The Month of May

as told by my iPhone
(from left to right)

  • We packed up all our stuff and moved! Two Sundays ago I drove our car and Ben drove the giant 26' Uhaul (that we got even though we only reserved a 15') from Blacksburg to Washington, DC! 
  • We ate &Pizza on our building's roof the first night there.
  • And then we drove back to Blacksburg the next day because oh surprise, actually my last presentation was on Tuesday (I was originally supposed to be done Saturday, hence the move on Sunday) and I still had work to do for it so I worked while Ben drove.
  • That night was our last night in Blacksburg, which I didn't realize until we were out playing pool and having beer with one of our friends, and then I cried on the way back to spend our last night in our apartment.
  • We took a moving selfie in our backyard (we also have "We're moving here!" and "We just moved here!" selfies in the same spot) and then left for DC again, for real this time.
  • And when we arrived at 11pm someone was parked in our parking spot.
  • It was really rainy and gross our first day there, but our view from our balcony (if you stick your head out and crane your neck around, anyway) is still pretty.
  • So technically school ended like 2 days after I moved, and graduation was still another couple days away but I wasn't walking so checked to make sure I actually graduated...and I'm still not 100% because my diploma hasn't come in the mail yet, but my degree status online says "Awarded" so I think that means yes.
  • I was in DC for a whole 36 hours before leaving again, this time to go home to the beach. My parents took me to my favorite restaurant (also where Ben and I had our reception) that's right on the ocean, so I got to go put my toes in the sand (for probably the last time for a while). 
  • And then my dad and I went to Waffle House at 5am for breakfast before our big century ride.
  • I rode my bike for 100 miles and a lot of the scenery was fields, fields, and more fields. 
  • And I forgot sunscreen so this is what I looked like after 7 hours on the bike.
  • Then I came back to DC the day before my first day of work, so Ben and I walked downtown to my office so I could practice my commute.
  • I ran! Actually I've run 4 times in the last week and a half (up from 2 times total in the 8 weeks prior), but last weekend was my first real run where I actually a) went outside and b) left my neighborhood. I ran a rainy 4 miles to and from the National Mall, which is crazy that that's a thing I can just do now. My foot still isn't back to normal, but it's normal enough that I can run on it a little bit!


  1. Oh gosh, that sunburn!!! And you ran 4 miles after that sunburn?? I dont think I could move!!! Sucks that you had to go back to Blacksburg after you moved, but at least you had one more fun night there! Love the view from your new place!!!

  2. What a month, woman! That sunburn, ouch. So many causes for celebration listed in this post, I just want to happy dance a little bit for you! Also, save me some &Pizza and a seat on that rooftop, I'm on my way down! ;)

  3. Hi! MISS YOU. your rooftop looks like a dream. I hope the transition has gone well- it is always such a weird time.

    in unrelated news.. i am now the proud owner of cycling shoes (clipping in is like a whole new world) and may soon be a lil bug in your ear looking for some bike advice. :) happy Friday!!

  4. You've had a busy month! Hope that sunburn is better now because it looks painful, ouch! Congrats on getting some runs in outside... must be pretty fun to be able to run around downtown DC and see all of the cool things :)

  5. ouch! that burn!!!!!!!! congrats on the move/new place.

  6. What a month you had!! And ouch about that sunburn! I hope it's feeling better, that's the worst!!

  7. Ohhh no, your sunburn! I hope it has turned to tan now ;) I can't wait to hear more about your ride-- also so many emotions in this post, May was definitely a big month for you guys. Love the view from your apartment so much!

  8. oh my word, that sunburn!!! ouch. so much ouch. love the moving selfies. and now i want waffles. i've never been to waffle house but i assume they have waffles. yum.


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