Friday Letters of Gratitude

Dear foot, thanks for feeling a tiny bit better this week. You had some ups and downs but ended on a net positive, and slow progress is still progress.

Dear Alyssa, thanks for holding down the T4T fort this week while I was stuck in school jail.

Dear pool, thanks for finally opening after being closed for a few days for emergency maintenance. I hope going beast mode on my swim on Wednesday made up for the time apart.

Dear dad, thanks for making me feel better about choosing (I use that term very loosely) work over training this week. And for promising not to leave my ass on the side of the road halfway through our 100-miler in a few weeks that you've trained for and I haven't.

Dear Peloton (specifically Nicole and Jess), thank for for existing and for being the best motivators I know (even if I only know you virtually). I've had a rough couple weeks and had spent more time away from my bike than I'd like to, but that #betterlate ride on Tuesday night was just what I needed.

Dear Nox, thanks for upping your cat game in the last two weeks. I'm sure that doing the cuddling and playing of two cats isn't easy, but you are handling it like a champ.

Dear Bane, thanks for having the cutest, sweetest puppy face in the world today. You brighten the end of every day, no matter how late it is when I finally get home.

Dear Ben, thanks for everything, always. You are the smell before rain. You are the blood in my veins.

Dear new bike, you are a beauty and I can't wait to go on adventures together. Because of you I will be poor for a while until my signing bonus comes in, but I've wanted you for a long time and you were too good of a deal to pass up.

Dear rock bottom, thanks for showing up this week. No, I mean it. The last few weeks have been an ugly downward spiral and waking up on Tuesday seriously unsure if I could get out bed - a feeling I haven't had in many years and (maybe naively) hoped last to never have again - was actually the best thing that happened to me all week. Getting to the lowest point also meant getting on the upswing, and for that I am grateful.

Dear Mother Nature, thanks for the bomb ass weather this week. I feel like you've done a lot of back and forth, hot and cold over the last couple years, and there haven't been all that many days or weeks when I can go outside and be truly comfortable. You got this week juuuuust right.


  1. Happy to hold down the fort—you've done it for me before. I'm actually really happy to read all this. The light at the end of the tunnel is there—it's so close! I can see it! I hope you don't lose sight of it in the coming chaotic weeks. Just look at that sweet puppy face if you start to forget what it looks like ;) Send some good weather my way though, wouldja? <3 have a beautiful weekend, my friend.

  2. my husband just got his new bike and he's STOKED to ride it this weekend!

  3. So glad your foot is slowly but surely feeling better. Hang in there friend, and enjoy that new bike! :)

  4. Thinking of you (and your foot!)---Hoping the upswing gets even HIGHER and higher!

    Let's hope Mother Nature keeps up with bomb ass weeks... I demand it.

  5. We have had some bomb ass weather here too!!! Glad to hear your foot is doing a little better. A new bike sounds exciting! Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. I'm glad the pool is back to being open again-- though you'll be in DC so soon and I think I remember you saying there was going to be a pool really close to you. I'm glad you were feeling okay overall about your foot even with the ups and downs of how it was feeling & I hope it continues to improve for you. And re: rockbottom, of course you're able to put a positive twist on something-- send me your mindset! :)

  7. yay for new bikes, bomb ass weather, cats and dogs, and of course not the rock bottom but the upswing is good.


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