Halfway. Ten weeks. Out of twenty. Beginning on June 6, ending on October 22.

I will no doubt post a summary of my Ironman training when it's all over, but I thought it would be interesting to post one at the halfway point as well and then compare at the end. I'm actually a week late posting this - of course - but only including everything up to the halfway point!

On being halfway: It definitely feels like it. It feels like a million years have passed since I started training, and like I have a million more to go until I get to mid-October. This is the longest training cycle I've ever had at 20 weeks, plus 8 weeks of pre-training if you count that. I guess technically I trained for my first marathon for 7 months, but I was also training for my first Olympic tri so the first 3 months of that we're focused on the tri, then the next 4 were focused solely on the marathon. I havent really have any other races that have been training goals this time, so it's 6 months of focusing on one race at the end. 

Ironman North Carolina Training: Week 6

I am ridiculously behind on my Ironman training recaps, and I had half a mind to let them slip into obscurity, but then I remembered you only get one first Ironman training cycle (and, very possibly, only one, period) and want to document them to the best of my ability. Truthfully, it's been hard to do just about anything other than work and train, so finding the time is hard, but I want to have these memories for better or for worse.