Ironman North Carolina: Training Week 8

Monday 7/25
60 minute trainer ride

Tuesday 7/26
6 mile run @ 8:31
PM: I didn't have a run on my schedule today, but I had been thinking about trying to sneak one in (I'm always trying to push my mileage!) anyway. Then Alyssa and I were texting earlier in the day about running motivation and I accidentally made a pact with her that I'd run after work if she would! Since it wasn't even on my plan I didn't feel bad about taking it to the treadmill, and I'm actually really glad I did. It allowed me to run continuously for the first time in a while. I listened to music, also for the first time in a while, and just had myself a little air conditioned party. I ended up doing just over 50 minutes - when I got that close to 6 miles I just had to keep going.

Afterward we went to look at (and ended up buying) a bike for Ben. It was just down the street so we planned to swim afterward, but we hadn't eaten dinner so we got Mexican and skipped it.

Wednesday 7/27
2200yd stamina swim @ 1:48/100yd
PM: Tonight we drove out to Maryland (an hour each way) to get my new bike. I knew I couldn't skip this swim after last night, so I forced myself to the pool when we got home. This felt so hard! That's a slightly fast pace for me, but still.

Thursday 7/28
40 minute trainer ride + 4.31 mile run @ 9:17
PM: Ben had a similar length brick to do today and he wanted to do it inside, so I rode on the trainer while he rode in the gym, then we rendezvoused at the treadmills. My stomach wasn't feeling well anyway so no complaints from me. The bike felt long even though it was only 40 minutes, and the run was just okay.

Friday 7/29
Rest day

Saturday 7/30
10 mile run @ 10:34 / 2500yd open water swim @ 2:06/100yd

AM: First order of training weekend business was a 10 mile run. I went with my dad and we just stuck to my parents' suburban neighborhood. It got a little boring, but it was nice to not have to think about where I was going, and to run at a slightly slower pace. We got an early start and it was humid and heating up, but by the time we finished it hasn't gotten too hot yet. Praise.

PM: We had an afternoon open water swim planned and, honestly, we didn't really want to do it. After a couple hours we decided to just get it done, and grabbed Ben and met my brother-in-law at the beach. They're both doing their first tri at Nation's Tri in September and had never swam in open water, so I invited them to tag along. They seriously did great! Way better than I did my first time open water swimming. As for me, I had a phenomenal swim. I LOVE being in water, but open water does freak me out just a bit. I'm fine if I'm around other people, but I don't like to swim by myself and usually make sure not to get too far away from others. We went to a beach I had never swam at before, and I don't know if it's just that there were a lot of beachgoers in the water, but I felt extremely comfortable being line leader of our group and getting pretty far ahead of them. We did a 900yd out and back set, then 700yd out the other direction and back to where we started. At that point Ben got out and the three of us kept going back in the 900yd direction, my dad and BIL got out after 2000yd total, and I decided I would swim back - by myself! - to the start. It started raining pretty hard during those last 500yd and, although I was slightly concerned about getting struck by lightning (I didn't see any, just saying), it was honestly exhilarating. Best I've ever felt in open water, for sure.

Sunday 7/31
90 mile bike @ 17.1mph + 1.64 mile run @ 9:12
And, finally, the big one. We rode out of friends' house in the country, so lots of rural roads. The first 20 miles or so were pretty good, but I remember feeling how far we still had to go. It was pouring rain, which was annoying but definitely preferred to heat. At mile 30ish we stopped at a park for freaking forever, which annoyed me. There was a cool pond there so I'm glad we got to walk around and look at it, but at the same time, stopping for 15-20 minutes every 20-30 miles when we had to run afterward (and it would only get hotter) wasn't really feasible.  We did a 48 mile loop then stopped back at the house to refuel. After that we did a 22-mile loop then picked Ben up at the house so he could join on our last 20 miles or so. It has stopped raining by that point and was getting hot, and I was getting tired. Eventually we finished, a little under pace from where I wanted to be, but oh well.

We had a 4 mile "ralk" scheduled after, which we just interpreted to mean that we shouldn't feel bad about stopping to walk. The rain had completely stopped so it was just muggy, and the heat index was up to 96 (and rose to 99 during the run). These seriously might have been the four hardest miles I've ever run. I didn't feel as bad off the bike as I thought I would, I was just really hot. I didn't want walk, but when I made it 0.6 miles and was on a very slight but long incline, out in full sun, where the crest felt like it was a million miles away, I just lost it. The rest of the group had started at different times but they were all ahead of me, and I just wanted to catch up but I couldn't do it. I started walking, and crying, and just generally struggling. That happened a few more times, and every time I stopped and touched my face it seriously felt like it was on fire. I finally caught up to the group with about a mile left, so I felt a little better then, but I just wanted it to be over. And then somehow, eventually, we got back to the house. I'm not sure how I made it 4 miles but definitely wouldn't have if it hadn't been for them and Ben. 

This Week
Swim - 2.67 miles 
Bike -  121.6 miles (30.1 trainer, 91.5 outdoor)
Run - 24.1 miles
Total - 148.37

IMNC Training To-Date

Swim - 21.62 miles 
Bike -  607.68 miles (328.5 trainer, 269.2 outdoor)
Run - 143.66 miles
Total - 772.96

Week 8 Reflections
  • This was a bit of a weird week, with so little during the week and then so much during the weekend. I know my coach planned it that way so we could all do a big training session together, and so that we'd be rested enough for it, but it was still weird. Not having that much to do during the week made me feel like I could do random stuff - like go buy Ben a bike one night, and then go buy myself a bike the next night!


  1. a little air conditioned party hahaha. i sweat more inside than i do outside, isn't that weird? i really only run in the morning before it's crazy hot, so i'm sure i'd sweat more outside if i ran at hotter times. that 4 miles on sunday sounds pretty horrible, but good job on getting it done :) you're turning ben into a triathlete haha! love it.

  2. Dang, girl! You got a lot done this week with your training!

  3. Did I know you didn't technically have to run that day? That makes me even more grateful that you "ran with me," because that pact was the only thing getting me out the door. Also, loving the "ralk" concept and might be using it myself a bit over the next few weeks as I wait for the temps to get back down.