Women's March on Washington: A (Mostly) Photo Essay

My experience in political activism extends to knocking on doors for Obama in 2008, which is to say, more than most people I know, but not enough to really count for much. I read, I listen, I'm informed, and I vote, but before this weekend I don't think I could say I had taken a truly active stance in politics.

This weekend, I marched on Washington.

I marched because it is my Constitutional right to do so.

I marched because this is NOT normal.

I marched because I could. Unlike so many who came, I didn't have to take time off work, arrange for childcare, or worry about transportation or travel costs. Literally all I had to do was walk out my front door. So I marched.

I marched because I'm a strong woman, I know strong women, and it would be an honor and a gift to raise a strong woman.

I marched because I'm owed an additional 21 cents for every dollar I work for. 

I marched because I refuse to accept that "boys will be boys" or to normalize "locker room talk." I marched because I expect decency and respect from both genders. I marched because I demand decency and respect from my president.

I marched because intellectualism is not bad thing.

I marched because women's issues are not exclusive to or only important to those who have been directly impacted by having them threatened.

I marched because I am a citizen of the United States and WE are all the boss. 

I marched because love, not hate, is what makes this country great.

I marched because the women of this country just lost someone who has been a champion and protector of our rights for the last 8 years, and I am afraid of the rhetoric and promises of his successor coming to fruition.

I marched because opinions are not facts. 

I marched because, to paraphrase Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., whom we so appropriately celebrated just days before this event, the greatest threat to civil liberties isn't radicalism, it's complacency.

I marched for you, even if you don't understand or agree with why I did it.

And half a million women in DC, another 3 million from over 530 cities in the US, and another quarter million worldwide - from Canada to Argentina to Germany - joined me.

The crowd was orders of magnitude larger than any I've ever been in, yet there were no harsh words or dirty looks all day. Even as the crowd surged, pushed, squeezed, and crammed together, I never witnessed even one nasty exchange. A few times a group of Trump supporters made their way through the crowd, and while I certainly heard some...not positive reactions, I heard a woman tell a man in an infamous red trucker hat, "We'll protect your rights too."

It was a chilly, overcast day in DC, but I've never seen it look more beautiful. When we arrived the fog was thick and heavy enough to obscure the top of the Washington Monument. But we marched. We rose. And so did the fog.


  1. What a day, for sure! I was really impressed with the amount of people who showed up to march - glad you made it out there.

  2. This is awesome! Way to go, so proud of you! I truly regret that I didn't go to a march near me this weekend. I was so inspired seeing the huge turnout ALL over the country, and how much solidarity and empowerment was coming out of the marches.

  3. how amazing was Saturday? the MN march, like most others, was so much larger than they expected so we spent a majority of our time in a parking lot waiting to march but at no point did people get upset. people were so excited that it was taking so long because that meant that WE SHOWED UP. i am so glad you were there.

    i marched for my bad ass senator Amy Klobuchar for being a woman in a photo with named men and for Kellyanne Conway because your boss should never call you baby. ugh.

    i am proud to have marched with you! i hope it brought you a bit of peace.

  4. Just got done drafting my own similar post, so after reading this too, I'm typing through tears. Don't mind any typos. Honored to have marched with you by my side, and grateful for strong women like you and the hundreds of thousands that surrounded us. Thank you again for being a wonderful host, protest buddy, and woman I can admire and respect.

  5. I thought it was awesome that so many people simply showed up - especially those of you who did it in the fog and cold and those who had to make special arrangements just to attend. I went because it isn't my business who someone loves or marries and it isn't the government's business to meddle in my reproductive system, among many other things.

  6. I loved seeing your pictures over the weekend on IG - looks like an amazing experience.

  7. I live outside of Portland, but I was visiting my mom in her small town so we went to the march in the nearby town. It's a blue county in a blue state, but the city itself has a lot of blue collar conservatives. About 200 people showed up and I had tears in my eyes with how many people drove by and honked in solidarity. And I only noticed four people yelling Trump crap out of their cars in the time we were there, which surprised me.

    It was an amazing experience, and I bet being in a big city would've been even better.

  8. That's SO awesome that you went to the march. I had several friends who went out to DC to participate in that march, along with many other friends in various cities who participated in the ones closest to them. It was so inspirational to see my Facebook and Twitter feeds filled with pictures of people at the marches.

  9. i think this is amazing. i wish i had planned better and driven to a bigger city. louisville had a tiny one (still! good! for louisville!) and i had another commitment (that i should have cancelled/postponed) so by the time i got there, it was over. but still. i feel like i was involved in spirit.
    'I marched because women's issues are not exclusive to or only important to those who have been directly impacted by having them threatened.' - all the yes.


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