And it's so much fun having someone plan the workout and tell you what to do. that's why I love bodypump so much!

  2. excellent things happening on the job front! i love the colours you chose. i'm the same way - lots of neutrals (and blacks) but with a pop of jeweled tones.

  3. i want you to know that i actually tried to say hodge podge 5 times (out loud, sitting at my desk) and laughed at myself (also very loudly).
    i am SOOOOOOOOOOO happy for you. SOHAPPY.
    also, checking out that nail stuff because my nails are a joke. i used to bite them too, i don't really that much anymore because they normally break before i get a chance.
    maroon and orange.. not my style but you gotta represent! cute purchases :) i am not shopping this month so i DON'T need any new cardigans. i don't i don't i don't.
    thanks for linking up with us and CONGRATS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Congratulations on your job offer! That's the best feeling, isn't it? I love the sweater purchases - everyone needs a little bit of color in their wardrobe. Even if it is maroon and orange :) I can support the orange, but probably not the maroon with it!

  5. YAY! CONGRATULATIONS ON THE JOB! And funny enough, I've had SO MANY people ask me if I'm a Hokie because I just love maroon and orange together so much. I've ALWAYS loved that combo, and I got confused for a while because I couldn't figure out why people kept making comments about VT to me. I knew they were VT colors, but I just forget sometimes, ya know? So, I stand with you in spirit, even though I will forever be a UT fan. ;)

  6. Congratulations! The job news is very exciting. Best of luck!

  7. Dream job ... check! GO GIRL!
    I love orange mixed with everything pretty much. Its an underrated color
    I think its smart to be a neutral girl & just add those pops of color - makes the wardrobe go further.

  8. CONGRATS on the job girl! A DREAM JOB at that?!?! :) SO SOOOOO happy for you!! It's funny I would never think maroon and orange looked good together but I love all those clothing items you have in the pic. I just love orange mainly though I think ;)

  9. This is such a great monthly update! So happy that you shared it in our linkup :) Congratulations on all the happy life changes and keep on smiling girl! Happy March!

  10. I am so, so, SO happy and thrilled and excited and just so RELIEVED for you. I know this experience has been a long and trying one and I'm so happy to hear it's landed you in this wonderful place. I also love how you're representing Tech, such cute clothes!

    I completely gave up the dream that I'd be able to keep myself dedicated to any sort of strength routine at home on my own. Thank god for intense body weight training through yoga, right!? I'm glad your boxing trainer is adding just want you need to your workout regime.

    Dry in 60 seconds, you say? I need this. I do my nails enough (or would like to, at least) that the amount of time I spend waiting for them to dry adds up to, probably, a lot of time that could be better spent on pretty much anything else.

    I love all those pops of color. The older I get the more I gravitate toward loudness in my wardrobe picks. It just feels good sometimes to be extra present, I think. Does that make any sense? When I was in the office I was a cardigan addict. It was seriously part of my wardrobe just about every day. I could get away with wearing a $4 ON tank top every day if I just threw one of my 15 different cardigans over it and I was set ;)

  11. That is so exciting about the job!!!! CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to have to go out and get those drying drops because you said it, no one has time to sit around and wait for them to dry! That is the only reason I rarely ever have my nails painted. I need my hands and cant sit for like an hour! Because with all those coats, it takes that long! Navy is totally a color!

  12. Hahaha my closet is all neutrals- blacks/browns/khakis/grays. I think I own one pink cardigan- it's so sad! Though I will say that my spring/summer wardrobes have a little more color in them. Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS on the new job!!! Can't wait to hear more about it!

  13. That is so exciting about the job! Congratulations!!!

  14. Congrats on the job!!!!! Is it in DC?!?!?!?! :D Can't wait to hear more about it! I have been slacking on my capsule wardrobe…I just bought two shirts that were the same but different colors last week whoops…time to get back to it for spring! And really, I just want an excuse to look at jcrew's sales :P

  15. Congratulations!! When you posted your morning run shot of DC I was wondering what you were here for :) Love the blue cardi on the bottom right, will need to check out J. Crew.

  16. wooo! Congrats on the job offer, lady! That is exciting!

  17. Yay, high fives and all the hoorays for your job !! I want to hear all about it :)

    Also, kudos to you for putting color in your wardrobe. Anytime I've seen you you always seem to have awesome color combos and patterns ! If I have anything besides black, grey, or a specific shade of blue, it never gets worn. And when I actively try to add color, I feel like a fraud lol.

    And I NEVER do my nails anymore because after spending all the time making them look good, I have zero patience to wait for them to dry. I will check out these drying drops you speak of. Although it will probably just mean my nails will be black now too :P

  18. Congratulations on the dream job! Knowing you have a job waiting for you when you graduate must be such a relief!

  19. The first paragraph literally made me tear up- I am sooo happy for you! And does this mean more trips to the DC office??! I'm also glad to hear you like working with a personal trainer- I would love to try, but am also way too nervous/feel embarrassed for some weird reason. The more you paint your nails the better you'll get-- keeping polish on my nails is the only way I can keep them "long" too-- though long for me is just short for most people, haha.

  20. Your dream job!!!!!!!! Congratulations, friend!
    My husband just scheduled his defense. It's a scary/exciting time. He's been interviewing... But man! Tough crowd in the engineering field these days. 😬 We've widened our net to the continental US. Surely something will come up. Surely. Right?
    I literally laughed out loud when you were talking about being in a bad mood so you didn't care that you were buying that $20 nail repair stuff. I do the same thing. In fact, I did that just last week. I was like, "screw it! I'm buying something totally not necessary."
    I love the color you added to your capsule!

  21. DC is my favorite city in America!! Are you going to be working at that office, if so I'm so jealous of you right now!
    I recently started weight training again and I'm enjoying it for the most part. Lifting weights makes me feel strong is a way that running just doesnt.
    Painting nails is hard, I have that drop stuff too and its a total game changer!


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