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It's my blog, and I'll post on Saturday (and join a linkup 2 days late) if I want to!

I skipped Kristen's linkup last month because putting together a post - not just a linkup post, but any post - was unfortunately way way low on my list of things I needed to do. And I wanted to get one together for this months since things have changed quite a bit since my last one in April, but that didn't happen in time either. I did post a little catch-up post recently so let's move on to this month!

We moved to DC three weeks ago and are getting acclimated and adjusted to a new job in a new city and environment. This is by far the most urban place we've lived and, while its what we wanted, it's taking some adjusting! In just a few short weeks I have become someone who refers to locations in numbers and letters (e.g. "I live near 14th and U"), works downtown, and starts crossing the street before the pedestrian signal comes on (I look both ways first, don't worry). 

City life is definitely a big change, but so far we've had a ton of fun exploring. I've walked to work every day, and after the first week I realized I can see the White House from one of the intersections where I cross the street. I have also run down to the White House a few times - there and back is exactly 5k, how convenient! - and it hasn't gotten old yet. On Memorial Day weekend I ran past the White House down to the National Mall and to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. It was pouring rain and there were still so many people out walking through the memorial and it was just...a very cool thing to be able to go out and do.

I have been swimming exactly once, at the Y a couple blocks from our house, and I hated it. I hated it so much. The pool was smaller than I was expecting, and kind of dark because it has no windows to the outside, and it wasn't exactly empty even though I went after 8pm (it did get mostly empty by 9 though), and there are jets on the sides that are so strong that the outer lanes are basically unusable (or, if you prefer to make lemonade out of lemons, like I attempted to do, I guess you could say they're useful for open water training/simulation). I swam 2 laps and was so stressed and unhappy I almost got out and left. I probably would have if Ben hadn't been there - I dragged him to the pool with me because I have serious anxiety about swimming in new places. I did end up being able to move to a lane closer to the middle/farther away from the jets, and most of the other people there left, and I finished my swim. So, that happened like 2 weeks ago and I haven't been back since, but I guess I need to suck it up because I know myself well enough to know that the most convenient option is my best option.

That really wasn't supposed to be that long of a tangent...and the good news is that our building has a gym that is awesome! Not that it's the world's best gym or anything, but I've only ever been in there with a max of 2 other people (usually it's 1 or none), they have all the strength training equipment I could need, plus cardio machines (I've been using the elliptical a lot and sometimes the treadmill as I've been working through my foot injury). It's just downstairs so it's very convenient which is the main thing I love about it.

Memorial Day weekend was our first one here where the weather was nice enough and our house was unpacked enough that we could actually go out and do things. We both biked to the Mount Vernon Trail, which is only about 4 miles from our house but with all the stoplights and tourists it took like 40 minutes to actually get there. Ben went back home while I biked almost the entire trail, about 15 miles to Mount Vernon and 15 miles back. The trail runs along the Potomac River and is really pretty, but it was pretty crowded and there are a lot of hills and blind turns which made it kind of frustrating and annoying at times.

I have actually done a lot more than just work out (in fact, I really haven't worked out all that much...at least not as much as I was supposed to according to my training plan). Part of the reason i haven't been working out is because I have been really busy eating and drinking as much as humanly possible. My first working Friday was also the 10th anniversary of our first date, so Ben met at my office downtown and we walked to a Mexican restaurant about halfway between work and our apartment. We stopped for dessert and more drinks on the way home at a place a few blocks down from us that serves homemade pop-tarts and slices of cake as big as my head. We've since tried more restaurants - in the name of exploring, of course - and consumed more calories than I would like to add up, and we haven't even really left our neighborhood yet. I am hoping that my upcoming Ironman training will help counter the 50 pounds I would inevitably gain from all of this eating. Edit: In more food news, yesterday we found the BEST taco place (great, now I am a person who talks about their taco place) just around the corner, like best tacos ever and guac that just made Chipotle look sad. And then we went to an authentic Filipino restaurant with like 5 tables that apparently plays 80s music (with a random Britney song thrown in for good measure I guess?) that you can only get into by standing in line at 5pm for like 45 minutes just to get a 9:30pm reservation. But for the record, the latter was 100% on our foodie friend who was visiting and had just recently gone to the Philippines - he was the one who got the table, we just showed up when and where we were told. We're not that fancy or into food. Yet.

