Sunday Sweats - Vol. 15

Monday 4/4: 60 minutes yoga | An hour of yin to start my week off right since I knew this week was going to be a shitfest. I really haven't been moving my body much lately, and I can't remember the last time I was on my mat, so this was super tough. 

Tuesday 4/5: 60 minutes boxing | Maybe I could have gone to bed at 2am instead of 4am tonight if I hadn't gone to boxing, but I'm still glad I did. Except that I did spend the first five minutes of our session crying in the bathroom because I was sleep deprived and upset about my foot. Ben and I were talking on the way to the gym about how I needed to go back to the doctor (but literally couldn't find a spare hour to do it) because my foot wasn't getting better, and then when we walked in we were going to do jump rope for our warmup, which is how we normally warm up, except I've been doing different things for a couple weeks, but I guess our trainer thought I'd be better by now and could do it (holy run-on sentence). So when I had to tell him I couldn't I just lost it. It seriously sucks to not have normal function that I usually take for granted. Also I was on the jump rope leaderboard pre-injury and have been surpassed, so I'm really itching to get my spot back. It was a rough start, but overall it was a nice break and I really needed to hit some stuff. We also did a legs workout for the first time in a while and holy ouch.

Wednesday 4/6: Rest | Nope. You just read my bedtime last night - I'm giving myself an A+ just for being able to get out of bed at all today. I considered getting on my bike this evening, but spending a night being a normal human (i.e. coming home, cooking dinner, and relaxing) was way more enticing.

Thursday 4/7: 60 minutes boxing | Another day when it was nice to have something to hit! I feel like our workouts have gotten really tough - I couldn't get through all the reps of some of the exercises (it was arms/upper body day) because my muscles were visibly shaking. I was going to get on the trainer afterward, but we stopped by the grocery store on the way home to get dinner and snacks for our DC trip, and by the time we got home I decided to pack and cook and do chores instead.

Friday 4/8: Rest | DC weekend, round two! We did a lot of walking around Macy's and IKEA today but no working out.

Saturday 4/9: 65 minutes elliptical (7 miles @ 9:26) | I almost didn't do this. We spent the morning running errands and building IKEA furniture and by the afternoon I just wanted a nap. Somehow I talked myself into just giving it a shot, and I'm so glad I did it. At first my foot was a little crampy but then it kind of went away. I was going to do an hour, but then the hour was up and it gave me a five minute cooldown, and I was at like 6.3 miles so I wanted to get to 6.5. Then after the cooldown I was at like 6.9 miles so I kept going until I got to 7. I haven't been on an elliptical in several years, I've never been sure how or even if elliptical pace and distance equate to running, since sometimes people seem faster on them than in real life and others are slower, but it felt like I put in the effort that it would take to run that pace and distance so it seemed decently accurate overall. I chose to do a random workout with hills mixed in, and on some of the hill sections it showed my pace as like 13-15 minutes/mile (which is still way too slow for even the hardest hills outside), but then there were several times when I was in the low 7s or even sub-7 on the downhills (which is way too fast for even the steepest downhills outside), so obviously it wasn't totally accurate, but overall I felt like it evened out. It was the first time in 3 weeks that I've moved my body in any type of running motion (I didn't even touch the handles so I could feel like I was really running lol), and damn did it feel good. There were so many times I wanted to cry, because I was sad about not really running but so grateful to be kind of running at the same time. I've really lost motivation lately and haven't felt that great, for a ton of different reasons, and there was a point about 3/4 of the way through this one that I finally felt a little spark rekindling. This injury does not define me, it will hopefully not limit me, and I am grateful to have the option to do some sort of running training while it continues to heal. I understand that it will take time, and I'm just trying to be patient.

Sunday 4/10: 40 mile trainer ride @ 17.6mph | Another one I almost didn't do but somehow convinced myself - the fact that I have a 100-miler in 5 weeks and have ridden like, 30 miles max this year did help put the fear of God in me. At first it went well, although I did struggle to keep my heart rate low, then it kind of sucked and I thought about getting off after 10 or 12 miles. I definitely slowed down in the second half but I managed to pull through and get through all 40 of the miles I had planned. It wasn't particularly fun or pretty, but the century will be a decently casual group ride, so I'm happy to at least have some more miles in the bank.

Foot update! Admittedly, I did a lot of walking around last weekend (wearing crappy shoes for a good portion of it), so things weren't going well at the beginning of this week. I'd feel pain in all different places at different times of the day, and I just didn't know what was going on. I was able to squeeze in a doctors appointment in Wednesday, where I got an X-ray. She confirmed that it isn't a stress fracture, and since it still hurts in my mid foot and not my plantar fascia, she still suspects it's a stress reaction. For the several days prior to that appointment I had been doing a pretty piss poor job of taking care of it and myself - not icing, not taking ibuprofen, not sleeping, not eating, not staying off it, wearing bad shoes, etc. - so since then I've really been making an effort to do what I'm supposed to. Within a day or two it suddenly felt markedly better! Mornings are always the worst, I suspect because it's stiff from sleeping all night, but for a few days in a row now I've gotten up and been able to walk normally immediately, with only the slightest sense of discomfort. For two days it hasn't bothered me at all just walking around normally, and that includes Saturday when Ben and I did a couple miles worth of walking to run errands. And it felt totally normal and good when I got off the elliptical on Saturday. Running is definitely still out (I tested it, of course) but after two weeks of basically no improvement, the last few days have given me hope that it really is healing and that the answer is just more time.


  1. So glad it's not a stress fracture but I can still imagine it's no fun to deal with at all. Keep taking care of yourself lady! <3

  2. Glad to see that time seems to be helping out with your running injury! Sitting on the sidelines sucks but it's better than being in pain all the time. Hope it continues to heal well!

  3. So I should have read this post before my last comment! I think all of your feelings and emotions are so normal, not getting sleep is soo hard on your body, plus having an injury that has literally changed something that was such a big part of your life- I know I would be moping around every single second and even though you aren't feeling the best, it really is encouraging to read about all of the things you're doing despite not only how you're feeling, but also how busy you are outside of exercise right now. So glad the x-ray came back and it wasn't any kind of a break and that it seems to be starting to feel better. Praying the pain doesn't start to come back like it was previously!

  4. I'm so happy you were able to squeeze in a doctor's appointment and get some real, usable info about your injury. And very glad to hear that with some practical measures you're seeing a noticeable difference! Progress is progress and that's something to definitely be optimistic about.

  5. Yay for the foot feeling better!

  6. oh my goodness, 4am?! you definitely deserved the normal human being night. i'm sure you'll come back and kick some jump rope ass one day soon. i haven't been on the elliptical in a long time, but i used to think as long as i was sweating, i was getting a good workout. it's definitely sometimes easier and harder than running, but i like that (i guess, this is the same for everything) it can be as hard or easy as you want it to be. i have to do the workouts it does for you, if i just did normal and relied on myself for speed or whatever, i'd be lazy and not do it. anyway. glad your foot is feeling a bit better and you were able to get to the doctor.