Ironman North Carolina Training: Week 4


Monday 6/27
30 minutes core / 1800yd speed swim @ 1:53/100yd

PM: Writing this really late, so I don't really remember, but I'm assuming this went fine? I do remember that about halfway through my core workout this girl came in the gym talking like SUPER loud on her phone. I was in the little fitness studio room at the back of the gym and she was sitting in the actual gym part toward the back, where the door to the studio is, having a full-on conversation the whole time I was there. I didn't hear the first part of the story so I'm not 100% sure what she was talking about but every so often I guess whoever she was talking to would ask her a question about it or something and she would go, "Nooooo!" in this kind of whiny/annoying voice, you know like when people say, "No" but it sounds like, "Noah"? Anyway. That's not relevant to my workout at all but it's what I remember!

Tuesday 6/28
60 minute trainer ride

PM: I was going to swim tonight because of something going on tomorrow night, but then the forecast said it was going to storm, so I didn't. Then when I got on the trainer it wasn't storming and I was like ugh, I totally could have gone swimming. But then like halfway through I saw lightning so actually I was right the whole time. Great story, I know.

Wednesday 6/29
40 minute trainer ride + 30 minute brick run @ 9:23

AM: My work had a game night tonight which meant my whole evening was blocked out. I had a 70-minute brick on my schedule so I needed to be on the trainer by 5:30, and thanks to some early morning encouragement from Kristen, I was! I know I would have rolled right back over if I had had any other choice but to get up and do it then - kind of makes me wish I had plans every night!

Thursday 6/30
2.3 mile run @ 8:51 / 1800yd time trial swim @ 1:52/100yd

PM: Running wasn't on my plan today, but since I have been feeling the effects of not running very much, I wanted to throw in a couple short runs so my body isn't in shock every time I lace up. So just a couple miles, with the tiniest bit of speedwork (we're talking like four 1-minute pickups) in my Newtons! I switched shoe brands because of my foot thing and while my new shoes are fine, I have never loved them the way that I unhealthily love my Newtons. I want to start reintroducing them so that hopefully I'll be able to do the Ironman in them.

I already wasn't feeling this swim, then were a little late getting to the pool, it was full when we got there, AND I forgot my swim cap at home. Once I realized I didn't have my swim cap I just wanted to say screw it and go home, but Ben helped talk me down a little bit and I changed my mind. I ran back home to get it - luckily we live around the corner from the Y so it only took 5.5 minutes (yes I timed it). I still didn't want to do it and the pool was still full. I was actually in the middle of texting my IMNC group to see if they wanted to do an open water swim this weekend when I'm home when someone finally got out of the pool and we were able to get a lane.

I know my workout recaps tend to be more about the situations and my feelings than the workouts themselves, but that's because those are the hard parts for me. Moving my arms and kicking my feet in water isn't hard. I mean it is, and sometimes it's harder than others, but it's nothing compared to how hard it was to convince myself that I could go back home and get my swim cap and swim and still make it home to go to bed at a decent hour. Those are the hardest parts of training. Just wanted to throw that out there.

My swim itself went better than I expected (I feel like I say that about almost every swim?). I had a short warmup before an 800yd time trial, which was a little faster than I was expecting. I got tired toward the end but for the most part it felt strong and steady. 

Friday 7/1
Rest day

AM: I should have worked out, but instead I wrote this.

