Shamrock Marathon Recovery Week

I fell off with my Shamrock recaps during the last few weeks of training, but there really wasn't much to report! Taper was pretty uneventful, and I was pretty busy at home and work during those last few weeks. I had a lot of non-running stuff going on and not a lot of running stuff, so I just didn't get to catching up with training recaps. BUT! Now that Shamrock is over (and I PR'ed and met my sub-4 goal!), I'm feeling ready to move on to the next race (because there's always a next race), and to get one step closer to Ironman Louisville. 

After 4 months of marathon training (on the heels of my first Ironman training cycle, at that), I'm understandably not quite ready to get back into hardcore training mode yet and am taking the first two post-race weeks to recover both mentally and physically. This was my first week after the race and I mostly took it easy, and really enjoyed not having a schedule to stick to!

Monday 3/20
Rest/Travel Day
Obviously, the day after the race I did absolutely nothing! I took a short walk to breakfast before heading back to DC, then relaxed the rest of the evening after we got home.

Tuesday 3/21
YTri Easy Recovery Spin
My quads were so sore, but I thought it would help my legs if I went to my regular YTri class and spun them out for a bit. I took it super easy (seriously, I usually sweat puddles in spin class and I didn't even break a sweat this time), and the parts where we had to stand up were painful, but I do think it was helpful to get my non-muscles moving a little.

Wednesday 3/22
Rest Day
The recovery train rolls on! Nothing today.

Thursday 3/23
Rest Day
I was actually planning to go to my YTri run group this morning, but when I woke up my legs were still super achey and it just didn't seem like the best idea to go out and run 5 or 6 miles.

Friday 3/24
2450yd YTri swim @ 1:49/100yd
I missed swim group last week because of the race, so this was my first time in the pool in 2 weeks. I was still feeling pretty tired from the marathon and afraid that would slow me down today, but I actually didn't do that poorly! We did fewer short drills today than usual and instead had a couple of 400-500yd sets, which I really enjoyed. Sometimes it's fun to do faster, shorter intervals but I would much rather swim longer distance.

Saturday 3/25
3.1 mile run @ 7:50 + 30 minutes strength training
I hadn't planned exactly when I was going to run again after Shamrock, but it was SO nice out today (78*!) and I just felt like getting out of the house. My legs instantly felt like they had springs in them, and I accidentally ended up running pretty much a full-out 5k instead of the recovery run I should have done. Oops!

I hadn't been to the gym in a few weeks and just felt like doing some upper body stuff (definitely not ready for legs yet), so after my run I did about 30 minutes worth of arm exercises before going back up to my apartment.

Sunday 3/26
5 mile run (2.25 mile run @ 9:08 to Cherry Blossom Festival + 2.75 mile run home @ 9:21)
I wasn't sure if I was going to run today, but Ben was out of town this weekend and when he texted me on the way back, "Can we run to the cherry blossoms today?" I obviously couldn't say no! We did an easy 2.25 miles there, walked around for a little bit, then ran 2.75 miles home for an even 5 miles for the day.  

Coming up next week:
My YTri group is starting bricks this week! I haven't done a brick since IMNC in October, so it should be interesting! I've been putting them off, but with a half Ironman coming up in 7 weeks, I really do need to get used to them again. 

This weekend I'm planning to do my first real outdoor ride of the season and hoping to get in around 40 miles in prep for the Kinetic Half and Mountains of Misery (a 104-mile bike ride in the mountains), both in May. I also have the Cherry Blossom 10-Miler coming up on Sunday! I'm looking forward to having a fun, relaxed race with friends, but mostly just to be able to run the race - I was registered last year but ended up spectating after injuring my foot during the Shamrock half. That was only the second race I've ever had a DNS, so just finishing this year will be an accomplishment. 


  1. Big congrats on your race at Shamrock; what a great run! I have so much admiration and respect for triathletes. A friend completed his first Ironman at Louisville last year and had a great experience there; I hope you do, as well!

  2. so i thought that said 'with the ironman coming up in 7 weeks' because my eyes skipped the half, and i had a little bit of a heart attack haha.
    wish i could join you all for the cherry blossom, i hope it's a fantastic day!

  3. I hope you are still riding the high of shamrock! You definitely should be :)

  4. Congratulations on your marathon PR! It looks like you had a solid week of recovery. Training for an Ironman must be so exciting! I have such admiration for triathletes!