Sunday Sweats - Vol. 16

So I know I've been saying I've been Ironman training since December when I signed up (10 months out), but I really, actually started a training plan this week! And okay, actually this plan is more of a pre-training training plan - it's 8 weeks to get me ready for the official 20-week plan that will start in June - but it's a plan!

Monday 4/11: {Swim} 1800yds + {Core} 10 minutes | I was really determined to get started off on the right foot. Today's workout was a swim, and it really didn't go that well. My arms were hurting and I just felt sluggish, plus my watch miscounted my laps and shorted me 50yds (I counted the laps in my head so I'm 99% sure on this). But I got it done and that is what matters! My plan also included a core session for today, and I didn't think I needed a full core workout since we already spend some time on core at boxing, so I did a quick 10 minutes of yoga for abs followed by 10 more minutes of hip openers.

Tuesday 4/12: {Strength} 60 minutes boxing + {Ride} 60 minutes trainer/spin | So, I wasn't going to write about this and I don't really want to talk about it, but it feels weird to talk about today without saying anything. One of our cats died just before 10pm last night. It was very sudden and unexpected - he was literally playing one second and unresponsive the next. We rushed him to the emergency clinic at the vet school but I think he was already gone before we even left the house. The vet told us he probably had a heart condition we didn't know about, which is apparently not uncommon. I know there isn't anything we could have done, but I am having a hard time wrapping my head around how our cat who was just shy of 7 died with no warning whatsoever. It was a rough night last night and a rough day today. I tried to keep busy - I was at school all day and then we had boxing in the afternoon. 
We didn't do any weights today, just boxing conditioning, and I did better than I usually do for some reason. I felt like my punches landed better and were harder, and I was the fastest I've ever been on the speed bag. Tonight we took Bane to the vet for a checkup since we're paranoid about our other animals now. After we got home I spin until bedtime. I rode for 30 minutes of Teen Mom 2 and then finished with a 30-minute metrics class with Jess. My foot was feeling pretty crampy by the end, which was annoying, but I stretched and foam rolled after spin (per my training plan!) and it seemed to help.

Wednesday 4/13: {Brick} 60 minutes spin + 18 minutes elliptical | Thursdays are brick days on the new training plan, but since I already have boxing on Thursdays I'm switching it to Wednesday. I did this all inside and suspect I'll continue to do that until I move because it's just easier. The rise was a 60-minute Peloton endurance ride with a new-to-me teacher, Christine. It started at the same time I needed to ride and was the exact length I needed to ride, and the right type of ride, so I decided to try it. It was NOT easy and the minutes really dragged on at first. Since it was an endurance class there were no intervals (I think the highs and lows of intervals are what makes spin class so engaging usually), and the steady pace was still pushing it for me. It was tough but eventually I got settled in and got the hang of it. After I finished I hopped on my bike and rode down to our complex's gym for the first time to knock out a couple miles on the elliptical! The gym is in a regular apartment building, so it's just two apartments on the first floor joined together and turned into a gym. It's kind of cramped and hot but it wasn't horrible (our new apartment's gym is way nicer though!). I was surprised to see so many people using it.

Thursday 4/14: {Swim} 1800yds + {Strength} 60 minutes boxing | This swim went a lot better than Monday's. It was a similar workout, but my watch worked correctly (I did have to swim an extra lap to get it to show the full, correct distance but that was due to human error :X) and it went by faster.

Friday 4/15: {Core} 10 minutes | Technically a rest day, but there was an optional core workout on the schedule. I'm in Charleston this weekend at my grandmother's with my parents, so my dad did a yoga for abs video with me.

Saturday 4/16: {Run} 90 minutes elliptical | Ten miles on the training plan today, but since my foot is still injured I'm sticking to the elliptical for now. I found a Gold's Gym less than a mile away from my grandma's that offers day passes for $10. So, I've been on 3 different elliptical a in the last week and while the first two were decently accurate in place and distance - meaning I felt like those numbers reflected the effort I put in and were close to what I'd expect out on the road at that effort level - the one today was WAY different. When it took almost 7 minutes just to get trough half a mile (putting in the same amount of effort I'd put it in if I were running outside, mind you) I realized I wasn't going to do 10 miles or I'd be there forever. I ended up doing just over an hour and a half total since that's how long it would take me to run 10 miles. My foot took a good 40 minutes to warm up and felt better once I took my arch insert out, but still didn't feel great at the end. And my toes in both of my feet went numb at random points, which I don't think is normal. It wasn't e worst experience ever but let's just say I'm glad this isn't my regular gym. 

Sunday 4/17: {Run} 0.79 mile @ 9:02 + {Ride} 50 miles @ 17.5mph (trainer) | Oh. Em. Gee. You guys. By some miracle my foot felt like 95% normal all day today. I tried pretending to run to see if it would hurt (something I have done approximately every day in the last 4 weeks with no luck) - and it didn't! Ben gave his blessing to try a half a mile or so (he knows I am dumb so I need him to help me not make poor decisions), and I was really skeptical and cautious but after a few steps of nothing I was so happy I cried. I made it almost half a mile before I really felt anything at all, and then I could feel some twinges (probably should have stopped right then if I'm being totally honest) but it was mostly okay. It did hurt afterward so I, not sure when I'll try again, but it was the babiest of baby steps and the best my foot has felt in a month. I'm still not convinced I won't be hobbling my way through an Ironman, but I just needed to prove to myself that there's hope.
Later tonight was another long night on the trainer. Not my favorite way to spend 3 hours on a Sunday night, but after traveling this morning/afternoon (yet again) it was the most convenient option. There were definitely times I was like, this is stupid, and wanted to just quit, but I really want to prove that I'm ready and capable of riding 100 miles in 4 weeks! 


  1. Loved seeing your running snap this weekend! Yay for a short little run! :)

  2. I'm so sorry about your cat :( I can't imagine how you guys are feeling, but sending you a giant hug! I was so happy to see your graphic back in full action for this post-- and it sounds like a good start to your (pre) training plan! Also I was soo excited to see you running in your snap! Sounds like a great small step back into running :)

  3. Oh my god Tracy, I'm so sorry about your cat! I'm sure I bothered you with some trivial shit at some point last week so I'm sorry for that too. Hugs <3 that's so unfair. I'm really sorry.

    On the brighter side, still so ecstatic for you for the small running victory! It should be a huge point of optimism. Something you're doing is definitely working. Hooray!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about your cat! Losing a pet is always really tough to deal with, especially when it wasn't expected. I'll be sending hugs and good vibes your way. Congrats on your short run! Even if it was just a little run, it's still huge progress!

  5. i am so sorry about your cat Tracy :( hugs to you and all your pets, and my cats, and all the pets in the world. how unfair.
    on a lighter note, i squealed when i got your omg snap of you running. i was super happy for you!

  6. So glad your foot is feeling better!