Shamrock Marathon Recovery Week

I fell off with my Shamrock recaps during the last few weeks of training, but there really wasn't much to report! Taper was pretty uneventful, and I was pretty busy at home and work during those last few weeks. I had a lot of non-running stuff going on and not a lot of running stuff, so I just didn't get to catching up with training recaps. BUT! Now that Shamrock is over (and I PR'ed and met my sub-4 goal!), I'm feeling ready to move on to the next race (because there's always a next race), and to get one step closer to Ironman Louisville. 

After 4 months of marathon training (on the heels of my first Ironman training cycle, at that), I'm understandably not quite ready to get back into hardcore training mode yet and am taking the first two post-race weeks to recover both mentally and physically. This was my first week after the race and I mostly took it easy, and really enjoyed not having a schedule to stick to!

Shamrock Marathon 2017 Race Recap

If you like wordy race recaps, way-too-deep running thoughts, and/or teary finish lines, then man, do I have a post for you!

If you've been around for a while, you probably know that Shamrock weekend is one of my favorite weekends of the whole year, and has been ever since it became my first half marathon in 2012. Running it every year since then has become a little tradition of mine, and I've now run the half and the full 3 times each (and the 8k once). I signed up to run the Shamrock Marathon for the 3rd time last November, during a post-Ironman high/what-do-I-do-now episode?! Truthfully, I hadn't really planned on running the Shamrock full again anytime soon and was avidly searching for a new spring marathon to try out, but when I found out my friend Carl and I both had the same current PR and the same lofty goal, to take almost 20 minutes off that PR and break 4 hours, it seemed meant to be. I started training in mid-November and on Sunday, 18 weeks later, I crossed the finish line.

This Shamrock charm was on my very first medal from 2012. I put it on a necklace and have worn it for every important race since (and added the 26.2 after my first marathon, obviously)