Over Memorial Day weekend we also bikeshared over to Georgetown - I just wanted to go to the Apple Store but once we got there we decided to walk around the waterfront and then we decided to go kayaking! I have always lived close to the beach so the fact that there isn't one in DC feels a little weird, but fortunately we do have two rivers nearby. Kayaking was so fun and I couldn't stop sticking my hands and feet in the water and I just wanted to jump in but I was wearing regular clothes and I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to do that anyway - I just seriously LOVE water and am pretty sure I was meant to be a mermaid.

It was so nice to have an extra weekend day, and we used it to bikeshare downtown to the Renwick Gallery! You have probably seen this place blowing up on social media because of its Wonder exhibit that's there right now. Three out of the nine exhibits actually left right before we came to town, but we were still able to see some cool ones. I didn't take any pictures because it felt lame to do so, but I will say that the rainbow one definitely lived up to the hype.

And that's what's new for this month! Hopefully less newness and more settling in next month! If you want to keep up with me, I suck less at sharing cool things on Instagram and dumb things on Snapchat (same name as IG).

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  1. Wow, you've packed in so much! Having a gym in your building must be so great. I've always wished for that, and especially one that's mostly empty. How lucky! Less good re: the pool though. The pool I belonged to for a year had the same thing with the jets, plus it was really warm and only about 15 metres... So it made for a very frustrating swim! Plenty of opportunity to practice my turns though :)

    Have fun settling in, I'm particularly interested in foodie places so finding 'your' taco restaurant sounds like good progress to me!

  2. Send me your favorite taco place? Sounds amazing! And I'm guessing Ted's is the pop-tarts and mile high chocolate cake?? haha. You guys have done sooo much already! I'm glad you've been able to exercise again more regularly and sooo nice to have a gym right in your building! I'm glad you were able to check out the Mount Vernon trail! I think we've definitely almost had a collision or two when it gets really curvy and hilly once you get closer to the end because it's such a mix of people who are serious riders and people who can hardly get up the hills (aka me, haha). Love all of the photos!

  3. I'm so glad to hear you're enjoying DC so much! What's your taco place?! I'm always in search of good tacos. You should give Lauriol Plaza a try for some great Mexican! I'm impressed that you've done so much exploring already :)

  4. So happy to hear about all your DC adventures and that you're making yourselves right at home. Also, this post is basically helping me write a to-do list for when I/we (?!) come visit next month...which I am going to try and flesh out more this week and get back to you about. (Before I forget to email you about this, I think I lied and the weekend I have free is the weekend of the 9th, NOT the 16th. /tangent.) Running to the White House is a must, and this taco place, tell me more! I've only been to Georgetown that one time we went last year so I would love to scope out the waterfront there too. How awesome! Keep exploring, keep adventuring, keep coming up with things for us to do in DC ;)

  5. oh my goodness, so much! thank you for linking up with us :) i want cake as big as my head! and your gym at the apartment sounds amazing, though that pool sounds horrible! i love that you're living in a cool place and it's not getting old yet. that seriously is awesome in itself, and i hope it continues to be cool and never get old. i also think it's funny how fast you get used to things like that, when we were in rome, the first day we saw people crossing the road and cars almost hitting them but no one was cranky or yelling, and there were no walk signals on a lot of the roads and we were like screw this we aren't crossing without a walk signal, and like 2 days later we were doing it like old pros. hilarious.

  6. Sounds like you are settling in well! I'm envious of all the cool things you get to do, see, and try out (like your new fav taco place!), but I know I wouldn't like living in a big city again. Visiting my parents in south Florida is so stressful!! Unless we just Uber all the time :)

  7. How fun that you are able to walk to work and stuff!!! I bet your views are fantastic. And look at you being all pro city girl! That stinks that you aren't thrilled about the pool at your Y but it is nice to have a gym downstairs from your place!!! Super convenient! Sounds like you guys are settling in and exploring your new city, enjoy it!!!

  8. So glad you've moved and gotten settled. I wonder if there's anywhere in your area where you could do some open water swims?

  9. i would LOVE to be able to walk to work!! sadly i have a 45min drive in traffic which sucks big hairy ones.


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