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It's been so long since I posted a real update that I don't even know where to start! Every time I try to jump in to writing a post I feel like I need to start with a reintroduction, like who is this girl and what is her deal again?

It's been about a month and a half since I updated about something than #ironmantraining and, as you can probably guess, you've missed a lot. The past couple months since we moved have been busy, full of settling in and visitors and traveling and celebrating and concert-going and just generally trying to get a handle on a new job in a new place. We've done a lot of exploring together but I have actually done a lot all from my desk downtown. I won't bore you with the details, but the essence of my job is traffic analysis for development sites around the city, so I spend a lot of time looking at Google maps. I also had a couple weeks of field work along different bus routes, so I saw a lot of the city I might not have seen otherwise. I actually don't think I could have a better job for getting acquainted with a new city!

Speaking of, it is still weird to me that I live here. I was never impressed by DC before I moved here but now that I live here it feels like the best combination for me - the city life I've always wanted but still close enough to home and beaches and other things I love. The novelty hasn't worn off yet - I still gawk at all the monuments and take selfies every time I pass the White House, and I cross my fingers I'll see Obama. Actually his motorcade did go by when I was out doing field work on day but that's the closest I've gotten so far. The best description I can come up with for how I feel about moving here is that it's been...strange. I know that doesn't sound good or exciting, but it's not bad - it's just so different from anywhere else I've ever lived, and it doesn't yet have that home-y feeling, so I'm still getting used to it. I contribute a lot of that to the fact that we moved right at the beginning of summer - it was a whirlwind right from the get-go, and things have only finally started to stabilize over the last couple weeks. But even now that things have settled a bit, it's still a busy time of year (and not my favorite season), so I don't think I'd 100% enjoy living anywhere right about now. I just keep picturing what all the streets are going to look like when fall comes and that definitely makes my heart pitter patter a little more!

There's so much to do here and I was worried Ben and I wouldn't take advantage of it (since we're kind of lazy), but we have gotten around to a surprising number of things so far! It helps that everything is so convenient, and mostly free. We are big fans of the bikeshare and use it to get around whenever possible. We've been to the National Museum of American History (where we saw the original U.S. flag!), the National Museum of Natural History (lured by a 3D IMAX movie about dinosaurs), the Renwick Gallery (twice), and the National Geographic Museum's exhibit on the Greeks (my favorite). We've also gotten out on the water twice - once to go kayaking in Georgetown and once to do paddle boat around the Tidal Basin. The highlight of our activities were probably all the concerts we went to - five total in the month of June!

We celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary - yes, SIX, where did the the time go?! - on the 10th! We actually celebrated a week early with a short beach trip over 4th of July weekend. We are last-minute travel planners so by the time we thought to go on a real trip, plane tickets were super expensive and there were too many logistics to work out in too short a time. So instead we got a hotel at the oceanfront in Virginia Beach for a few nights, which was still exorbitantly expensive but it was worth it to wake up to the sun rising over the ocean. We got in one beach day on our first day there, but the next one was stormy and our last one was cloudy. That one day was perfect, though. We also went to dinner at our celebration station, the restaurant where we had our reception and have gone to for basically every celebration ever since.

Since I grew up there, I used to think that people who went to VB for vacation and stayed in the resorts were so lame - surely they could have found a better vacation spot - but as I've gotten older, that beach has become my happy place. I still don't really get the out-of-owners and maintain that there are definitely more superior beaches for a beach vacation, but for me I love it because it just feels like home. I have so many memories not just from going to the beach, but from running - I've run 17 races (out of my 69 total) at the oceanfront, including my first 5k, 10k, half marathon, and my marathon PR. I lived there last summer and did the first 2/3 of my B2B training running on the boardwalk. It may not be the most exotic or glamorous place in the world, but it's my place.

And when I haven't been at work, traipsing around D.C., or driving back to Virginia, I've been Ironman training. Oh, yes, that little thing. I have now run a total of 149 miles since injuring my foot and I feel more and more normal every day. Last weekend I ran my longest run - 12 miles! - since getting injured running a half marathon in March. My June mileage was my highest post-injury at 55 miles, and July is on track for ~90-95 (it helps that there are 5 weekends in July). Sadly, my mileage for June 2016 was also my lowest since June 2013 - which, probably not coincidentally, was the last time I was injured. Over those 8 weeks of not running I missed out on nearly 200 miles worth of training. I'm definitely feeling the combined effect of that + summer heat and humidity, but doing my best to just get through it. I remember last summer not really ever feeling like the heat was horribly oppressive like usual, but this summer is more than making up for that! I'm in my 8th week of training and have less than 3 months to go. Wasn't it just like yesterday that I signed up?!



  1. You really have been doing a lot! Glad you are getting back to running more after your foot injury. And glad you are taking advantage of all that DC has to offer you! I'd love to visit one day.

  2. that's like how vancouver was for me - when i was younger, i was all "ugh, it's so boring here! everything shuts down at 10pm!" but now, i would give anything to be able to move out there because it totally fits my lifestyle now (active/outdoorsy/things shut down at 10pm) LOL

  3. You've been so busy since moving to DC! Glad that you're enjoying it and that you're looking forward to your first fall in the city - bet it will be awesome :)

  4. It's awesome that your job has been so helpful in acquainting you with DC. Oh, and there's one place I need to tell you about that David and I went to brunch on that Sunday (I swear, our entire trip was just a food tour of DC; all we do is eat) but I can't remember the name of it. It's in your neighborhood though... I'll get back to you. (Very exciting comment, I know.) All the awesome things you and Ben have been doing around DC look so great! Glad you've been able to take advantage of all your new city has to offer.
    Congrats on 6 years. You guys are awesome.
    Keep on trucking through this summer misery. We'll survive—you'll thrive, for sure.

  5. You are living it up right in DC, lady! All of your pictures kind of make me miss the city and living up there. But then talking about traffic does not. I hope one day to make our BLATE happen!

  6. You guys have been so busy! It's fun exploring a new city, especially one with tons to offer. I bet fall will be super dreamy! I've always heard that hot summers give the best fall color.

  7. I am loving all your DC pictures! It sounds like the new job is going well and helping you get better acquainted with your new home is even better! Congrats on getting your run back on! I am sure you will be back up to where you were in no time. I can only imagine how magical DC will be in the fall and early winter when snow is still a fun novelty and not a pain :)

  8. yayyy for feeling normal and getting your mileage back up! i know what you mean about being lazy, so glad you guys have been doing lots of things around the city. i loved all the museums, but i don't think we saw the original US flag so obviously we need to go back! i hope you get to see Obama. your job sounds super cool, and what a fun way to see/learn about your new city. i did have little heart palpitations when you said last minute travel planners haha like that sounds so scary to me ;) but glad you guys got to get away and celebrate, and happy anniversary again!


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