Training for Tuesday: Riding the Injury Train (and a Call for Help!)

Average monthly mileage in 2015: 93 miles

January 2016: 118 miles

February 2016: 136 miles

March 2016: 77 miles

April 2016: 3 miles

Yes, friends, I ran THREE miles in the entire month of April. And three more miles than I really expected to run, to be honest. You may not know this since I've been so secretive about it, but...I injured my foot in March. This is only the 3rd time in my 5-year running career that I've had a serious injury, which is pretty good by some standards, but the 3rd time was most definitely not the charm in this case. With the other two, I took some time off (7 weeks for shin splints in 2012, 2.5 weeks for piriformis syndrome in 2013), and although I had to ease back in when I did start running again, I more or less picked up where I had left off with no problems.

IMNC Training - 5 Months Out

It's been weeks since I posted any kind of workout update and 3 months since my last Ironman-specific update. I've made it no secret that the past few months have been the busiest and hardest I've ever endured, so hopefully that explains some of why these have been absent.

When I last updated, I hadn't swam at all yet, my cycling was going fine if not a little lax, and I was super on top of my running.

Oh, how times have changed.