Ironman North Carolina: Bike and Run Gear Check-In

Bike and Run Gear Check-In

Although we picked up our packets on Thursday, we couldn't actually check in any gear until Friday. As it was when it was Beach2Battleship, IMNC (both half and full) the race is set up so that there are 2 different transitions about a 20-minute drive apart from each other. Logistically, that means that all bike gear (including bikes) has to be dropped off at T1 in Wrightsville Beach, and all run gear has to be dropped off at T2 in downtown Wilmington. Having done this race before and gone through those motions was hugely helpful the second time around! The logistics were really overwhelming to me last year, but this year I was cool as a cucumber. I had even already divvied up my bike and run gear into separate bags at home when I was packing (I used these Ziploc ones that I saw recommended somewhere, I think in one of the IMNC Facebook groups I was in?) and it made getting my actual gear bags together super easy!

We enjoyed another late morning before heading to drop off of our bikes and bike gear. Our beach house was about a mile and a half from T1, so we rode our bikes there. It was a crazy hot day with temperatures in the 80s, I think! Definitely warmer than the fall weather we've had the past few weeks.

After dropping off bikes and bags the others wanted to go check out the swim finish, which I was reluctant to do because we did this race last year so it's not like we didn't know how it worked, but anyway. They wanted to go, so we went. They talked about which sides of the buoys we should stay on and where we turned and I just tuned it out and laid down on the dock and stuck my hands in the water for a little bit. I wasn't the least bit concerned about the swim and if anything, I wished we could have swam right then and there!

We ran the mile and a half back to the beach house and I felt awful. My calves were cramping, which never happens to me and I couldn't figure out why it would be happening that of all days. My hips were really hurting, which was my own fault after running too hard a few days earlier I heard the news about the bike course. They had been bothering me all week and I had tried to ignore it, but the way I felt on Friday made me nervous about having to run a marathon the next day!

After we got back to the house and ate lunch, it was time for the next and final round of check-in. The only thing left to do was to go back to T2 to check in our run gear bags.

With our bags dropped off we actually walked through the first quarter mile or so of the run out of transition since it was different from last year.

And that was it! Almost a year's worth of training and two days worth of race prep had come to an end. Before dinner we headed out to the beach to decompress, and it was so nice having that time to be carefree and with my two favorite boys. I really wasn't feeling nervous at all, and I was trying to be more and more excited. By the time I went to bed I was looking forward to the next day, but it was still probably the least anxious I've ever been the night before a race!


  1. that does seem overwhelming having the drop off at separate places, but it makes sense and i'm glad you had done it before to make it easier this time. that picture of you guys on the beach is fabulous and needs to be framed. i'm glad you weren't anxious or nervous! i always get super nervous morning of, no idea why.

  2. Excited to read all about the race! I'm glad you weren't anxious. I would have probably been a mess!

  3. The suspense is killing me for the rest of these recaps! So glad the gear drop off went smoothly-- I love how nothing sounds rushed and you guys take time to relax/decompress a little bit before the big day!

  4. I am always amazed at the work it takes the athletes to get all their gear & stuff in all the places.

  5. Ironman-ish. Goodness. That is awesome that you were the least anxious and you do look so calm on the boat on the way out! I never really thought about how you need to get your gear ready ahead of time and stuff. Duh.

  6. I get anxious before race sand knowing the logistics of drop off etc.. so I can't imagine doing this haha. Glad you were a pro though and knew just what to do ;) Love your beach pictures!

  7. The very logistics of this race seems to me to be so emotionally taxing. The fact that you had no anxiety is a testament to your strength and character. Really am inspired by you (and Im going for a run as soon as I complete reading these).

  8. I am loving those last few photos! I think making sure to hit the beach and unwind a bit before race day was the best thing you could have done. Good thinking ;)