Saturday 7/2
8 mile run @ 9:08

AM: When we planned our beach weekend (all of one week ago), I had grand dreams of getting up Saturday morning and doing my long run while I watched the sun rise over the ocean, just like I did last year when I lived down there. Well, the reality is I don't live there anymore, and with traffic (holiday + construction + storm + nighttime is a great combo) it took us forever to get there. By the time we dropped Bane off at my parents and made it to our hotel, it was 1am. Oh and my cold came back so I couldn't get comfortable enough to sleep in the car on the way there. My 5am alarm was out the window, and I tried to get up at 6 but all I ended up doing was going through various options in my head and alternating between forcing myself to get up and putting it off until the next day. Ultimately, I got up, but I still wasn't completely sure I was actually going to do it. It was muggy out on our balcony and I just knew I was going to be miserable. Finally I reluctantly got dressed and when down to the boardwalk and - ready or not - headed out for 8 miles. I ran south along the boardwalk for 2 miles and felt surprisingly great, although I'm sure the tailwind I had the whole way was a big factor. When I got to the end I went over the Rudee Inlet bridge and back, then I ran north from the beginning of the boardwalk to the end - almost 3 miles into a headwind. It definitely got tiring, and I stopped when I got to the very end for water and to regroup a little bit. From there I went south on Atlantic Avenue, parallel to the boardwalk but shaded by the hotels (which I desperately needed since the sun had really come out by then). I turned around when I got to our hotel, then backtracked until I got back to the end of the boardwalk and ran south on it until I got to our hotel/my BFF King Neptune/8 miles total. I only stopped 4 times - 2 to cross the street at the bridge (going out and coming back), one for water, and one to walk for a few seconds when I had just over a mile left (it was getting hot out there!). Considering how much I struggled last weekend and how many times I stopped, that's a huge improvement!

Sunday 7/3
21 mile ride (20-mile TT) @ 18.7mph + 2.2 mile brick run @ 9:36

PM: I guess that workouts I didn't want to do but did anyway and felt better for it was the theme of this week. We had crazy rain and wind on Sunday, and it was a little chilly, which made me rethink my plans to ride outside with my dad and friend that afternoon, especially since I was sick. They insisted they would rather do it outside than inside, and actually by the time we made it to the trail the weather wasn't all that bad. It had stopped raining and warmed up a bit, and the wind wasn't as bad as I was expecting. It ended up being the kind of wind that seems to both be going with you and against you at the same time no matter which direction you're going. I don't understand it. We had a 20-mile time trial and honestly, I crushed it. I got up to 19mph on the way out, which is fast for me, but I assumed we had a tailwind and that I would slow down a lot once we turned around, but like I said the wind didn't end up being that bad. I did drop to below 19mph but I was determined to get it back up by the time the TT was over, and I did! No way I could sustain that for 90 more miles but it was fun to go fast for a little bit!
After the bike we ran a couple miles, again not on the plan but something I wanted to do to get my legs acclimated to running again. We just did an easy 2 miles worth of loops around the trail parking lot.

This Week
Swim - 2.05 miles 
Bike -  48.9 miles (27.8 trainer, 21.1 outdoor)
Run - 15.9 miles
Strength + Yoga - 40 minutes
Total miles - 66.83

IMNC Training To-Date
Swim - 10.03 miles 
Bike -  242.4 miles (166.5 trainer, 75.9 outdoor)
Run - 55.88 miles
Strength + Yoga - 302 minutes
Total miles - 308.31

Week 4 Reflections

  • I haven't really felt like I've pushed myself or been made to leave my comfort zone yet, and Leah and my dad concurred. I haven't looked at my training logs from last year because I'm scared that they'll confirm my feeling that I'm doing the same or less training that I was last year for the half. 
  • I checked Smashrun this week for the first time in a while and O.M.G. It finally happened. Actually it happened a few weeks ago but like I said, I hadn't checked, so this is the first time I noticed it:

The upswing!!! I hit rock bottom and am finally on the upswing. Halle-freaking-lujah. Each data point is an accumulation of my mileage from the previous 90 days. The high point is 358 miles and is from the day I got injured (March 20). Three months later  I finally bottomed out at 50.6 miles and then....the upswing! Isn't it beautiful?!


  1. KEEEEEP ROCKING THE TRAINING OUT, LADY! Proud of you for sticking with it. I might have missed it, but what training are you doing for the swimming?

  2. yay upswing!!!! that is awesome. happy to text you any time you need me to kick your butt out of bed hahaha. that girl - i hate people who talk on the phone at the gym. also, the whiny way people say no? that's how i say no, sometimes, not on purpose, it's just the way we say our o's. my 'friend' likes to pick on me and imitate me when she's drunk, so i know that's how she really feels when she's sober. anyway. i do hope i'm not super whiny/dragging it out though haha.

  3. Just need to say that I totally agree—the hard part isn't usually the physical action. It's getting to the place where you can take it to begin with. Heaven knows that's my serious current battle. Good on you for always fighting the good fight—and giving me something to aspire to ;)

  4. Upswing, yea baby! You're over the hump and can get to the hard stuff!