Ironman North Carolina Training: Week 2

Monday 6/13
10 minutes core + 2350yd stamina swim @ 1:55/100yd

PM: Well, this wasn't the best way to start the week! I was late getting down to the gym for core, and I went through one round of my workout before being like oh I know! I'll do a yoga core video! Then I remembered I don't get service or wifi downstairs. So I did some push-ups and told myself I'd do the video when I got home from swimming but...guess what I didn't do. 
The swim wasn't great either. I don't know why, the sets just felt long. And overall it was 500 yards longer than I was expecting - sometimes the total distance listed in my plan doesn't match what the intervals add up to, and I didn't add it up until tonight so that was a surprise. 

Tuesday 6/14
60 minute trainer ride

AM: Got this done early in the morning because we had concert plans tonight and I just didn't want to mess with that. Rode along to a Peloton alternative ride with Jess - Kashmir and DMB covering All Along the Watchtower were definitely the highlights. I've started not really doing  the class workouts, just following what my coach says to do while I listen to the music of the class. Today's workout was tough with 6 4-minute hard intervals!

Wednesday 6/15
10 minutes core

PM: Those yoga core videos I was going to do on Monday, and then this morning...I did one. Fail.

Thursday 6/16
50 minute trainer ride + 4.3 mile run @ 9:19

PM: I started to feel like I was coming down with a cold today at work, but I really didn't want to skip this workout since I already felt behind for the week. The ride was really boring - I tried to ride along with a Peloton class but the music just wasn't doing it for me, so I ended up just turning my iPad off and just riding. 
I didn't feel well (stomach problems) on the run, but considering the fact that I was able to beat the storm and avoid the treadmill, run without pain, run with Ben, and run through my city on a beautiful summer nights I can't complain too much. It felt slow and heavy but I was weirdly proud of myself for staying above that and not giving in to how bad I felt.

Friday 6/17
25 minutes core / 2150yd speed swim @ 1:52/100yd

PM: My cold just got worse today and I felt like I was in a fog all day at work. I was actually afraid I might be too exhausted to work out, but I gave it a try. Switched back to my tried and true core circuit and finished three rounds before swim.
I didn't know if I'd be able to breathe well enough to do all my swim speed intervals but somehow I made it through! They were so hard though, omg.

Saturday 6/18
90 minute trainer ride

AM: I couldn't sleep last night because my throat hurt so bad, and when I did finally fall asleep I woke up this morning feeling like crap. My parents are coming up today so it was a trainer morning, except I'm not really watching any shows right now so I had no entertainment. Thankfully there is exactly one 90-minute ride on the Peloton app, co-hosted by Jess (my fave) and Robin (whose hip hop class I've done once but didn't love). Their energy was really fun and the music was good (the class was badass bitch themed so very motivating). Not sure how or why but my speed was way higher than I was higher than ever maybe? For that long at least? I try not to put too much stock into my speed on the trainer though because it doesn't really translate to the road. 

Sunday 6/19
7 mile run @ 9:26

PM: The plan was for my dad and me to do this together but it didn't happen after DMB the night before #priorities. Instead Ben and I took him and my mom around DC for a little sightseeing before they left to go back home. I was so exhausted I fell asleep on the couch around 4 (I'm not really a napper so that says something), and I woke up around 5:30 and decided to just go get my run over with (I was originally thinking I'd do it later in the evening when it got cooler). I was totally prepared to die of heat exhaustion since it was nearly 90 degrees out, and pleasantly surprised when that didn't happen. A lot of it was shaded by buildings and trees, and there was a pretty nice breeze. Afterward I also found out that the humidity was only at 30%, which is a number I honestly didn't think existed in mid-June, so that was a huge factor too!

This Week
Swim - 2.56 miles 
Bike -  61.5 miles (all trainer)
Run - 11.3 miles
Yoga - 32 minutes
Total miles - 75.36

IM NC Training To-Date
Swim - 5.54 miles 
Bike -  122.3 miles (97.8 trainer, 24.5 outdoor)
Run - 26.9 miles
Strength + Yoga - 92 minutes
Total miles - 154.74

Week 2 Reflections:

  • This week was light on the first half and heavy on the second half, which I didn't like. It couldn't really be helped because of my concert plans, but by Thursday when I had only really worked out twice, I felt behind. I just didn't feel on top of things this week like I did last week.
  • I could feel my body starting to change this week. Since my injury in March I've gained a little weight and overall I've just felt weak. I haven't felt strong and I haven't been pushing myself to be strong.


  1. yay for feeling your body change :) i hope you start feeling stronger soon, and on top of things. 'badass bitch themed' hahaha that is awesome. i'm sorry you were sick, hope you're feeling 100% better!

  2. This is so freaking cool !! I admire you so much dear!