Ironman North Carolina Training: Week 9

Monday 8/1
3000yd stamina swim @ 1:48/100yd
PM: I was so tired and worn out from this weekend and getting back to town late that I texted my coach to see if I should take today off. He said no, haha. It was late but I pushed through my longest swim of this training cycle. 

Tuesday 8/2
60 minute trainer ride
PM: I hit a wall today. I was on the trainer after work and realized my ride was actually 95 minutes, not 90, and I had a 50 minute run to do afterward, which meant I was looking at about 9:30pm before I could get myself some dinner. That's the problem with these after work workouts - I don't really mind doing them, I just get so hungry! I was also hating the trainer something fierce today. I made it an hour and just couldn't do it anymore. I jumped off, made myself some dinner, went to bed a little early, and vowed to make the next day better. 

Wednesday 8/3
7 mile run @ 8:53 / 30 minutes strength (legs)
AM: My alarm went off at 4:45 and the only thing that got me out of bed was knowing this was my only shot at a run this week before my weekend runs. I felt surprisingly good when I got out, and I just felt free. Free from the stress of the week, free from my training plan, just free. I had 90 minutes of weekday running schedule this week, but since I missed 50 minutes yesterday and this was now my only run during the week,  I compromised with 60 today. It was a beautiful morning. I didn't have a specific route or destination, but I found myself at the Lincoln Memorial for the first time in a while and it was perfect. 

PM: After my good run this morning, I had it in my head to do a brick tomorrow before work (work event in the afternoon so no chance of any training then). I had a swim scheduled tonight after the gym but I really felt like I needed rest and a brick more than I needed a swim and a potentially missed brick, so I went home instead of the pool and went to bed.

Thursday 8/4
90 minute trainer ride + 3 mile run @ 9:16
AM: I sort of can't believe I really did this? I got up at FOUR AM and was on the trainer by 5. I was a little crunched for time on the run, but I wanted to get in 30 minutes so I could complete my 90 minutes total for the week. The run felt tough but I was just glad to have gotten it done and to feel back on track.

Friday 8/5
Rest day
I thought about getting up for an early swim this morning, but after two late nights and early mornings in a row, and what I knew would be a late night tonight, I needed the extra two hours of sleep! 

Saturday 8/6
60 mile bike @ 17.3mph + 6 mile run @ 10:14
My mother-in-law and her friend came into town yesterday and took us to dinner and to a parade at the Marine barracks last night. We didn't get home until 11 and I didn't get to bed until nearly midnight, which of course had me stressing about how I was going to get this done today. I thought about just doing it indoors at home so I could save time driving out to the trail, but I ultimately decided to do it outdoors. I'm actually amazed I only got out there 2 hours late. The bike went better than expected - faster than I have been recently, although still not even close to where I want to be - and was fairly uneventful.

The run, on the other hand, was awful. It seems that on my bricks I either get a good bike or a good run, but never both. The heat index was up to 98 by the time I got on the run, and the trail that I had ridden on has no shade whatsoever. Luckily there are a few different trails that connect to the main trail where I park, so I found one that was mostly shaded and also had a water fountain. The downside is that it was only about .75 miles long (at that point there I could see a couple big hills and I'm not sure where it went after that, but I didn't want to find out). I ended up running that segment 4 times, which was boring, but better than burning to a crisp, I suppose. There were lots of walk and water breaks, lots of texts and snaps about how much it sucked, but I got it done. And considering I never, ever in my life thought I could run for an hour in those kind of temps, I can't really be mad about it. 

Sunday 8/7
15 mile run @ 9:34 / 1800yd recovery swim @ 1:50/100yd
AM: Another late night last night, so again I was surprised to make it out the door only about an hour later than normal. I went with a new route today and I ended up loving it! I ran downtown like normal, but instead of going all the way down to the Mall, I cut over to the east and ended up running through Capitol Hill. I hadn't been to that area at all yet but it is SO cute and I loved it. It reminded me so much of running in Old Town back home (where I started running) with all the old homes and brick sidewalks. I had only seen the Capitol from a distance, and I don't think I'd ever seen the Supreme Court, so that was exciting! Such a beautiful area.

From there I kept going east until I got to RFK, then headed back toward the Capitol. Running down Capitol Hill was way better than running up it! I took a quick break for bathroom and water at the Washington Monument, then went over to East Potomac Park for the first time! I had no idea how big it was but ended up being about a 3.5-mile loop. It was during that part that I passed the half marathon mark for the first time this training cycle, which felt really good! The weather today was a lot more mild than it has been, and I know that affected how I felt. By the time I came out of East Potomac I only had about a mile and a half to go, so I ran back through downtown toward home like I usually do. I actually hit 15 miles about a mile from our apartment, so I got a bike at the bikeshare station and biked the rest of the way. I was really pleased both with how I felt and my pace on this one!

PM: My swim in the afternoon was fine...nothing exciting to report. I got a compliment on my bathing suit, and swam a little bit further than intended - training plan said 1800yd/40 minutes but those are not the same thing so I went for the 40 minutes and ended up with 2200 yards at a pretty decent pace.
This Week 
Swim - 2.95 miles 
 Bike - 103.1 miles (43.1 trainer, 60 outdoor) 
Run - 31.04 miles 
Total - 137.09

 IMNC Training To-Date 
Swim - 24.57 miles 
 Bike - 710.78 miles (371.6 trainer, 329.2 outdoor) 
Run - 174.7 miles 
Total - 910.05


  1. haha i love that you texted your coach and he said no. good for you for still going.
    i love all the views and such on your runs or bike adventures, so much better/nicer than my area lol. the picture of the lincoln memorial is fabulous.
    4am?! look at you go, you dedicated ironman in training, you!

  2. Sometimes a good meal and real sleep is the most important part of training. I say this of course as someone who has never undertaken such a bear of a training cycle as you have, but whatever. I'm pretty positive it's still true.


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