Ironman North Carolina Training: Week 7

Monday 7/18
2500yd speed swim @ 1:47/100yd / 30 minutes core

Tuesday 7/19
95 minute trainer ride + 4 mile run @ 9:00
PM: I felt like crap for the first 30 minutes or so, and I felt like I was working hard but going super slow which was only making me feel more like crap. Finally I realized my back brake was rubbing my tire, so I got off and fixed it and felt much better after that! This was pretty boring but somehow I got through it. My run afterward was tough! I don't know why, it just felt hard. I don't think I've ever worked so hard for a 9 minute pace!

Wednesday 7/20
2750yd stamina swim @ 1:49/100yd / 30 minutes upper body strength

Thursday 7/21
90 minute trainer ride + 5 mile run @ 8:58
PM: Not sure where the speed on the run came from, but I'll take it!

Friday 7/22
Rest day

Saturday 7/23
60 mile bike @ 17.1mph + 1.64 mile run @ 9:12
Not gonna lie, I was pretty scared of this one. Other than the century I did in May, my longest rides have only been about 50-55 miles, making this my second-longest ride ever. It ended up going surprisingly well - I actually went about half a mph faster than the time I previously rode this trail, even though I rode twice as long today. The run afterward was another story. I got off the bike around 10am and it was already in the 90s. I only had to run for 15 minutes but they felt like some of the hottest, longest 15 minutes of my life! I swear I looked at my watch every ten seconds. There's no shade on the trail so I was fully out in the open under the sun. 

Sunday 7/24
10.71 mile run @ 9:51 / 1600yd recovery swim @ 1:51/100yd
AM: This was a tough one. Didn't make it out nearly as early as I wanted (story of my life), and it was a hot one. Ben and I ran together for about 3 miles and then I kept going. It wasn't too bad while we were together since we got a lot of shade from the buildings downtown, but about a mile later I got down to Memorial Bridge and the sun was just beating down. I stopped for a minute to figure out whether I should stop or keep going. I was over 3 miles from home so there was no easy way to get there. I thought about having Ben come get me and finishing on the treadmill, but I decided to try to keep going a little bit. I got through about 6 miles and thought I could make it the rest of my planned 13, but then I ran out of water. I stopped at a gas station at mile 7 to buy another bottle, but that only lasted me a couple miles. I was running the Rock n Roll DC half marathon course and when I got to the Calvert Street hill, it was SO much worse than I remembered and I was so hot and so tired I just ended up walking pretty much the whole thing. From there I decided I'd alter my route a little to go back home and get Ben to bring me out a new bottle of water, but by the time I got there it was after 11am and just getting hotter and my body was just shutting down. I know I could have pushed through another 2.5 miles, but I just see the point. So I stopped at 10.7 and was proud of the miles I got!

PM: Another good recovery swim! I swam pretty fast (for me) and steadily. Just for a mile, but it felt good.

This Week
Swim - 3.92 miles 
Bike -  113.1 miles (42.9 trainer, 60.2 outdoor)
Run - 21.36 miles
Total - 138.38

IMNC Training To-Date

Swim - 18.95 miles 
Bike -  468.08 miles (298.4 trainer, 177.7 outdoor)
Run - 119.56 miles
Total - 624.59


    1. 10.7 is still pretty good and not worth being out in the super hot heat without water! i never carry cash or card with me when i run, but it's a good idea in case i need to buy an impromptu bottle of water so i might start doing that. congrats on your long bike ride though, and love that ER quote!

    2. Yay for a good week all things considered! That last run sounded brutal with the heat - also sidenote I just love how Ben runs with you and supports you! :)

    3. Oh, GOD that hill. My legs hurt for you, especially given the rest of the conditions surrounding that run. If it weren't for you next to me and those soldiers' families on the other side I wouldn't have made it up either the first time around, so props to you for even attempting it. 10.7 is nothing to sneeze at on a summer morning, so I'm proud of you for making it that far.

    4. You literally have me all inspired and motivated over here. I want to skip this engagement session I've got tonight and hit the pavement for a long run. AH! You're doing so well, girl! Keep it up!!!!

    5. Good job lady! Those hot runs sound like NO fun. Mind over matter, right?

    6. That sounds exhausting! Hope it cools down a bit!