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I'd tell you that I'm realizing that sometimes I just have some tidbits to share, and that its okay if none of them grow into standalone posts. These aren't the type of posts I really like to write (or read for that matter), but they're what I got right now. And from the looks of my feed, I'm not the only one.

I'd tell you that a couple months ago Ben signed up for his first triathlon on September 11 and, to my surprise, has actually been training. Ben is naturally better at..well, everything than me but does not have the interest in running/triathlon that I do. Yet, for some reason, once every year or two he gets half a mind to do a race with me (with minimal training, of course). Two years ago he went from 0 to half marathon in 8 weeks, then did two more within a few weeks of that (and went sub-2 in his second half ever because of course he did), then went into retirement.  When we moved to DC I got him to start coming to the pool with me, which evolved into him wanting to get better at swimming, which evolved into him wanting to try a tri. 

The point is that he's actually been training and I'm super proud of him for sticking with it, but also happy for him to get a taste of what life is like for me. A few weeks ago he walked in the door from the gym and collapsed on the bed . I asked him if he was okay and he said, "This is horrible! I'm hungry and I'm tired all the time now! Is this how you feel all the time?!" Why yes, yes it is. It was such a gem that now I just randomly repeat it to him.

I would tell you that I am starting to put my Ironman plans into motion and that that's making it a little more real. I was so nervous to ask for the time off work, mainly because I need 3.5 days off and I just don't know what's reasonable and appropriate - I've never had to ask for time off work before. It was just different when I was teaching because I didn't really have vacation time, and my work couldn't really be put on hold so I never took more than a sick day here and there. I get lots of PTO so that wasn't an issue, it just felt weird asking for 3.5 days off! 

I would tell you that I've switched to Pandora at work instead of Spotify because I like to be surprised, and I have gotten some serious throwbacks thrown in. Sometimes songs from high school and early college will come on and I have to skip them because I am just not prepared to deal with those feelings they stir up. I have always felt so connected to music but have gotten away from really listening to music as I've gotten older. It's crazy to me how closely connected my memories and emotions are to just a few notes of a song.

I would tell you that I will not miss Ironman training (okay maybe a little bit, it's complicated) but I will miss all the food. I eat constantly and our grocery bill has definitely increased over the last couple months. I try to eat a snack every 1-2 hours, and if one of them happens to be iced coffee and a donut well then it just is what it is. But really, to that last point, I have developed a rather bad daily habit of stopping by the 7-Eleven on the corner. And, in general, a habit of eating whatever I want, whenever I want. I'm back to a couple pounds over my ideal race weight and will probably focus on cutting some sugar and all alcohol in the month or so leading up to the race but for now, more donuts please!

I would tell you I am SO excited to turn the calendar today. Good freaking riddance, summer. I got to do a lot of fun things - move, go to concerts, explore DC, go to the beach, to name a few - but summer is most definitely not my favorite season and I am not sad to see it go. This summer was record-breaking hot in DC - just yesterday I read we only had 8 days in August below 90 degrees, making over 50 90+ days this year. I don't want to live in 90 degrees ever, especially not for 75% of one month. Even more than booties and all pumpkin everything, I think I'm most excited about my walks to work not being a total sweatfest. I'm really not hard to please.

I would tell you that I am in my office's fantasy football league despite the fact that I do not follow football at all. I will watch and semi enjoy Virginia Tech football, but college football in general is just okay, and I have always disliked NFL. I don't have a reason, I think it's just because it's like the total opposite from baseball. Ben likes football though and I didn't want to be left out of my office league, so I am hoping it might be fun to finally start learning and following footba. Our draft is tonight, and I don't have a strategy or knowledge of any players so I think my plan is to draft as many Hokies as possible. 

I'd tell you that I don't know how I'm going to feel after the Ironman, like I don't know how long it will take me to be able to move again, no joke, but that isn't stopping me from making allll the race plans. The downside of an October Ironman is that all the good races are in November! If I can move my legs at all, my first post-IM race will be a Halloween 10k one week later. Wicked is my longest race streak at five years and counting, and one of my most favorite races out of the whole year - remember my mermaid costume last year

In November I have the Richmond half marathon, which I signed up for last year the day after watching Becky run the full and pacing Lisa for the late miles of the half, before IMNC was even a thing. It's 3 weeks after IM so my performance could be hit or miss, but I'll be joined by some of my best girls (or I'll meet them at the finish line when I finally amble across it). Also in November I'm thinking about the Harbor Lights half marathon, which is nautical/mermaid themed so duh, and a turkey trot since I have done one every year since I started running. 

December is mostly TBD, but I do want to run the Surf n Santa 5-Miler along the boardwalk in Virginia Beach. It starts at dusk so runners get to see the Christmas light displays on the beach and is one of my favorite running memories from last year, when I held a 7:50 pace for 5 miles in a Santa dress.

You can blame all this running talk on Alyssa for getting me thinking about fall and spring running plans yesterday. No spring decisions yet but I think we will be returning for RnR DC (and hoping it redeems itself from last time) and I have to continue my Shamrock tradition the weekend after. Distances still tbd but right now I'm excited about the possibilities!

Basically, I'm just really, really excited about running in cooler weather.

I'd tell you that while I rarely ever comment anymore, I do read blogs daily! I'm just rarely ever in front of a computer during non-working hours and read most posts on my phone, which is not really conducive to commenting. In fact, this post is being written at 5:30am on my phone while I'm pedaling away on the trainer. That's life right now, and if that's boring to you I encourage you to come back on October 23. Or maybe like the 30th. Give me a little bit to get up some recaps and process being an Ironman ;)

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  1. LOL @ Ben collapsing on the bed after the gym and complaining!

  2. I'm also most excited about the weather being cooler for my commute! Walking to and from the metro usually means I'm a sweaty mess by the time I get anywhere.

  3. Haha now Ben gets how you feel. Good! Haha! Chris has switched from Spotify to Pandora too for the same reason as you. I am so so so ready for fall weather!!! This summer heat has not let up. It has been in the 90's down here for like a month straight and I am so sick of it. Bring on the fall and the football. I cant do fantasy football. I tried one year and it was too much to keep up with.

  4. ugh i am amazed and insanely jealous of Ben haha. sub 2 in his second half?! i mean, my second was 2:04 but still. i'd been running for a couple of years at that point lol.
    the reasons you mentioned with throwback songs, that's why i only listen to playlists i create. i know that sounds odd or lazy but i just can't handle some of my own feelings and i'd rather choose the songs that come on. i used to be obsessed with music and it connected to like every part of my life. it's definitely not like that now, but old songs throw me back places i'm not ready to go back sometimes.
    lol @ or I'll meet them at the finish line when I finally amble across it - as if! you will still 100% beat me, and i am not mad about it! it will be a cinch after ironman ;) says the person not doing an ironman!
    good luck with RnR DC if you all do it again. I think I might be scarred for life. haha.
    thank you for posting and linking up with us :) i love reading these posts!

  5. You have so much going on right now! I'm also looking forward to running in cooler weather. It's still hot here but the humidity is mostly gone, and it's already making a huge difference in my runs. Now if only it would go below 80 I would be happy :)

    Thanks for linking up!

  6. Hah, I was reading about all your race options and thoughts and thinking about everything we've been talking about and nodding along, and then I started feeling bad when I realized what I'm doing to you! I want to do all those races with you too—why can't we teleport yet?!
    With you 100% on turning the calendar page. I've always loved September, and this one's off to a weird start but at least I slept with the air off and windows open last night, and it was below 80º when I left my apartment this morning. It's a start, and I'll take it!


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